15+ Business Catalog Designs & Examples – PSD, AI

Many businesses providing goods and services usually use catalog in their marketing. What is a catalog?

Simply stated, a catalog is similar to a food menu only that the ones listed are the products and services offered by a certain company. Business firms maximize the use of a catalog for this is where customers and prospective customers decide on whether to close the sale or not.

When having a business plans, you need to have samples where your clients can have a visual reference to the product or service that he or she will be buying. This is a guide to the customers to the items inside a certain company. Thus, companies compile and list their products and services along with the details like dimension, color, size, price, and other important information that a customer should know. You may also see business catalog designs.Catalogs also provide the company several advantages especially to the overall wellness and profitability of the company. To discuss further, the next section will discuss the benefits of having catalogs.

Examples of Business Catalog

Business Catalog Template

business catalog template

RW Pro Business Catalog

rw pro business catalog

Multipurpose Business Catalog

multipurpose business catalog

Benefits of Having a Business Catalog

Catalogs, just like any other promotional material, serves a lot of benefits to the company. This promotional material also has been proven effective for a long time now; hence, it is still used by many companies. Here is a list of the top benefits of having a catalog.


The first thing that comes into our minds when thinking about the benefits of catalogs is exposure—exposure of the company to the market. This is also a great way to reach your client that is necessary in generating a customer lead. Surely, every company, especially those that are new in the industry, always wanted to gain exposure, and that is the reason why catalogs are still used by firms and entities alike. You may also see product catalogs.


Branding is a very important thing for every business if they want it to prosper and be known in the market. Branding is not just simply making a brand name to your company; it involves responsibilities as well.  You need to take care of your customers and stand on what you promised to them and never give them false hopes. You also have to gain customer loyalty by providing quality products and services to your customers and clients. In general, branding is what a company gained after working out on pleasing people through their products and services and in which there is a sense of trust and credibility among the company and the reader. You may also see travel catalogs.

Inform the Audience

Catalogs are also a way to inform your audience on the things you are offering. As mentioned, catalogs are like a menu for food, only that products and services are listed aside from food. With this, your client can easily browse through the papers for just a minute and can already have an overall view of the company’s products and services. Because your goal is to inform the people, you have to ensure that your information is complete. Add graphics if possible to enhance your catalog visually. It does not have to have to be colorful or full of decorations to entice people to read it. It must be presentable and elegant enough to look professional and legit.You may also see business brochures.

You can also include illustration designs and graphs highlighting the benefit your customers can acquire in your company and the edge of your company over the other companies or competitors Working on your design is also a great way for many people to become curious on your catalog. But the point the you must put all your focus on is the vital information of the products and services you are offering, the price, size, quality, and brief description, for example. Take note that you must know who are your target market so you will tailor your catalog in a way that is appealing to them.

Sell Your Company

Your catalog should not just plainly contain the list of the things that are inside your company; also include a call-to-action in your catalog where the readers will be prompted to make the next move to buy your products or avail your services. Make sure you explain well and in detail each product or service that you offer. Think of a possible concern and question that a customer may ask and address these queries. In this way, you are preventing objections by the client, making your offer more desirable for an immediate sale. Focus on the the attributes of your brand and your company and the benefits that your customers will receive upon buying or patronizing your product. You may also include freebies, promos, sales and discounts for them to feel that they get more benefit than what they paid.You may also see fashion catalogs.

Increased Sales

If you are creating your catalog well, including having a design fit to represent your company, having complete information in your catalog, tailoring your catalog for your target market and catering to the possible queries by the customers, you will surely have a sale that can surely increase the overall profitability of the company. The goal therefore of a company is to increase its sale for the company to prosper.

Inspire Improvement

When you are distributing catalogs to people, do not just stop in letting them browse on your catalog. You might as well ask for feedback or anything that needs to be improved for the brochure, for the products and services, and for the company as well. In this way, the growth of your company is not stagnant, and you will continue in your research and development to have a continuous improvement to your whole company. On the whole business plan perspective, competitors will also get inspired to improve in their offers so they will not get left behind in the competition. This would result to overall enhancement and improvement in the industry. Once the industry is improved, the demand by the customers will increase that will in turn help in increasing the sales report for a certain product or service.

Increase User Satisfaction

When you address a customers’ query, customer satisfaction be increased. When you offer them more than what they expected, they will surely be more than satisfied with your offer. A satisfied customer will pose loyalty to your company and even give recommendations to his or her family and friends. In this way, you will create a network of recommendation, which is an effective way to gain more customers. As a result, many people will get informed as the network you have created expanded.

Multipurpose Catalog Template

multipurpose catalog template

Wholesale Catalog Template

wholesale catalog template

Catalog Template for Business

business catalog

Product Brochure/Catalog

product brochure catalog

Minimalist Business Catalog

minimalist business catalog

Custom Brochure Design

custom brochure design

A5 Business Brochure Catalog

a5 business brochure catalog

Business Catalog Template

business catalog template1


Cameo Business Catalog

cameo business catalog

Business Catalog/Portfolio

business catalog portfolio

Business Square Tri-Fold Brochure

business square tri fold brochure

Wrap Up

Catalog can help a company in a lot of ways including the establishing of brand and increasing the overall profitability ratio of the company. In creating your catalog, you must know your target market so you will tailor your catalog in a way that entice those customers. Additionally, you can also work on enhancing the design of your catalog so more and more people would like to open and read them. Your catalog should also contain a complete information about the products and services you are offering for this is the pathway to having immediate sale. Your catalog, therefore, is a email marketing tool and a piece of sales talk to your clients and potential clients.

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