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Know someone who deserves your congratulations but hasn’t thought of any gift to give?

Worry no more! Congratulations greeting cards serve its purpose of letting that someone know you appreciate his or her efforts and you give your full support to him or her. Truly, a simple greeting card speaks a thousand words that your mouth cannot utter for there are things that cannot be expressed through words, but through actions. You may also like the thank you greeting cards.

You might think, “On what instances will I give congratulations greeting cards?” There are a lot, of course! There are tons of reasons for congratulating someone. The most common is that when someone achieves a milestone in his or her life. Normally, especially with our family, friends, and loved ones, we want to show them that we care and we are minding the endeavors in their lives. We want them to know that whatever they are doing, we are in full support to that and we are always on their backs no matter what. You can also see the romantic greeting cards.

In this regard, we want them to feel that we are proud whenever they achieved something or when they acquire something new. And, giving congratulations greeting card is one of the ways to show them those. You may also see the holiday greeting cards.

To help you with the design of these cards, we offer you the below examples of congratulations greeting card. You can find a variety of designs which assuredly can satisfy your taste for greeting cards. Or, you can get the idea in making greeting card through our examples and make your own congratulations greeting card. You may also like the birthday greeting cards.

Advantages of Personalized Congratulations Greeting Cards

Below are the advantages of sending personalized congratulations greeting cards. These are just some of the important advantages to taking note so you understand the significance of a personalized one over those that are not. Also, when you gain a knowledge about this, you will certainly take time to make a greeting card, but it is understandable if you will choose the easy and common ways to send cards when your schedule is so hectic and you’re busy enough to make one. You can also like the graduation greeting cards.

1. Freedom of Expression

One of the greatest advantages of the personalized greeting card is that you have all the freedom to design the card in a way that you want it to be. You can show your creative side and unleash your emotions through the card that you are making. You can pour out all your images in the paper and make it something more than a work of art. From the front cover to the inside message, and to the back cover of the card, you have all the liberty on what to design and what to write.

You can choose your or the recipient’s favorite color, you can choose the font style and font size, you can include clip arts if you want, and you can even include a photo of the recipient—really everything that’s even beyond your imagination. No one will ever stop you from doing it and no one can say what is right and what is wrong with making your card. Truly, you have all the freedom to express anything inside and outside of your card. You may also like Christmas greeting cards.

2. It Shows Appreciation

Not only the freedom to express anything, in your personalized greeting card, you can confidently and unhesitatingly show appreciation to the one you are congratulating. Recipients can feel the personalized touch and the warm appreciation through your card. It shows that you are complimenting the effort one has done or a new achievement he has accomplished or simply a new milestone in his life and you are more than happy for him. It also shows that you are there supporting the events in his life no matter what it is—may it be a small achievement or a big one and that, for you, it doesn’t matter how great it may be as long as you are always there not only during his winning times but also during his tough times.

You might not know your appreciation can help the recipient a lot in boosting his self-esteem or self-confidence or help him in a way that you supporting the changes that come into his life and his way of acceptance to those changes. You may also like the watercolor greeting cards.

3. It Keeps People Connected

Amazingly, congratulations greeting card’s purpose does not only limit to congratulating the recipient, although that is its main purpose. It also extends to connecting the recipient and the sender. You can appreciate the significance of its job in connecting people when you know how it feels to have no communication with someone who was once very close to you. Congratulations greeting cards, if you are constantly sending or exchanging cards just to keep each other updated, will surely serve its purpose of holding the ties that bond the both of you. What about using social media sites and other internet and digital trends nowadays?

Yes, it’s true that you can use them to chat or text the person you are congratulating, but there is a special touch when you send a tangible, non-programmed, or non-scheduled-to-send card. You can see the effort of the sender, especially when the card is personalized, in giving you a tangible card in which the receiver can preserve and can always check them and touch them anytime. There is no greater joy in receiving such a card for you know you are given the priority and time and that you mean a lot and you’re significant. You may also like the Photo thank you cards.

Examples of Congratulations Greeting Cards

To help you decide on the design of the greeting card you are giving or to give you ideas of the trending greeting cards, here are a some of the superb congratulations greeting cards. There are a variety of cards to choose from. From congratulating someone for his or her engagement or wedding to congratulating someone for his graduation up to congratulating someone who passed board exam—just any reason to congratulate someone—we are providing different kinds of congratulations greeting cards and they are as follows. You may also like the birthday card designs.

Handmade Graduation Congratulations Card in a Box

Well Done You Congratulations Card

Floral Congratulations Card

Big Congrats Congratulations Card

PhD Graduate Congratulations Card

Smarty Pants Congratulations Card

Pastel Congratulations Card

Funny Congratulations Card

Hand Illustrated Floral Congrats Card Set of 8 with Hand Lettered Calligraphy

Congratulation Baby Birth Card

Congratulations On Your New Boobs Card

Funny Congratulations Cat Card

Eagle Scout Congratulations Card

New Baby Congratulations Card

Reasons to Send Someone a Congratulations Greeting Card

There are a lot of reasons why you send someone a congratulations greeting cards. But, whatever the reason may be, remember that it really means a lot when someone will give you a card. Not only the receiver but also the sender will receive appreciation and commendation for giving such. To give you some of the reasons to congratulate, below is a list of the events that can happen in a person’s life where you will be needing congratulations greeting cards. You may also like the business card designs.

1. Promotion

This is one of the events that commonly happen in a worker’s life. Although some may not treat this is a big change in his or her life, some may take this as a great leap to the next step in the hierarchy of position in an organization. This can also mean an increase in salary and rank but can also mean an increase in responsibility and obligation. It is really true that “with great power comes great responsibility” for in an organization if you are holding a great power, a high rank, you are expected to allow time in monitoring people more than the time spent when you are still in the rank and file position. Not only that, it is also expected that you have a lot more obligations and duties and responsibilities. So, when you know someone who got promoted, you can include in your congratulations card these things to keep him reminded of the responsibilities of his newly acquired or attained the position. You may also like the thank-you card designs.

2. Got Engaged

Another reason to send someone a congratulations card is when someone got engaged. Being engaged means that you are in the preparation stage in taking a leap to the next stage of your life, which is the married life. You can include in your congratulations card your wishes for the bride- or groom-to-be. You can also include reminders for the preparation as well as how happy you are as a friend or relative and that you are supporting him or her all the way to the altar. As a recipient, it is good to have someone remind you of these things before marrying someone to keep the fire of your motivations burning because for sure you are already being preoccupied with the things you need to prepare on your wedding. You may also like the examples of name cards.

3. Wedding

A mostly once-in-a-lifetime event that has a great impact on a person’s life. Marriage is the transitional stage from being single to having someone who is your life partner and who is with you in every decision, through ups and downs, through every circumstance you are facing. And deciding to get married is a tough decision to make in the first place. Thus, congratulating someone for getting married is just fitting. In that way, the couple will also be reminded that you are there for them and you support their decision in marrying and that you are a loyal friend or relative. No matter how simple your card may be as long as for you it is the best that you can offer and that you are already expressing yourself through that card, it doesn’t matter anymore. What matters most is your effort and time spent and your heart in giving that card. You may also like the thank you card samples.

4. Graduation

We encounter a lot of graduation ceremonies in our lives from our preschool years up to masters and doctorate degrees. Graduation is a moment of appreciating your hard works in that sleepless night. It is also appreciating and complimenting someone for passing all challenges in school. Although graduation is not the end to these challenges, rather it is a beginning and a door to many more challenges, those challenges that one had surpassed is enough reason to congratulate him or her. We all know that a student life is never easy. Life, in general, is not easy at all. But, through graduation, it is like recognizing the things you’ve done and the effort you put through those things to make it done. To extend your appreciation, congratulations greeting card can express it on your behalf. You may also like the menu card samples.

5. New Home

We all know that having a home on your own is not easy especially these days that the prices in the market are getting higher and higher. So, when you know someone who is transferring to his or her new home, you must congratulate him or her for that. Although it is not necessarily a newly built house, we all know the efforts that someone must put through to acquire such house. In your congratulations card, you can tell the recipient how happy you are with him or her and that you are wishing him or her good luck in his or her new home. You may also like the DIY thank you cards.

6. New Baby

The family might be very glad the moment they knew that a new family member is about to be with them. So, to express your happiness for them, congratulations greeting card will surely work. You can tell them how glad you are knowing that there will be an additional member of their family. Most people will really celebrate this event because they know how precious life is. For others, nothing can compare to the great news of having a baby especially when they have been trying to have one for a couple of years now. It is like finally their prayers have been answered. You may also like the Wedding card designs.

7. Anniversary

There are a lot of anniversaries that you must congratulate—anniversary in work, anniversary in a romantic relationship, and other weird anniversaries that may be beyond your thinking such as anniversary in adopting a pet, anniversary in transferring a house, and anniversary in buying a car. When someone is celebrating an anniversary, that only means that the event he or she is celebrating is precious enough to be forgotten and that he or she is treasuring and commemorating those memories. So, to congratulate him or her in achieving a year after, you can give him a congratulations card. You may also like the catering business cards.

8. Retirement

Retirement reminds you that you are working enough in your life. Retirement also is your permanent break from work. It is fitting and proper that you congratulate someone who is retiring for that only means that he or she is being freed from doing work and must start enjoying life beyond the doors of the offices and to the outside world. However, there is also what they call semi-retirement or partially retiring from work. It not a bad thing to also congratulate them since they are also partially being liberated from work. You may also like the business card samples.

Other Ways to Say Congratulations

The following words may differ in their spelling but all of them mean the same thing—congratulations! If you already had enough and are bored listening to the word “congratulations” over and over again, there are other ways to say them. You may also like the graduation thank-you cards.

1. Mazel Tov!

This word comes from the Hebrew term literally meaning “good luck.” This expression of congratulations has commonly used in events and it is not inappropriate to shout them during those events when you want to congratulate or just wish them good luck. However, there are also superstitions that you must not say this to a pregnant as something might happen to the baby. But, whatever your beliefs are, there is no harm in not saying those to a pregnant woman. Or, you can just say congratulations instead. You may also like the business thank you cards.

2. Kudos!

Kudos comes from the Greek word “kydos,” meaning “praise or renown.” You might think that kudos is in its plural form. Yet, don’t be deceived. Kudos is, in fact, a singular noun. This refers to praising someone for an exceptional achievement done. Thus, it is the same way as saying “congratulations.” You may also like the luxury business card designs.

3. Hip, Hip, Hurrah!

Hurrah may also be spelled as hooray, hoorah, or hurray. This is sort of cheering or praising or congratulating someone for a work done well. This can also serve as an interjection in a call and response initiated by a certain person. It has been found out that the word “hip” way back the 1800s which literally has no significant meaning and so as the word “hooray.” These words were just used to call someone’s attention. But, as of today, they generally mean congratulations or any praising to someone for achieving something. You may also like the marketing business cards.

4. Felicitations!

Similar to the above terms, felicitations generally mean congratulations or good wishes. It is an expression used to wish someone happiness and a form of support you are giving to someone. It is also expressing an acknowledgment for the achievement or good fortune of someone. You may also like the examples of postcard designs.

5. Cheers!

This word originally comes from the Greek word “kara,” meaning “head.” We often hear this word in a form of toast when having a drink at an event or occasion. “Three cheers” can also be used similarly. When an event is celebrated for a certain person, the word “cheers” will be followed by the name of the person who is celebrating an achievement or milestone in his or her life. That person will also respond to that by saying the same word which can mean “thanks.” Cheers have been used all around the world today especially when having a toast of drink. You may also see best business cards.

6. Hats Off!

While this expression is commonly used during graduation when the graduates would toss their hats off the air as a tradition, its history can also be traced back centuries ago when a gentleman will lift off his hat whenever he asks something as a way of saying “excuse me.” It is also used for showing your admiration to someone for the impressive things that they have done, literally meaning, “congratulations.” You may also see the fashion business cards.

However, whatever forms or words or phrases you are using to congratulate a person, it is important that you tell them those words with heart and sincerity if you are full of words but the words are without value, then the words will not mean anything at all. So, better organize your words in a manner that it is straight to the point and, most importantly, with sincerity. You may also like the business card templates.

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