13+ Restaurant Brochure Examples – PSD, AI

Restaurant brochures help in marketing the overall business. Aside from including the menus, restaurant owners can also include in their restaurant brochures the vision statement, mission statement, and objectives of the restaurant. They can also include their corporate social responsibility projects and other initiatives. There are some restaurants who do not have restaurant brochures. You could be one of the restaurant owners who has not yet seen the importance and the advantage of having one and additionally, you also do not have any idea how to start or create one.

With that, we have provided fifteen restaurant brochures to inspire you in creating your own restaurant brochure as well as some do’s and don’ts to guide you in your journey of creating a restaurant brochure.

Food Menu Bi-Fold and Tri-Fold Brochure

Restaurant Menu Brochure Template in PSD

Food Menu Tri-Fold and Bi-Fold Brochure

Simple Restaurant Brochure Template

Food Restaurant Brochure

Food Restaurant Brochure Template

Coffee Shop Restaurant Tri-Fold Brochure

Restaurant Brochure Template


Food Restaurant Brochure Design


Do’s and Don’ts When Designing Your Restaurant Brochure


1. Do keep in mind that the people in charge of your sales would love to hand something to your customers knowing that what they are handing out contains contents that are to be proud of. Use this as an opportunity to present your restaurant to your customers and prospects through the people who know what they are selling. If the people in charge of the sales know that what they are doing is not something to be proud of, it can affect their performance and once their performance is already affected, it also means that your sales will also be greatly affected as well. You may also see examples of company brochure

2. Do take time to think what your customers or prospects would like to know about your restaurant through your restaurant brochure. If you have the means or the budget, you can hire a professional copywriter, but if you do not and that you already have the talent of making magic out of words, you can write the content of your restaurant brochure yourself. You may also like advertising brochure examples

3. Do keep your content short but simple and insightful. This does not mean that you should be dumbing things down but it actually means that you will be making things easier for the people to immediately get and understand the message of your restaurant brochure. Keep in mind that not all customers and prospects are fanatic readers, so in the short span of their skimming and scanning of your resume, make it a goal that they will already be able to get the important keywords of the message you want to convey. You may also check out examples of bi-fold brochure design

4. Try to create a restaurant brochure that is not like any other existing restaurant brochure. This can be a difficult thing to do but it would be worth it knowing that your restaurant brochure stands out from your sea of competitors. Having a one-of-a-kind restaurant brochure can also help with your branding. You may also see

5. Do invest in the quality of your simple brochure. Focus on the balance of your quality and quantity of your restaurant brochure. It can be costly but it will be worth taking a risk because your restaurant sales can benefit much from it.

6. If you have people creating your restaurant brochure for you, make sure that your graphic designer and copywriter are able to collaborate and cooperate well because put it in mind that your design and content are both the important elements of your restaurant brochure which means that these two should always work hand-in-hand. Even if one of them are good at doing his or her job but the other one keeps on messing up, it will still result in a messy and ineffective output. You may also like examples of modern brochure design

7. If you are on a budget, do choose a format for your restaurant brochure that is practical and a format that does not make you break the bank.

8. Do use the second person point of view because this can enable your readers to see the importance of their role in your restaurant. This can make them feel involved in your decision-making and that their interests will be catered and attended to. Keep in mind that the restaurant brochures are not solely about you and your restaurant but this is also about your customers and prospects. This means that you have to show that you are truly understanding towards their concerns. You may also like examples of service brochures

9. Do keep in mind to always communicate benefits your customers and prospects can get from your restaurant and not just simply mention the features your restaurant offers.

10. Always show and do not just tell. You can ‘show’ by using real customer testimonials and not just made up or scripted ones. You may also check out tri-fold brochure designs & examples

11. Do invest in the quality of your content. Always use the active voice of the verb in your sentences. Proofread your content as much as you can.

12. Do include ways and methods on how your customers can contact you through your restaurant brochure. Include contact numbers and e-mail addresses or website if you have one. You may also see examples of business brochure design

Restaurant Menu Bi-Fold Brochure

Christmas Restaurant Brochure

Tri-Fold Restaurant Brochure Template

Restaurant Menu Tri-Fold Brochure

Restaurant Tri-Fold Brochure

The ‘Don’ts” You Can Follow While Writing a Cover Letter


1. Do not be afraid to spend on quality output and never shortchange yourself and your restaurant. Having a quality output means that you have invested well in quality copywriting, graphic design, photography, and printing. Compromising these important factors also compromises your entire restaurant brochure and that is definitely not good for the business. You may also see travel brochure designs & examples

2. Do not keep on using an existing copy and content years back because it is a big waste for you not to grab the opportunity to improve and evolve your brand. Times are different now and you should keep in mind that giving up comfort and the ease can be difficult but it is in taking risks that can give you growth. You may also like event brochure designs & examples

3. Do not automatically think that cliches will keep on impressing your readers because the common marketing phrases such as value-add, best practice, cutting-edge, state-of-the-art, industry-leading, user-friendly, best-of-breed, next-generation, and customer-focused among others cannot anymore set you apart from your competitors. Invest in unique content that can drive more customers to your restaurant. You may also check out sales promotion brochures

4. Do not create a brochure that is closely similar to the look and feel of your competitor’s brochure. If their restaurant seems like “be all and end all”, why not create something your own? Having your own design for your restaurant brochure can put you up at an advantage over your competitors. You may also see indesign brochure examples

5. Do not start designing until the complete content has been written, edited, proofread, and approved! You don’t want to waste your money, do you? Even if you have the best design and layout in mind, it will be useless if you have not invested well in your content. It’s the content that you should follow first and then followed by the design of your restaurant brochure. You may also like examples of recruitment brochure design

6. If you do not have photos of your own, do not just opt for any corny and generic corporate stock photos online. It only means that your brand is just like any other brand. As much as possible, find a way to have your own photos of your restaurant, its employees, and the dishes you serve because that can help you have a strong branding. You may also check out examples and techniques for designing food brochures

7. Do not assume that all of your customers and prospects would care enough to read every single word in your brochure. Not all people are fanatic readers! That is why you have to keep things simple and short enough for them to at least get something out from their quick skim and scan of your restaurant brochure. You may also see examples of hotel brochure design

8. Even if you are to prioritize the content first before the design, do not think that these two are separate entities or activities because these two should go hand-in-hand. Without one element, the other one fails.

9. Do not neglect the format of your restaurant brochure. It’s part of the design and the layout and should not be taken lightly. You may also like training brochure designs

10. Do not just simply focus on the restaurant’s achievements and projects in your brochure; include and highlight the things that really matter to your customers.

11. Do not forget to include a compelling call-to-action. You want to drive more customers to your restaurant, right? Calling them to action (such as including contact numbers, e-mail addresses, and even a map of the location of your restaurant, can already suffice. You may also check out nonprofit brochure examples

12. Do not just rely on yourself in the creation and the finalization of your restaurant brochure. There are cases when you will miss out the errors in your restaurant brochure because you have already spent so much time staring at it and a fresh set of eyes can contribute to a lot of improvement. Ask someone who can help you in creating and editing your restaurant brochure. You may also see psd marketing brochure examples

A restaurant brochure can be a powerful marketing tool for your restaurant. Make sure you create your restaurant brochure by following the given do’s and don’ts above. Keep in mind that an ineffective brochure is a waste of time and especially money. We hope you have gained insights on restaurant brochures with the help of the examples provided in this article.

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