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There are different undertakings that businesses may execute to ensure that the corporate branding of the business is carried out within the entirety of their operations. Business branding contains a wide scope of activities that are necessary to be implemented to ensure that the corporate image of the business will be presented in an appropriate manner. It is not only the marketing department of the business that needs to work on this as it requires the participation of the operations, the management and all the other stakeholders that make up the business.

A business brand is very important as it is the continuity of the company’s objective, goals and overall characteristics. More so, it can separate the company from its competitors especially in terms of visual presentation and memory retention. If you want to brand your business, we can provide you with branding principles which can be helpful in the processes of developing the image that you would like your company to be known for.

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Corporate Business Branding Identity

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Corporate Business Brand Identity

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Why Do Businesses Need to Brand Themselves?

Business branding is an activity that has been implemented by businesses for a long time now. Even if there are different practices and branding principles that are being followed by companies, these activities still end up with a smart goal – to ensure that the business will be known and remembered by its current and prospective customers or clients in an appropriate manner, beneficial to the operations of the business as well as the sustainability of its actual sales.

Aside from the main purpose why business branding is essential, here are some of the reasons why businesses need to brand themselves as a corporate entity:

  • Business branding can promote individuality. Corporate industries where the presence of competition is very evident, there is a need for businesses to come up with a brand that can separate them from competitors. Business branding helps a business to have its own identity. Just as how we know a person by his or her face, characteristics, skills, abilities and other unique features; a business can also be known if it can provide visual and experiential touch points to the market.
  • Business branding can lure in more customers. If a business can present itself accordingly, there will be more people who will be interested to try the products, services and other offers of the business. Especially with the packaging that the business will incorporate into its product offers. There will be more foot traffic if the branding of these items is effective. Pleasing and appealing marketing tools can also help the business to drive the attention of consumers.
  • Business branding can make the business trustworthy and credible. Branding can be tested through time. There are branding activities that are beneficial to the business while there are also some that may not be applicable to be used at certain points of the business operations. If a brand can present an identity that has already faced and survived external factors like trends and competition, then it will be easier for people to trust the brand.
  • Business branding can reflect the core of the business. People will provide monetary value in purchasing or acquiring the products and services of the business. Aside from this, they will also devote their loyalty, purchasing power, and market efforts with the brand that they trust. Business branding helps the business to present its core. The vision and mission statements of the business can be felt by the people just by looking at the branding activities that the business implements. With this, you need to make sure that the purpose of your business branding is always considered.
  • Business branding can be used as one of the major strengths of the business. With all the above-mentioned statements, it is clear that business branding can make or break the company. For you to remain relevant and sustainable, you need to make sure that you will not just take care of your customers but you will also take care of your image as a brand. Business branding enables a business to present its strengths which is very appealing and attractive to consumers.

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Business Brand Guide

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Importance of Business Branding in Different Industries

The core of business branding is almost the same in different industries. However, the practices, successful corporate branding tips and activities that are implemented by businesses from different fields may differ. As an example, hotel and resorts maximize the usage of flyers and brochures to create a statement about who they are as a corporate brand. On the other hand, web developing businesses use newsletters, digital portfolios and partnership ads to showcase the image that they would like to portray.

No matter what industry it is that your business belongs, here are some of the reasons why business branding is important:

  • Business branding can make businesses relevant. What can you offer to your clients or customers? This is the question that businesses need to answer when developing the business blueprint. However, business branding is more than that. The question that businesses should be able to give an answer with within the processes of business branding is how can they make these offers marketable and relevant to the lives of their target customers. There is already a different demand coming from the market when compared to their needs and wants a few years back. The market wants to trust a business just as how they trust a friend. Consumers are becoming keener when identifying the brand that is really suitable not only for their needs but also their lifestyle. For you to be relevant, your business should have a brand that can satisfy the clients and/or customers not only with your offers but also with your quality of service and corporate credibility.
  • Business branding can promote cohesion to the documents of the business. A part of business branding is to ensure that the visuals of the image can represent the brand that the company promotes. From flyers to folders, to corporate email signatures; there is a need for business branding to flow from one document to another. Being able to do this can make people aware that a particular item is from the business or is made by the business. As an example, if you will incorporate branding into your document folder and you bring it outside people can already identify that you are associated with a specific business. Cohesion with the implementation of business branding can make your corporate brand stronger.
  • Business branding can provide solidarity with all the stakeholders of the business. The management, employees, clients, and investors should have a clear view or perspective of what the business is made of. Aside from the visuals, business branding can be perceived through interactions. If business branding will be explained to the workforce, then it most likely that they can understand what the business would like to achieve in terms of showcasing its image to the public. With this, proper business branding can be achieved not only for a short period of time but in the long run of business operations.
  • Business branding can disseminate relative information about the company. The brand of the business is not just an internal undertaking. Once it is already executed, the consumers can actually help the business disseminate information about the brand. Think about the paper bag from your business that the customer will carry around the shopping center. Or better yet, think of the flyer designs that you will provide. How far do you think it will go? How wide is the market reach of your business branding activities? Simply put, business branding can carry your business in different locations. The information about your company will be known by a lot of people – which can either be beneficial or not. This is the reason why business branding should be taken seriously as it serves as the face of the business in varying instances. Do not let a poor business brand destroy the good intentions of the business.

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How to Properly Implement Business Branding

Business branding does not end in creating a corporate logo or even developing an image blueprint that the business may follow. The full implementation of branding activities is what can set the brand of the image from other businesses with the same offers to the market. You need to ensure that you will implement business branding in a strong manner but not in a way that it can overwhelm your customers. Here is how you can properly implement business branding:

  • Identify the market that you would like to cater. Think of the needs, wants, and demands of this market. You need to ensure that you can get all the information that you need about these matters as proper market identification can help you develop a brand that is for these people. Being able to connect with your market at this level can help you ensure them that your business is always present to help them with what they need.
  • Stick with the core of the business. Even if you are already aware of the market that you would like to target and penetrate, you should not forget the core of your business. Why have you come up with a particular business idea? How would you like to be perceived by the market? What kind of business transactions would you like to create in the marketplace? Do not destroy your credibility and market presence just by coming up with a business branding activity just for the sake of following trends. Be precise with who you are as a corporate brand and present that the most appealing way possible.

The idea that you can get here is that building a brand requires consideration of both internal and external factors. Yes, you need to ensure that the business has a great foundation in terms of corporate imaging. However, a strong corporate image will be worthless if it will not be appreciated by the target market.

Corporate Business Identity

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What Constitutes to a Successful Business Brand?

Business branding is a combination of different processes. It is a melting pot of activities that are necessary to work hand in hand to achieve the branding objectives of the business. Here are some of the factors that constitute a successful business brand:

  • Visual branding. When we talk about visual branding, it mostly includes the items that people see which they can incorporate the business with. Some tools for visual branding include the following:
    • Corporate Logo
    • Television commercials
    • Marketing and advertising tools
    • Promotional Ads
    • Corporate material designs
  • Product branding. One of the most important things that a business should consider is the design of the products and their packaging. Most people compare products from different businesses not only with their content but also on how they are presented. This is very applicable in situations where the products will be given as a gift and the packaging can make or break the ability of a particular product to be sold.
  • Service branding. Aside from what people can see, business branding also focuses on how the customers feel about the brand. Through quality service and unique gestures of customer transactions, your business will be known for the brand of service that you can provide.
  • Online branding. With the development of technology, online branding should be taken seriously by businesses. Nowadays, there are already a lot of tricks to improve website branding. Keep in mind that online branding can be implemented through the proper use of online platforms and media like the following:
    • Corporate social media accounts
    • Online help desk
    • Official business website and online pages
    • Online forums
    • Online advertorials
    • E-Newsletters and other email updates
  • Experiential branding. When talking about experiential branding, it is actually a combination of service branding and product branding. It deals with the totality of the customer experience. It starts with the perception that the customers have about your brand up to the end of the actual transaction.

When creating your business brand, make sure that you will be consistent and cohesive with all your undertakings. You need to present your business the best way possible so you can ensure that the market will be interested to practice their purchasing power in your business. There are a lot of things that you can achieve if you can create a business brand that is appealing, powerful and credible.

Use a template when creating the items where you will incorporate the brand of your business. May it be a simple pen design that your employees will use or the corporate business cards that will be given to clients, ensure that the visuals of these items can easily represent the business. Through proper branding, your business can go places in the industry where it belongs.

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