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In every event, a simple ticket is necessary not only for the guests to have an entry pass to the event but also for the organizers to account for all the tickets that they release.

Organizers must keep track of the sales for their event, and the ticket is a way of assessing and recording the sales for the event. Other types of ticket such as transportation and movie ticket serve the same purpose: for the customer to have a pass and for the seller to verify the entry of a certain person who present the general ticket and to account for the sales.

A ticket may be something small, but it can provide a great impact especially to the financial assessment and records for a certain entity.

If you are to create your own ticket design, below are several examples of elegant ticket designs that you must not miss.

Elegant Event Ticket Template

elegant event ticket template

Live Event Ticket Template

live event ticket template

Football Tournament Ticket Template

football tournament ticket template

Music Concert Event Ticket Template

music concert event ticket template

Top Tips and Tactics in Increasing Your Ticket Sales

A lot of planning and marketing is needed in order to increase the sales of your ticket. When you are organizing an event and you want to boost your sales, you must plan ahead on the strategies and tactics that you must be implementing especially in your marketing.

You must market your event well through your tickets, and work hard to sell as many tickets as you can and make the event successful. As the popular notion states, success does not come overnight. You must work for long hours and over the weekend, if you must, especially when the date of the event is fast approaching. You may also see event ticket examples.

In order to help you increase your sales and enhance your tactics in selling, here are the top tips that you must know:

1. Set the Right Price for Your Ticket

The first thing that you must work on is the price of your ticket. You must establish the right price for your ticket, taking into consideration all your expenses related to the event. But how can you determine if your price is right? To set a minimum price for your ticket, you must compute it by dividing the total event costs by the expected number of attendees. You may also like concert ticket examples.

Note that this is the break-even price where there is no gain or loss. Also note that the expected number of attendees must be estimated based on your survey or the number of interested people on your posts or the number of votes or clicks. This all depends on what your strategies are in order to come up with the expected number of participants. You may also check out invitation ticket examples.

In order to arrive at the right amount of your ticket, add the amount of revenue that you would want to your break-even price. Setting a high price for your ticket might result in nobody buying your ticket. On the other hand, setting it too low would lead to loss because you’re not able to cover the costs in organizing the event. You might be interested in summer party ticket designs & examples.

2. Consider Tiered Pricing

Once you have determined the standard price of your ticket as computed above, you must try tiered pricing by offering a range of differently priced ticket with different privileges.

For example, the range of tiers may be general admission, VIP, and SVIP, where the SVIP buyers will have the privilege of choosing his or her own seat or get the chance to have a picture-taking with the performers. Be creative in creating a privilege or bonus depending on your event. You may also see event show time ticket examples.

3. Beware and Take Action of the Sales Peaks

Studies show that there is a pattern in the sales peak of your ticket: when the tickets first go on sale, a bunch of people will be attracted and immediately purchase the ticket.

A few days later, only a few people would but your ticket. And, just two weeks before your event starts, the ticket sales would start to increase again. Knowing these pattern, you must do something in those days that you believe you have less ticket sales. You can do so by offering early bird ticket or by giving special giveaways and promotions. You may also like wedding invitation ticket examples.

Rugby Game Ticket Template

rugby game ticket template

Sports Ticket Invitation Template

sports ticket invitation template

Dinner Ticket Template

dinner ticket template

Free Movie Admission Ticket Template

free movie admission ticket template

4. Discount Smartly

Another tactic that you can use apart from tiered pricing and time-based offers is the smart discounts. You can offer this by encouraging attendees to invite friends for a certain percent discount.

You can also offer this to forum or community members if you believe that they are likely to be interested in events like yours. Lastly, you can offer location-based discounts to people who are living far away from your event location to encourage them to travel and take part on your event. You may also check out Halloween party retro ticket examples.

5. Create an Event Page

Usually, when people are creating an event, an event page must also be created in order for the people to post some queries regarding the events. They can also share their ideas or plan their participation on your event.

In your event page, it must answer the questions where, when, what, who, and other questions regarding the event. It must also outline the basic details of the event, it must contain a catchy image, video clip, and tagline, it must have a contact number, it must contain a call to action, and lastly and most especially, it must be easy to share. You might be interested in plane boarding ticket examples.

6. Use Your Main Website for Promotion

While there are a lot of websites, social media, and marketing channels that are available for you in promoting your event, it is is best to start promoting your event through your main website. If you are posting your event in another site, you may include a link to your event. You can also encourage people to buy their tickets directly from your site.

7. Consider Ticketing Sites

While you are offering tickets in your site, you must also find other sites that can be used in disseminating tickets. These sites will allow you to sell tickets as well as handle all the payment administration on your behalf.

Of course, they require a certain percentage as fee for the service that they provide. You can rely on these ticketing sites since many people have already become their loyal customers and people will usually search these sites for some tickets or discover new events. You may also see birthday invitation ticket designs & examples.

Elegant Wooden Ticket Example


Elegant Black Stag and Doe Ticket Example

24 1024x731

Elegant Wedding Invitation Ticket Example

35 1024x681

Elegant Multipurpose Event Ticket Example


Elegant Anniversary Gala Ticket Publisher Template Example

elegant anniversary gala ticket publisher template example

8. Jump into Forums

There are a lot of forums or community on the Web that discusses almost any topic imaginable. You can search for those forums that are related to your event and participate on their discussion. When people are talking about subjects that are relevant to your event, this is the best chance to jump into the discussion and pitch your event. You may also answer their questions or give useful tips and suggest your event in the process. You may also like music event ticket designs & examples.

9. Branch Out to a New Audience

You may also try tapping out into separate audience as your event might be an alternative way to address a need this audience already has.

For example, if you know a community who loves to dance while exercising such as a Zumba class, you can introduce your disco yoga class for this is somehow related to their community. You must note that there must be a high degree of overlap between the interests of the community and your event. You may also check out voucher designs and examples.

10. Look for Partners and Sponsors

When you are organizing an event, you must remember that you cannot do it alone. You cannot be a one-person army trying to boost the sales of your ticket. You really need sponsors and partners who are willing to take part of your event. Find those partners who are not only willing to cover some of your expenses but also willing to promote your event and help you sell more tickets in return for an exposure. You might be interested in receipt voucher examples.

11. Involve Your Attendees

It is said the biggest impact on people’s decision to attend an event is through word-of-mouth recommendations.

Grab this opportunity by involving your attendees to take part in your marketing. You can give group discounts where an attendee who can bring three friends can have a certain percentage discounts. You may also set up a reward system where attendees must collect point for sharing the event or getting friends to sign up. You may also see shopping voucher designs & examples.

Elegant Event Ticket Example

elegant event ticket example

Elegant Christmas Event Ticket Example


Elegant Black and White Drink Tickets Design Example

elegant black and white drink tickets design example

Elegant and Stylish Retro Ticket Design

elegant and stylish retro ticket design

Elegant Carbon Event Ticket Design Example

elegant carbon event ticket design example

12. Involve Your Speakers and Performers

Apart from your attendees, you must also involve your speakers and performers as they, too, would want that more people will be coming to the event and more people will buy the tickets for the event. More often the performers have already established their names and gained fans around the area or all over the country. When they help promote your event, their fans would surely support them by coming to the event. You may also like food voucher examples.

13. Focus on Your Most Successful Channel

While there are a lot of channels that you can use for your marketing, you must know what channel has a great impact to your sales. If you think that a certain website of yours is performing well and gathering more audience than the other channels, consider putting an extra effort to boost your marketing in that certain website. You may also check out prize voucher designs and examples.

Focus more on this site as this can surely increase your sales. You may refer to your previous events for the impact of your audience. If this is your first time organizing an event, you may start with channels where you have your biggest following. You might be interested in payment voucher designs and examples.

14. Post a Video Teaser

Another marketing strategy that you can use is to post a video teaser where you can post the small details of your event, the intended audience, a short introduction of your speakers or performers, and answers to the common questions that you have encountered about the event.

15. Hold a Pre-event Event

Of course, people would like to have a glimpse of your event prior to that day, you may hold a pre-event event, which can just be an online question-and-answer portion by some performers of your event.

16. Plan for Walk-In Customers

During the event, you must also offer tickets on site for some walk-in customers so that so can still have sales on the day of the event. Note that there are still many people who have not yet purchased your ticket prior to your event because of their hectic schedule. You may also see expense voucher examples.

Elegant Church Anniversary Banquet Ticket Example

elegant church anniversary banquet ticket example

Elegant Stylish Ticket Template Example

125 1024x680

Elegant Event Ticket Bundle Example

elegant event ticket bundle example

Gold and Black Movie Ticket Invitation Design

gold and black movie ticket invitation design

Elegant Creative Event Ticket Design Example

elegant creative event ticket design example

Mop Up

A ticket is useful for the customers so that they have something to present once they enter a certain event or even in riding a transportation or in entering the cinema. Tickets are also useful for the organizers or owners of those tickets as the tickets can be used to assess the number of people joining the event or the amount of the sales that they receive from the event. You may also like gift coupon samples.

Marketing your ticket might be challenging, but through the tips and tactics presented above, you can surely have a kick start on your plans on what to do to increase your ticket sales.

You must set the right price for your ticket, consider tiered pricing, beware and take action on the sales peaks, discount smartly, create an event page, use your main website for promotion, consider ticketing sites, jump into forums, branch out to a new audience, look for partners and sponsors, involve your attendees, involve your speakers and performers, focus on your most successful channel, post a video teaser, hold a pre-event event, and plan for walk-in customers. You may also check out business voucher examples.

Consider doing the tips mentioned above and surely you will get to experience an increase in your ticket sales. And for your ticket designs, scroll back to the previous chapter for some elegant ticket designs and examples.

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