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Christmas is many things to people. Aside from being the annual celebration of the Savior’s birth, it has also become an excuse, and a really good one at that, to be reunited with friends and family members you don’t see very often. It is the time when people really try to find a way to escape work or school just to spend time with the important people in their lives during this joyous occasion. You may also see Chinese food menu designs & examples.

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The Holidays is also an opportunity to feast! “Feast” translation: seriously overeat. Christmas is highly distinguished as that one holiday with SO. MUCH. FOOD. People go out of their way to prepare different recipes for their families who are joined by this celebration, which only makes Christmas food extra special. You may also like restaurant menu designs & examples.

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Festive Holiday Decorations Menu Example

Pine Cone Holiday Menu Example

Christmas is also teeming with parties. Family gatherings, work parties, a celebration with friends, whatever you call it, people just seem to be filled with an overwhelming need to get together. Aside from the gifts and the Christmas bonus, food is one of the most anticipated things about Christmas. Admit it, you’re waiting all year for your favorite gingerbread that mom only seems to make on this particular holiday. You may also see cafe menu designs.

Nothing makes any party extra special than a well-thought and well-prepared buffet and if, like most people, you are also planning on hosting a party this year, let this article give you a few valuable tidbits on what to prepare for your very own Christmas party to make it extra special!

Holiday Chalkboard Barbecue Menu Example

Reindeer Gold Holiday Menu Example

Cute Wreath Christmas Lunch Example

Tips Before Planning Your Holiday Menu

We all know that planning a party menu can be quite difficult. Which is why, to make your burden a little lighter, there are a few things you need to lay down before you start with the general planning. These things include:

1. The Number Of People You Want To Feed.

This is one of the most difficult questions that you’re going to have to answer when it comes to cooking for a party because you have to make sure that what you have prepared is enough. You don’t want any of your guests to go home from your party starving, right? So count your expected number of people plus a little extra just in case. You’ll never know if you’ll have any party crashers and you can’t kick them out since it’s Christmas. You may also see dinner menu samples.

2. The Food Menu That You Are Going For.

Well, since it’s Christmas, you already have a theme going for your party. But that doesn’t mean you can’t improvise. Pick the party atmosphere you want best and put together your menu according that. Say you want a more laid back, more casual party then organize a Holiday Barbecue. You may also like menu card samples.

Or if you want your guests to get all dressed up and pretty for your party, organize a Masquerade. Or to truly get that Christmas feel, put up a Winter Wonderland themed-party and serve all sorts of crispy, funky food and drinks and tell your guests to come to the party in coats and scarves and mittens; the whole package!

3. The List.

The List is your absolute best friend in one of the most hectic week of your life. Between Christmas shopping, family gatherings, parties with friends, you just don’t seem to have enough time in your 24 hours to simpliy plan a party on top of it all. Which is why you need THE LIST to help you lay down everything you need. This list will help you get a picture of HOW MUCH you still have to do in order for you to better organize your time. Put all the food shopping you needed done and when you need to do it.

The ingredients, the preparations, the cooking. Keep track of it all by creating a list.

Simple Red Blue Christmas Menu Example

New Reindeer Holiday Menu Example


The main event of the evening: The simple menu. Now, an important thing to remember about parties, particularly during Holidays, is that NO ONE will care so much about your decorations, your party theme, your venue, or your number of guests because they have come to your party for you. And for your food. But most importantly for your food. Remember, Christmas is made extra special because everybody makes an effort to see each other.

And you don’t want to waste such a big day by preparing crappy food, right? So here are a few food menu tips to not waste everybody’s day:

You Can Never Go Wrong With The Classics.

One of the great things about sticking with traditional Christmas food is that there’s an 80% chance that your guests already love it. Which means you can never go wrong with it! Instead of exhausting yourself from preparing complicated recipes with expensive ingredients, try going for the familiar, the Christmas childhood favorite. Especially if you’re planning an intimate party, preparing simple, traditional Christmas food is the way to go. Here are a few food examples:

1. Roasted Turkey.

This dish is still undefeated when it comes to choosing the main centerpiece for your party. What’s a Christmas table without this, right? You may also see barbecue menu examples.

2. Brussels Sprouts. 

Give that main event a little side dish with roasted brussels sprouts. Or you can also have potatoes or carrots depending on your preference.

3. Christmas Pudding.

You cannot go more traditional than this recipe. It’s composed mainly of dried fruits held together by egg and suet and flavored by cinnamon and other spices. It’s like Christmas on a plate! Your ancestors may also have unique pudding recipes handed down from generation to generation so make sure to check out grandma’s old cookbook. You may also like examples of lunch menu designs.

4. Fruity Trifle.

These layers of custard and cream, jelly and sponge is a Christmas favorite like no other! Nothing says Christmas than a flavorful dessert after all, and this one will do the job for you!

5. Mince Pie.

For guests who want to avoid the more heavy food recipes, this is a perfect alternative for them. Let them nibble their way through your party with this dessert.

6. Christmas Casseroles.

Some people consider casseroles a perfect recipe all year round. Nothing feeds a hungry multitude better than a hearty serve of casserole, after all. This is also considered one of the most-loved Christmas dish. But, instead of going with the traditional recipe, try experimenting a little to add more flavor to this classic. You may also check out takeaway menu designs and examples.

7. Mashed Potatoes.

You already know why this is on the list. NOW PUT IT ON YOUR TABLE.

8. Meat Balls.

This dish has classic written all over it. It’s a perfect appetizer or main dish! It’s delicious, it’s easy to make, and it’s Christmas-sy!

9. Pecan Pie.

Another popular, well-beloved dessert your Christmas party just can’t NOT have.

10. Pumpkin-Butterscotch Gingerbread Pie.

There’s more to pumpkins than pies and there’s more to gingerbread than cookies! This dish is a combination of two classic favorites. A sumptuous, not to mention elegant, dessert that will make your guests question their food choices. You might be interested in coffee menu examples.

Coffee Christmas Cup Menu Example

Red Chalkboard Christmas Menu Example

Christmas Class

Since Christmas only happens once a year, maybe you would want to get all out with your party. If so, then classics just won’t do for you. This menu offers guaranteed sophisticated and chic food ideas to bring out that Christmas class you’re looking for. You may also see pasta menu designs and examples.

1. Rib Roast and Yorkshire Pudding.

This duo is one of the few dishes that can make an entire food table look even more delicious. That prime medium-rare roast and this delicious side dish baked to a grand perfection, you’ve never met a more perfect couple.

2. Shrimp Scampi.

This dish is so easy to make. Plus it will make the most chic appetizer ever! Also considered a gastronomic delight, this dish will make your appetizers even more appetizing.

3. Christmas Ham In Puffy Pastry.

This recipe is a better version of the classic glazed ham. That flaky pastry and salty ham plus the sweet sauce to top it off, it’s a festive day for your taste buds! You may also like pizza menu samples and examples.

4. Prime Rib. 

Simply putting this on your buffet table will make your entire food ensemble extra mouthwatering. Add in a little more thyme and red wine sauce for aroma and your guests will go crazy!

5. Creamed Spinach.

Spinach does not exactly give you that Christmas vibe but with creamy sauce and a pinch of nutmeg for good measure? This is the new thing! You can serve it as a side dish or as an appetizer. You may also check out salad menu samples.

6. Berry Meringue Wreath.

A playful combination of different textures, this is a delight in your mouth! That is, if you finally get the courage to grab a slice of it SINCE IT’S TOO PRETTY TO EAT.

7. Buche de Noel.

Leave it up to the French to create delicious recipes with awe-inspiring plating! Sponge cake rolled in coffee and brandy-flavored cream then decorated with berries and pine cones, suffice to say, we have a new star!

8. Hot Cocoa.

It’s simple, Christmas-sy, chocolate-y and warm. Everything you would want on your table in one cup!

9. Vegetable Tarte Tatin.

This dessert is a little out of the ordinary and will give your party table a unique, tasty look!

10. Strawberry Santa.

This is one of the cutest dish ever invented and it’s so easy to make. Just add cream on the cut off part of the strawberry and use the strawberry tip as Santa’s hat! Show your guests your artistic side by serving these cute, sweet stuff on your party. You might be interested in psd menu samples.

Christmas Chalkboard Cute Menu Example

Special Christmas Festive Menu Example


People always tend to do their best in preparing food for the Christmas table especially since the whole family will be sharing it. But the important thing to remember is that you don’t have to be extravagant to make any Christmas celebration special. Just the fact that your whole family will be there already makes the event a little more than the ordinary. You may also see examples of modern menu designs.

People tend to boast about their food or their parties but those things are far from the whole point of Christmas. Make sure that, in the end, we don’t lose sight of its main purpose.

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