12+ Coffee Shop Brochure Examples – PSD, AI

Brochures, in general, is a great marketing tool for all companies and all types of businesses out there. It can be a great marketing tool for your coffee shop, too, if you own one. But even if it is a helpful marketing tool, it can somehow turn into a cause of stress for some businesses out there.

With that matter, just keep calm because in this article we are going to provide you with fifteen coffee shop brochures that can inspire you in creating your own brochure for your coffee business and we have also provided a lot of tips that can serve as your guide in creating your coffee shop brochure. Having the tips as your guide will help you in improving your coffee shop brochure or even just the plans of your future coffee shop brochure as well as in creating a significant and effective marketing tool that can give your coffee shop a positive impact such as an increase in your sales. You may also see examples of company brochure

Sample Coffee Brochure

Coffee Brochure Template

A4 Coffee Tri-Fold Brochure and Flyer

Tri-Fold Coffee Brochure

Coffee Brochure Design Template

Sample Coffee Brochure Design

Sample Coffee Brochure Menu

Tri-Fold Coffee Brochure

Coffee Shop Tri-Fold Brochure

Classic Tri-Fold Coffee Brochure

Basic Coffee Brochure Template

Coffee Benefits Brochure

Classic Coffee Brochure Template

Tips for Creating a Coffee Shop Brochure

1. Before you start getting on with the content of your coffee shop brochure, you have to make sure first that you have understood what your customers and prospects want from your coffee shop. You should also try to determine first who are your target customers or clients, what they want to see or read in your coffee shop brochure, and what information should be included in your coffee shop brochure that can enable them to make a purchase. Knowing these beforehand will enable you to determine what your coffee brochure should contain and should mainly focus on. You may also see real estate brochure designs & examples

2. The design of your coffee shop brochure plays a great role in creating the best impression on your customers or prospects. The creative aspect of your coffee shop brochure goes hand-in-hand with its technicalities such as the written content. But keep in mind that it’s the looks that we notice first in a printed material. The first impression that will last in the minds of your customers and prospects is in the hands of your coffee shop brochure design. It could make you or break you.

3. Since your written content also plays a great role in your coffee shop brochure along with your coffee shop brochure design, there is also a need for you to invest in the quality of your written content. Through thought-provoking tag-lines and brief but insightful written content, you can maintain the positive impression your customers or prospects will have upon seeing the design of your coffee shop brochure. You should also keep in mind about the grammatical mistakes and the typographical errors that are already a common problem of every printed material. Proofreading the contents of your coffee brochure is also one way of ensuring that you value the importance of having quality written content. You may also like restaurant brochure examples

4. Do not think beyond box; instead, think like there is no box at all. The sky is the limit when it comes to designing a coffee shop brochure. If you want your coffee shop brochure to be a worthwhile read while sitting on every table of your coffee shop, then you have to make sure that your coffee shop brochure is a great conversation piece. You can make this possible by going beyond the norms of creating your coffee brochure. Most of the brochures you can find come in the usual rectangular booklet or a piece of paper being folded into two or three parts. If you want to show that you are thinking like there is no box in the creation of your coffee shop brochure, go beyond the norm and the usual; try different shapes, sizes, or design for you coffee shop brochure. You can have a coffee shop brochure that comes in the shape of a cup of coffee. Any innovative design can linger in the minds of your customer or prospects. You may also check out creative brochure examples for designers

5. Set the mood of your coffee shop with the use of your coffee shop brochure. You can set the mood and the feel of your coffee shop even in the mere sheets of your coffee shop brochure. By including photos of your coffee shop, the photos and details of every item in your menu, as well as the color scheme or theme you use in your coffee shop, you can already set a mood that may or may not excite your customers or your prospects. Setting the mood of your coffee shop brochure will excite your customers or prospects and this means revenue. You may also see advertising brochure examples

6. When you think of the possible design of your coffee shop brochure that can help it to stand out from your competitors, you might want to create something grand and something that is eccentric. However, going grand usually has the downside of being too overwhelming. Most of the time, going simple is the key. It’s not actually keeping things safe but it makes the overall look and design of your coffee shop brochure more put-together, classy, and professional. Keeping it simple also means that you have created a clear and simple design that can be very appealing to your customers and prospects, even to those customers and prospects who are not very patient at reading any kind of printed material. You may also like medical brochure examples

7. Always call to action. You can do so by including your phone number, e-mail address, or website if your coffee shop has one. This information enables you to be accessible to your customers and prospects and being accessible means action. You might have already missed a lot of opportunity for omitting this important information. You may also check out examples of bi-fold brochure design

We hope that you have learned a lot with the help of the tips we have provided you in this article as well as the fifteen sample coffee brochures.

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