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baby shower greeting card

A baby shower is an event celebrated in an anticipation of the coming of the new member of the family. In other cultures, the event is to celebrate the transformation of a woman into a mother. Nonetheless, whatever culture you may have grown into, if you believe in the significance of this event in a mother’s life, you can throw a baby shower to your close friend or relative who is a soon-to-be mother of her first child. Normally, it is the first child when baby shower party takes place. However, nowadays, several people are now celebrating for the coming of the second, third, and so on. The person in charge to organize the event may either be any family member or a friend or a co-worker or anybody else who are perfectly fine about planning a baby shower. You may also see love greeting cards.

In a baby shower, blessings and showers are being poured into the soon-to-be mother in the form of gifts. Along with the gifts are greeting cards with messages of congratulations and best wishes. The next section provides the examples of baby shower greeting card designs. Check them all out! Also, try to check out our other greeting card designs.

Examples of Baby Shower Greeting Cards

Baby Girl Baby Shower Greeting Card

baby girl baby shower greeting card

Baby Shower Greeting Card with Giraffe Boy

baby shower greeting card with giraffe boy

Handmade and Handstamped Baby Shower Greeting Card

handmade and handstamped baby shower greeting card

Unisex New Baby Shower Greeting Card

unisex new baby shower greeting card

Baby Shower Greeting Card for Boy or Girl Child

baby shower greeting card for boy or girl child

Onigiri New Baby Shower Greeting Card

handmade bridal shower greeting cards

Card for New Mommy Baby Shower Greeting Card

card for new mommy baby shower greeting card

It’s a Girl Baby Shower Background for Greeting Cards

its a girl baby shower background for greeting cards

Bassinet Baby Shower Greeting Card

bassinet baby shower greeting card

Boy or Girl Baby Shower or Announcement Greeting Card

boy or girl baby shower or announcement greeting card

Welcome to the World Baby Shower Greeting Card

welcome to the world baby shower greeting card

Ultimate Baby Shower Checklist

Organizing a baby shower is neither too tough nor too easy; it is a challenging one. A baby shower is commonly celebrated 4 to 8 weeks before the baby is due. Months or weeks before the determined baby shower day, you must plan for the things needed to prepare for that day including the venue, food, invitation, and the activities. It is okay to prepare a grand baby shower especially if you are financially capable, but baby shower celebration is not required to be exquisite and grand. A simple and well-planned baby shower will do as long as it serves its purpose of congratulating the mom-to-be. You may also see the thank you greeting cards.

In preparing for a baby shower, you must not forget the important things that you need to do. In order to get things well planned and organized, a checklist is sure of help. Here is a checklist of the things you need to prepare for the baby shower.

1. Gather Co-hosts

Can you manage the organizing of baby shower alone? Or are you needing a hand from other persons? If you want others to participate and wanted to be your ally in planning for the event, gather your co-hosts months before the delivery of the baby and weeks before the baby shower. As what has been said, baby shower takes place 4 to 8 weeks before the baby is due, that is more like on the 7th or 8th month of pregnancy; hence, invite some troops to handle the event planning and preparation with you. Who knows, they might have brilliant ideas, more than what you can actually think. More heads are absolutely better than one when it comes to brainstorming and gathering of ideas. You may also see birthday greeting cards.

2. Set Your Budget

When you have already your accomplices, set the target budget for the whole event. Be open to solicitations and donations for this can surely help the event. In determining the budget, you must list first the items needed to be bought, the place to be rented including the tables and chairs, the talent fee for the entertainers or the hosts, food, etc. When you come up with a certain amount, you can divide this amount evenly to those who are willing to participate. If you can gather funds more than your projected expenses, then, great! You now have extra budget for additional things or food or decoration. Or, if the collected amount is far more than enough, you can hand it to the mom-to-be as a financial assistance in the future for the delivery of the baby, specifically the hospital bills. You may also see congratulations greeting cards.

3. Decide on the Venue

In deciding on the location, choose a venue that most people, especially the mother-to-be have an easy access to. If you opt for a simple baby shower, you can even celebrate them in the office or on the mother-to-be’s house. You may also rent other spaces for the event to make it more formal especially when you will be inviting a number of guests and that you want them to feel comfortable on the place. If your budget allows, you can also celebrate it in grand halls designated to hold events and occasions. Whatever your option may be, the most important thing is the event to be a successful and a memorable one. You may also see printable greeting cards.

4. Choose a Date

Choose a date on which you think most people can attend and have the luxury of time. Weekend or a holiday is the most practicable date. The most important person that you have to consider is the one whom you are throwing the party for, the mom-to-be. Try to be snoopy and know her free time and make sure that she got nothing else to do on that day or else your plan will be a fail. Nonetheless, if you don’t want it as a surprise, you can tell the mother-to-be beforehand so she could free up her schedule. Or, she will be the one to adjust her schedule to coincide with the free time of most of the guests. You may also see holiday greeting cards.

5. Make a Guest List

Whom to invite in a baby shower? Can I invite my mom’s best friend’s daughter? It is absolutely your option whom to invite in a baby shower. However, it has been traditionally practiced that only those who are closest to the mom-to-be or the family are being invited to attend the party. Invite only people who are closest to you so everyone can truly share the joy of happiness rather than just being compelled to attend the event. You may also see retirement greeting cards.

Also, make sure that the list of the guests is complete and that you forget no one so they won’t feel bad about it. You can also use the list to determine who has not yet received and respond to your invitation.

6. Choose a Theme

You may opt for a baby shower party with no theme, but you can also opt for a themed party, which is the common case for most baby showers. You can choose themes like vintage baby shower, rock star baby shower, dream baby shower, confetti baby shower, boy meets the world and many other themes that you can think of. Usually, the theme is based on the gender of the baby because it can already be identified in this certain month. There are also themes that cater to the preference of the mother-to-be or the things that she is fond of, for example, Marvel superheroes, anime, tourist destinations, and many other. Just extrude your creativity and the idea will surely flow out. You may also see floral greeting cards.

7. Decide to Make or Buy and Send out Invitations

You must decide whether to make or buy your invitations. You have to know the advantages and disadvantages of each. In making your own invitation, you have to invest time, effort, and money in gathering the materials needed for the invitations. The great thing about creating your own invitation is that you can customize them according to your own preference and that the approach is more personal. On the other hand, if you are planning to buy the invitation, though it is already pre-printed and may seem less personalized compared to the handmade one, the advantage is that you can save time and effort as compared to making them. You may also see wedding greeting cards.

8. Decide on the Menu

The menus are usually based on the factors like time, length, or location of the baby shower or the budget for the baby shower. Another thing that you must consider is how the mother-to-be feels. For example, she might not like alcoholic drinks during the event. The common time for a baby shower is two o’clock in the afternoon, after lunch, so you can just have light snacks for the event. Here are menu suggestions for the baby shower event: mini omelets, fruit salad, muffins in a variety of flavors, biscuits, juices, vegetables, soups, and many others. Also, consider the number of guests that you have invited so you know the quantity of food you need to order or to cook. You may also see romantic greeting cards.

9. Prepare an Activity

There are a lot of activities that you can actually prepare for the baby shower. One very common game is the dirty diaper where you place different types of melted chocolate candies in a diaper and pass them to the guests in which each one must lick or sniff the gross diaper and try to guess the brand of the chocolate in each diaper. Another example is bobbing the nipples. The game is about bobbing out the baby bottle nipples in a large bucket of water, and the one who got the most number of nipples will be declared as the winner. There are a lot more activities that you can prepare! You may also see watercolor greeting cards.

10. Preparing Your Own Gift

After you have already planned all other things, it is time to buy your own gift for the mom-to-be. Usually, the gifts that most people would buy for the baby shower are those that can be useful for the family, especially for the baby. These gifts include but are not limited to the following: bedding and baby blanket, baby clothes, diapers, gift certificates, meals for the pregnant, books for the mom, baby furniture, among others. You may also see funny greeting cards.

Additionally, greeting cards are usually present in the gifts. If you are looking for a baby shower greeting card, we would highly recommend the greeting card designs presented above


In summary, planning a baby shower requires time, effort, and money for it to be a successful one. You must also consider the important things that should not be forgotten such as the following: gathering of co-hosts, setting a budget, deciding on the venue, choosing a date, making a guest list, choosing a theme, deciding and sending out invitations, buying decors and utensils needed for the party, planning the menu, ordering the cake, preparing an activity, assigning or hiring a photographer, preparing your own gift, and shopping for food, if necessary. You may also see funny greeting cards.

Among the things that are commonly sent to the mother-to-be as a gift are greeting cards as they are affordable and very much convenient, similar to the ones we presented in the above section. You may check as well. You may also see fall greeting cards.

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