19+ Brochure Examples in PSD

Over the years a variety of business has progressed immensely due to innovative minds of entrepreneurs and their partners in business who are committed to making the company’s aspiration a product of ultimate triumph. Brochures are one of the major reasons why a business grows for it allows people to know about them and the benefits of their products, like a company brochure.

The best thing about a brochure is its versatility. Since there are many ways of acquiring money in the means of business, brochures are not only limited to a specific business. For example, a fresh restaurant needs a restaurant menu brochure that is to be distributed to its people to let them know what they are and the products and services they offer. A hospital would need a medical and health brochures to let people know that they have the best doctors with a complete set of equipment necessary in catering the health issues of people.

Modern Corporate Brochure Template

modern corporate brochure template

Blue Stylish Business Tri-fold Brochure Template

blue stylish business tri fold brochure template

Modern Brochure with Warm Colors

modern brochure with warm colors

Geometric Blue Business Brochure

geometric blue business tri fold

Abstract Business Tri-fold Brochure

abstract business tri fold

Brochure Designing

Designing a brochure can be a real challenge, not to mention if a potential competitor of a business also plans in distributing brochures to a certain group of people.

Before we tell you some tips in designing an effective brochure, the need for you to understand what a brochure comes with great necessity.

A brochure is what advertises locations, events, products, services, and much more for people to participate or inform people what kind of business they are and how people would benefit from it. It functions a lot like an advertising flyer, although there’s a difference which we will be discussing, later on, to make sure you are making a brochure and not a flyer.

For an effective method of promoting a business, the brochure needs to have images that catch the eyes of the audience. If you are promoting about cars then you have to imagine yourself as the viewer of a brochure and what is it in the brochure that made you accepted it when you could have just told the person distributing it you’re not interested.

Tri-fold Brochure PSD Template

tri fold brochure psd template

This act might be a little tough, especially if you want all people obsessed with cars to keep that brochure with them since people’s taste greatly differs from the rest. You have to think about who you’re marketing the product to and how beneficial would the product be in their life if they buy it instead of their dream car.

You don’t really mention about their dream car since you know nothing that their dream car is, but by highlighting the features and benefits of the car you’re selling it might just become their new dream car.

Tri-fold Brochure PSD Template

coexist tri fold brochure psd template

There are many types of the brochure but you can make use of bi-fold and tri-fold brochure since these are the common ones which close a sale. Besides acquiring the perfect image from various websites for the front page of your brochure, you have to make sure that other fields of it should be as eye catchy as the front page’s at the same time keeping that balance for the text to still be visible.

A4 Corporate Business Brochure PSD

a4 corporate business brochure psd

Business Tri-fold Brochure PSD Template

business tri fold brochure psd template

Corporate Business Brochure PSD Template

corporate business brochure psd template

Differences between Brochures and Flyers

Brochures and flyers are very similar when it comes to their functions, of course, both of them deliver significant information of a business, company, event, and etc., but there are distinguishable characteristics between them which explains why a brochure is a brochure and why a flyer is a flyer. Here are their differences:

  • A flyer is small in size compared to brochure since it is more usual than not used to announce information about a one-time or short-time event like discounts, grand openings, soft openings, and the likes. A brochure has a bigger size when put in comparison with flyer since it lists down all the details of a product or service and everything about the company, needless to say, that the service or product printed in a brochure is for a long time that the readers will keep if the content happens to pique their interest. We say most usual than not because advertising brochures and advertising flyers are not used for a one-time event.
  • A brochure has various numbers of panels, folds, or pages of information since there are different types of brochures, whereas flyer is an unfolded paper and has at most two pages only to write all information.
  • The statements you find in a brochure are more catchy than that of a flyer. Since they greatly differ in size, the content of a brochure is more inviting to readers compared to a flyer which statements are straight, depriving it of being as engaging or inviting as a brochure to its readers, to the point since its space is limited, like a name card.

Elegant Purple Business Design Tri-fold Brochure Template

elegant purple business design tri fold brochure template

Green Corporate Abstract Brochure

green corporate abstract brochure

Flyers and brochures are not at all very different since their main purpose is to deliver information to a random or selected crowd making brochure and flyer distribution a brilliant marketing strategy.

The way of how they are both distributed are also the same, by means of sending them in an invitation envelope if it’s an event flyer or brochure to mention one, and that is one of the reasons why people sometimes confuse flyers with brochures.

Brochure Template with Hexagonal Shapes

brochure template with hexagonal shapes

Business Brochure Template with Space for Text

business brochure template with space for text

Elegant Business Brochure

elegant business brochure

Grassy Tri-fold Brochure PSD Template

grassy tri fold brochure psd template

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop has paved way for visual technical artist in putting the products of their imagination “see-able” to an audience. It takes skills, talent, and determination to become a master of it. Due to its popularity the word Photoshop is already used as a verb and adjective. Show someone a beautiful picture, image, or a company logo and one would wonder if it is Photoshopped or not. Others would even say, “Can you please Photoshop this for me…?”

Adobe Photoshop is not only for personal interests like blogs or mere pastime, in fact, this has immensely helped many a business. Aspiring entrepreneurs usually look for a freelance content writer and graphic artists to collaborate with them and inform people about the company. Besides creating a banner in the cyber world, making a brochure is one way of promoting the business’s product.

Currently, there are already free editing websites, yet still, their editing features are not as convenient as that of Adobe Photoshop’s. Photoshop files have default file extension .psd (Photoshop Document) which supports different graphics file formats. This file has a maximum length of 2 gigabytes, and height and width 30,000 pixels, which is already enough reason why graphic designers use this than Adobe Photoshop competitors.

Tips for Creating Your Own Brochures

Creating a brochure for a strict client can be quite a challenge, especially if it’s your first time in doing so. Forget about your worries and wipe your imagined-only sweat for you we’re here to help you out.

It truly is a challenge in making the perfect brochure for you need to first check on the brochures which you think is impressive, and if you think it is impressive when you need to find some ways in order to compete it successfully it.

Not only that, you will be facing the unpredictable judgment of your clients. To calm the fast beating of your heart already, here are some guidelines you will want to follow in making an impressive brochure:

1. Gather Brochures

Gathering brochures as an example is the first step for you to know what type of brochure is the best fitting for a product, business, event, or etc. you will be working on. There are so many types of brochure so it’s important you prepare yourself with what to write on it.

You need to worry less about what to write on it because by reading the contents of random brochures will give birth to innovative ideas. That is why there is a need for you to check on the best brochure and what makes you think it is the best one. Surely, it’s not just because of the well- saturated images you find in it or the content is done well. Both the content and the image have to be outstanding which would explain why you choose it.

2. Think of the People You Are Marketing the Product To

You have to disregard your personal interests when it comes to marketing a product. You need to study the product carefully for you to list down all the benefits or why people should buy it to get their interests jumping.

Give the people what they want to hear about the product without lying. There is a great need in ignoring your personal interests in this, especially if you are just working for a product you don’t really like because this would lead to a narrow understanding of a certain product. Instead of telling the people all its benefits there might be a tendency that you only mention the features which interest in you.

Corpobiz Tri-fold Brochure PSD Template

corpobiz tri fold brochure psd template

3. Be Decisive in Choosing the Best Image

There are a variety of websites to help you in getting the right images. You can download all of these images, but you should remind yourself that you can only fit so many images in your brochure. It is important to have a process of deliberation for the brochure not to look so stuffed making it an unpleasant sight to the readers.

This also creates a confusion to the readers for there is so much to look at in your brochure.

A careful planning is suggested for you to map out where to put the chosen relevant images, the toning of the image should be perfect for the text to remain readable.

Rebellion Tri-fold Brochure PSD Template

rebellion tri fold brochure psd template

4. Fetching and Inviting Statement

Thinking about a fetching statement can be fun. Refer to the first tip of creating a brochure and look at the catchy statement you see in the first fold of the brochure.

Surely, this is what caught your sight from the first time you laid eyes on that brochure, right? Fetching statements are the reasons why people accept brochures from a random person distributing it. Not only that, these, too, are what makes them flip through the pages of a brochure taking everything in. Here are a few examples:

  • God’s Own Country
  • Bliss on Earth
  • Live the Life You’re Obsessed with.

Once you use the apt font style for these statements, your brochure will definitely turn people’s heads and an unrealized interest may grow in them.

Fitness Health Tri-fold Brochures PSD

fitness health tri fold brochures psd

5. Be Open with Your Client’s Suggestions

Clients can be the cause of a royal headache, most especially if they find your work unsatisfactory. If your taste does not meet the clients’ then it’s better you ask for suggestions for these suggestions might be lacking pieces for a perfect brochure.

You have to consider that the clients you are working with know who their targets are and that they have worked in an industry for a very long time so they know what kind of brochure entices people. Always bear in mind that the brochure you’re making is not for your own satisfaction.

Beauty and Spa Tri-fold Brochure PSD Template

beauty and spa tri fold brochure psd template

Instead of taking their suggestions as a headache take them as an opportunity to learn new stuff. An artist that means business must be flexible to the various demands of his or her client(s). Don’t be disheartened, for a circumstance as such helps you in the long run.

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