15 Congratulations Greeting Card Examples – PSD, AI

Whatever the occasion there might be—be it a birthday, graduation, new job, promotion, wedding, or a newborn baby—there is that one single thing that you should never miss and that is congratulating the people who are celebrating these milestones in their lives. There are a lot of ways that you can convey your joy and warm wishes to these people but one of the best and sincerest ways you can show it is by sending a congratulatory greetings card.

While you could easily buy one from your nearest bookstore, it will be best and heartfelt if you would create a congratulatory greeting card by yourself– it will also mean a lot to the receiver if he or she knows about your efforts in congratulating him or her. If you have a hard time in creating a design for your congratulatory greeting card, make buying one as a second option and personalizing ready-made and editable templates as your first one.

You may check out the fifteen congratulatory greeting card examples that we have compiled here in this article. These examples comes in PSD and AI formats that makes it possible for you to personalized these even if you can already print it out as it is since it’s already ready-made.

Bravocado Avocado Congratulations Greeting Card Example



Egg-cited Baby Shower Congratulations Greeting Card Example




Floral Antler Congratulations Greeting Card Example




Funny Graduation Congratulations Greeting Card Example

Hilltop Congratulations Greeting Card Example

Why Do We Congratulate?

We may have arrived at some point in our lives wherein we would wonder why we congratulate people with their achievements when most of these achievements have almost nothing to do with us and that most of the time, their milestones are none of our business– same goes for them towards us.

Maybe you have said “congratulations!” to a lot of people already but you seriously did not know why you were congratulating and why, even, were you congratulating just because everyone also is doing the same thing.  However, do not worry about having to ask this questions that makes you seem like an ungrateful person– questions like this are normal and it often comes to us at times when our eyes and minds are unusually more open and even hungry for answers to questions that are often left unasked by most people. You may also see Thank You Greeting Card Designs.

The answer that can best answer this question goes like this: congratulating people is one way of showing that you are sincerely happy about them having achieved and reached their goals and milestones because of the simple fact that we love and care for them so much that in their state of great elation, you could definitely help but also feel the same way.

Have you ever tried feeling so much happiness in your heart but you just do not know how to convey and release all of those feelings? It’s the same way that goes for feeling happy for someone else’s achievements and luckily for us that congratulating became a thing and since then, we already have a way of showing our sincere feelings of happiness towards the people we love and care for. You may also see Watercolor Greeting Card Designs.



Letterpress Congratulations Greeting Card Example

Pop Champagne Cork Congratulations Greeting Card Example



Poppin’ Bottles Baby Congratulations Greeting Card Example

Watercolor Congratulations Greeting Card







Yay! Congratulations Greeting Card Example


Other Words to Write Aside from “Congratulations!”

Not everyone of us are equipped with the skill of conveying our feelings into written words. However, you should not spend so much time in trying to figure out what to write on your congratulatory greeting card aside from the almost-robotic and short “congratulations” because we are to provide you with some alternatives for that.
Check out these other words you could write on your congratulatory greeting card aside from “Congratulations!”. These will not only help you in giving you something to write on the card but these will also give you some ideas on what you would want to actually express. Plus, we are also providing some suggestions on what to to write for various occasions.

General Words to Say When Congratulating

  • If you keep on being awesome, be assured that I will keep saying “Congratulations!”
  • How many times should I be saying “Congratulations! Congratulations! Congratulations!” to you?
  • I think I am committing a grave sin since I feel so proud for you in my heart right now.
  • It is my great pleasure knowing that good things like this happen to a good person like you.
  • I think you are pretty great– so great I might make “pretty” a superlative.
  • Well , what did you expect? Great things do really come from great people.
  • Ever since your achievement,  I have been thinking of a perfect word that starts with “C” and ends in “ongratulations.”
  • Sure, I admire and love your achievements but I admire and love more the person who accomplished it.
  • I have been meaning to say “congratulations” for the longest time now– thank you for giving me the perfect reason!
  • You know, for a moment, I was not surprised that you were able to make it through.
  • I am excited for all the great things that will come soon in your life!
  • I just thought you couldn’t impress me anymore but what you did has rendered me speechless and I have nothing left but only respect for you.
  • I sincerely am looking forward to seeing all of the blessings that will come to you in the near future.
  • You know what? You simply deserve all of the good things that you receive in your life.
  • Finally, I have something to celebrate and a valid reason to chug a beer!
  • We all know that life is an adventure but guess what? You are the one driving the car!
  • I have enough of the multitude of reasons why I should be impressed with you.

Congratulating Someone for Having a Baby

Getting a new baby is an achievement to couples. Express your happiness with the help of these messages:

  • I am so happy to be able to witness your family growing!
  • Congratulations on your little (literally) miracle!
  • We are looking forward to all of the new experiences you are going  to have!
  • We pray for your successful delivery.
  • We’re so excited to meet the newest member of the family soon!
  • Since babies are a great gift, it also means it comes with a great responsibility. Do not hesitate to ask help from me!

Congratulating Someone for Graduating

Graduating may have been one of the best feelings we have ever had in our lives. Know someone who is graduating? Congratulate them with the use of these messages:

  • You are now at the starting line of new opportunities!
  • Always continue to grow and learn– education does not stop during your graduation day.
  • Graduations are like ceremonies that welcome you to the next phase of your life.
  • If college was difficult to bear, welcome to the real-world where the difficulty of living will increase ten times greater! Congratulations on graduating anyway.
  • You did it!
  • We sincerely pray that good things will come from your new degree.
  • Since you have made it through college, you are now ready to take on the real and corporate world! Sort of.

Congratulating Someone for Getting a New Job

We all know the feeling of getting hired at the job that we have been dreaming on about for so many years. Make use of these congratulatory messages if you know someone who got recently hired!

  • May this new venture of yours be a doorway of more blessings that are coming for you soon!
  • Congratulations on getting a job!
  • I always knew that you are an achiever and getting this new job might is just natural for you!
  • I sincerely wish you get to have a great start to your new job.
  • I am so happy to hear that your talents and skills have been recognized by your dream company! They are too lucky to have you.

Congratulating Someone for Retiring

Do you have any idea that retiring is actually one of the things that people are dreaming about? Know someone who is about to retire soon? Congratulate them with the help of these messages:

  • You can now finally sit back and relax forever now. Congratulations on your retirement!
  • You have done a very great job now it’s time for you to rest, have some fun, and reap the fruits of your literal labor!
  • As you move on from  the corporate world, we wish you the best in all your other pursuits.

Congratulating Someone for Getting Married

Weddings are a time when we would give advice to a would-be married couple, as well as wishing them a good life together. You can even make funny statements about how marriage could change people. Make use of these following wedding messages should you know someone who is getting married soon.

  • This is just the start of something great– great adventures, great memories, and, of course, great responsibilities.
  • I knew you guys were made for each other from the start.
  • You are so blessed to have each other and I am also blessed that I will be able to witness you guys marrying!
  • Keep in mind that when times gets tough and your relationship gets rocky, remember that the person you are going to spend the rest of your lifetime with is a priceless gem that you should never give up on.
  • You are the epitome that two beautiful people could become even more beautiful as a couple.
We hope that these congratulations greeting card examples have been amazing and that you might actually use one of these to wish congratulate someone on achieving his or her goals.


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