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A baby is the greatest gift a couple could ever receive. Ask any parent and they will tell you all the wondrous things their little bundle of joy has done for them. From their tiny fingers to their adorable, sweet baby smell, there are very few things cuter than a newborn child. You may also see sumptuous seafood menu examples.

Needless to say, these tiny miracles are one of the most precious things any person could ever hope to have.

baby shower theme example

The gift of having a child is already something to be thankful for. This is considered one of the greatest milestone for every couple. Imagine growing another human being inside your tummy! The mother becomes some sort of fertile patch of soil where the seed is planted. Of course a baby is a big deal. Which is why many choose to celebrate this moment with the people dear in their lives. You may also see chinese food menu designs & examples.

Thus, baby showers!

This tradition has been practiced since Ancient India, Egypt and Greece. The activities in the celebration mainly include: the mother and the baby being showered with gifts that are said to help in the growth of the baby, rituals that improve both of their health, visiting temples, and ceremonies welcoming the baby into the household and the mother back to society. You may also like examples of a food menu.

As you can see, pregnancy has been treated with so much celebration since before and this is still being practiced until now. But in the modern world where everything is more or less a deconstruction of how our ancestors run things, the tradition has been altered to fit the palate of our society. So what happens during a normal baby shower?

Fox Baby Shower Menu Example

fox baby shower menu example

Pink Balloon Baby Shower Menu Example

pink balloon baby shower menu example

Table Mat Multi Purpose Menu Example

table mat multi purpose menu example

Travel Baby Shower Menu Example

travel baby shower menu example

What Happens in Baby Showers?

1. A lot of talking.

Traditionally, baby showers are an all-girls thing. Yes, the men sneaked the sperm that created the baby but the mother is the one carrying it so it may have seemed right to our predecessors that mommy be surrounded only by baby-carrying people as well. Now picture this: everyone in a garden, sitting in front of the mother-to-be and giving everyone the chance to share their pregnancy experiences so the expectant will at least have an idea of what she’s got herself into. You may also see dinner menu samples.

This is one of the most important part of a baby shower because this gives the guests the chance to help the mother-to-be in the way they can. The mother is probably feeling scared and even lost. The idea of A HUMAN BEING COMING OUT OF YOU will do that to anyone. So this is the mommy’s chance to express her feelings so her loved ones can comfort and reassure her. You may also like takeaway menu designs and examples.

This is also the chance of the parent or guardian of the mom to really talk to her especially now since she’s going through what her mother did when she was pregnant with her. So expect a lot of talking and storytelling. Also, this is a time for busy friends to meet and catch up. Since adult life is probably keeping you away from seeing each other often, this will be a chance for you to bond. You may also check out examples of lunch menu designs.

2. Gifts

It is said that the term baby shower derived itself from the act of literally showering gifts to the expectant mother. (Although we have a feeling that this tradition only include tiny presents.) So what is a baby shower without presents? If you are attending a baby shower, here are a couple of things you can bring for the mother-to be:

Baby Shower Gift Ideas

  • DIAPERS – You may think that this is such a thoughtless and cheap gift for the mother but, on the contrary, SHE WILL LOVE YOU FOR IT. Diapers are absolutely indispensable in the baby’s years before potty training (and you can’t expect him to start training right after he’s born). These will take care of the mess and the smell. That is, until you take them off the poop monster. If you are going for practical and useful, this is the go-to gift. You might be interested in menu card samples.
  • BLANKETS – Every parent needs an entire closet of baby blankets and you can help them fill them up with this gift! But don’t get cheap with this one though. The baby has super sensitive skin and you don’t want him developing any sort of skin rash because of your gift. Choose a blanket that is safe for the baby.
  • BOBA WRAP – These are wrap style baby carriers that are heaven-sent miracles for both parent and baby. They help carrying the baby so much easier for the parent. No more exhausted arms with this one! You can give mommy the gift of being able to go anywhere with her and her baby as one. You may also see cafe menu designs.
  • CLOTHES – The baby is coming out of that womb completely naked and the least you can do to help is to give him something to wear. So check on usefulness and practicality. And if you don’t know the gender of the baby (because some parents prefer not to know), then go for unisex onesies. You may also like barbecue menu examples.
  • SOCKS and SHOES – This is included in the list BECAUSE AREN’T THEY ADORABLE? Tiny things on tiny feet! You just have to buy your pregnant friend at least 3 pairs of these!
  • ANYTHING PERSONALIZED – No store-bought product can ever beat handmade anything. If you have a knack for crochet, work on a hat or a blanket for the baby. These are not only practical and useful, they are also very sentimental. There is even a big chance that the mother will keep your gift as an heirloom for her future grandchildren! You may also check out pizza menu samples and examples.
  • A Gift Card for Mommy – Let not the gifts be purely baby-centered. Mommy deserves a little something too! A spa or salon gift card both seem like perfect ideas for mommy’s tired, aching body! Imagine carrying a baby for 9 months! Of course you’ll be sore all over. A little massage or perhaps a manicure will ease that weariness a notch.

Polka Dots Baby Shower Menu Example

polka dots baby shower menu example

Printable Baby Shower Menu

printable baby shower menu

Food Truck Baby Shower Menu Example

food truck baby shower menu example1

Baby Shower Menu Card

baby shower menu card

3. Feeling Like A Star.

During a baby shower, the mother is going to be the center of attention. Everyone will be all about her pregnancy glow or, something less happy like, her weight. (Trust me, this is a sour spot for pregnant women. AVOID IT.)

This is also the time when the mommy can talk about her fears about giving birth or being a soon-to-be mother. Irregardless, everything will be all about her so after all the months of morning sickness and general pregnancy mood, this day will be a breather. You may also see salad menu samples.

It will be just like a night out except it’s daytime and there won’t be alcohol. But the expectant will pamper herself. Probably take a too-long hot bath and spend hours perfecting her hair and make-up because this is all about her. Well, the baby, too, but the baby is IN her so.. All the attention will be on the mommy. After all, you have gathered because and for her. You may also like pasta menu designs and examples.

4. Tears.

Once again, pregnancy is an important milestone and baby showers are parties honoring this event which is why there will be tears. Because everyone will simply be overwhelmed by everything that is happening.

Your mom will reminisce about your childhood and cry BECAUSE YOU’VE GROWN UP and your best friend will tell of all your wild adventures AND CRY BECAUSE SHE CAN’T BELIEVE THAT YOU ARE NOW A FULL-FLEDGED ADULT WITH A HUMAN RESPONSIBILITY and you would cry too because your overly sensitive pregnancy heart is so happy and so excited and it’ll all end in a sloppy, wet mess! You may also check out examples of modern menu designs.

5. Food.

What’s a party without these? There are many food choices to go with depending on the theme of the party. Say the party is a picnic-themed baby shower then there will be tea and cakes and cookies, or a dinner party complete with appetizers and desserts. There are also more unique themes that can be explored like the following:

Vintage Styled Party Menu Example

vintage styled party menu example

For a touch of the glamorous 1950’s, this theme is perfect! You can all wear A-line dresses or huge, billowing skirts to really have a feel of the old times. When it comes to food, a 1950’s-themed party is NEVER without appetizers.

Crackers, biscuits or chips can be served on a table with condiments. Different kinds of canapes can also be served along with salads, miniature pig-in-a-blanket, fruit punch, meat loaf, 7-Up floats (which is THING in the 1950’s), angel cake, deviled eggs, casserole, the list goes on! Just make sure to go along with the theme though. We don’t want to spoil anything for mommy. You may also see coffee menu examples.

Bar Themed Party Menu Example

bar themed party menu example

Or, for a little slice of wilder fun, the baby shower can have a Bar-themed party. Nothing like moderate drinking to bring out the fun, right? But, of course, no alcohols for mommy. She can have fun watching the drunk and the vomiting instead. You may also see typography menu examples.

Gold Rose Baby Shower Menu

gold rose baby shower menu

There can be, of course, alcohol, a build-your-own Bloody Mary and mimosa bar, waffles, bagels, self-serve yogurt and hot dog bars. A DESSERT BAR where you can all create your own ice-cream or s’mores. The great thing about this theme is that bars can include more than alcohol so GET CREATIVE! You may also check out psd menu samples.

At the end of the day, the theme of the party, the food, what you wear, none of it will matter. What is most important is that you are present in this event, in this grand celebration of a life being created and a life starting a whole new chapter, and you make that mommy feel special and cared for. She needs all her loved ones closer now more than ever and it is an honor to be chosen to be with her during this moment. You might be interested in examples of menu design.

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