15 Sumptuous Seafood Menu Examples

More and more people are appreciating the taste of seafood for these are not only delectably tasty but also very rich in vitamins and minerals. You can select your favorite recipe from printable menu. Despite the scarcity of seafood and, in effect, increased prices, many are still getting hooked in buying seafood especially those that are far from seashore for, understandably, they are the ones that crave seafood that much.

For those that reside near the seashore and seafood harvest areas, seafood might be their ordinary food menu that they look for a novel lunch menu for seafood. That is why we are trying to break the monotonous taste of a typical seafood menu to offer a fresh and new taste of seafood to others.

In this article, we will talk about the benefits of seafood as well as the trend in the seafood business branding industry and the examples of seafood menu that can hopefully meet people’s cravings.

Seafood Overview

Seafood is any form of sea life that is edible. These include fish, shellfish, and sea plants. It has been known that sea mammals such as whales and dolphins have been consumed as food in the past, but nowadays, there are prohibitions as to capturing certain sea creatures for some are already rare and distinct. You can choose special recipes from modern menu.

It has been said that the ideal time of the year to harvest seafood is from months September through April. One reason is that seafood can be kept fresh for a long time because of the cold weather and due to its temperature. However, this advice is only ideal for those times that we are not yet living under the convenience of having refrigerators. But, this is somehow true to shellfish since they tend to spawn in summer months. The effective storage of food ideas will help you lot more in seafood. For fish, the season depends on factors such as weather conditions and, undeniably, the phases of the moon.

Now that we somehow had an overview about seafood, the next discussion will be about the benefits that one can acquire from eating seafood.

Nutritional Value of Seafood

  • Calories. Seafood are considered to be low-calorie food inventory which may be quantified in the range from 100 to 200 calories per serving.
  • Protein. In contrary to calories, seafood are rich in protein. They are complete protein sources as they provide about 30% to 40% of the average daily recommended amount of protein.
  • Fats. In general, seafood are low in total fat and saturated fat and contain approximately 5% to 15%.
  • Cholesterol. Most of the seafood contain a cholesterol amount of 60 mg to 100 mg per 3-ounce cooked serving. Know that this is so much lower than the suggested cholesterol limit per day which is 300 mg. You can also follow food chart to know more about nutrition values
  • Vitamins and Minerals. Commonly, seafood contain vitamin A and vitamin D. In addition, they are also a natural source of B-complex vitamins and minerals such as selenium, an antioxidant that protects cells from being damaged, zinc, an important mineral for cell growth and immune system health, iodine, helpful in maintaining thyroid gland functions, and iron, important for the production of red blood cells.

Benefits of Seafood

Commonly, people know that seafood is healthy to eat and are rich in nutrients. But what in particular can we obtain from eating seafood? And what good can seafood bring to our health assessment? Listed below are the benefits that we can get from seafood.

Promote Healthy Heart

As seafood’s greatest health cost benefits analysis are in their omega-3 acids, they are proven to promote a healthy heart by lowering the risks of cardiovascular diseases. They also help protect heart attack and sudden death, decrease the risk of heart arrhythmias, increase good cholesterol, and improves blood circulation.

Contribute in the Development of the Brain and Boosts Brainpower

Seafood is important especially in infants as they contribute to the infant’s neurological development. Studies have shown that omega-3 acids help promote brain growth in infants and that most children consuming seafood have a higher brainpower. Moreover, studies on medical chart also have shown that consuming seafood reduces the risk of neurodegenerative conditions such as the Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

Helps Maintaining Good Eyesight

According to some studies, seafood contributes to vision development plan and nerve growth in the retina. Studies also noted that seafood reduces the risk of suffering from age-related macular degeneration. Additionally and amazingly, they are said to boost your night vision and keep the eyes bright and healthy.

Helps Build Muscles

Because seafood especially fish contain large amounts of healthy fat, have a high mineral content, can be easily digested, and are lean, they are important in building muscles in our body.

Ways to Cook Seafood

There are so many ways in which you can cook your food, especially with elegance and class. Additional decoration and food plating can help in the visual presentation of your seafood. Here are popular ways on how to cook seafood. You can also design your food brochures.

  • Grilled. Grilling means frying or toasting your seafood on a griddle or grate. For firm-fleshed fish such as salmon and tuna steaks, the fish is first brushed with vegetable oil and seasoned with salt.
  • Sautéed. Seafood is fried in a small amount of fat like butter and oil.
  • Broiled. When broiling your seafood, for example, fish, the fish is first drizzled with olive oil or butter and then seasoned with salt and pepper.
  • Fried. Just like ordinary frying, you can fry seafood in a pan. For example, in frying shrimp and squid, drain them, dredge in flour, and fry them in a peanut or grape-seed oil.
  • Baked. In baking your seafood, it is better if it is first drizzled with wine or you can select from wine menu, butter, and lemon juice, sprinkled with seasoning and garlic and seasoned to taste with salt and pepper before baking it in the oven.
  • Steamed. Let’s take fish, shrimp, clams, and mussels as an example of seafood to be steamed. A large skillet must be filled with water. Then, place the steamer baskets containing the seafood separated into different skillets, one on top of the other. Usually, the mussels will be cooked first. Steamed seafood is best served in bamboo steamers. You can also see fast food branding.

Seafood Menu Examples

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Top 5 Seafood Trends

A countless number of people loved seafood so much that they are willing to spend a huge amount of money order to have them. Seafood, too, just like your fashion style, have a trend in the seafood industry. Whether your place abounds with seafood or not, you should never miss these seafood marketing trends that became popular these days. Here are five of the top trending lists in the seafood industry.

Open Your Mind to a New Recipe

Though seafood is not new to the ocean, people seek something new from old, that is, having a new menu from old ingredients, and having novel ideas about seafood menu is what they are desiring now. Of the numerous exceptional menus in a restaurant, those that are on spotlight are those that are new to the eye and taste buds of the consumers. Customers constantly demand something new in their dishes, and, surely, new faces of seafood menu can somehow satisfy them.

Overnight Shipping

Some people, especially those that live far from coastal areas or seashores, are afraid that they might be consuming seafood that is not anymore fresh, which might not be healthy and safe for them or, worse, might be poisonous. Thus, it became a necessity for many types of food to have overnight shipping to ensure your seafood is still fresh upon arriving at your place. With this, fish by mail became a trend when it comes to seafood.


Aquaculture is the parallel term of agriculture. As agriculture is the practice of cultivating the land, aquaculture is the term for eco-conscious farming of the waters. As more sources of food from the waters are being depleted, people are concerned about the consequences. Thus, they implement a personal plan way to replenish them. Aquaculture’s tenet is that you can catch as much as possible, but just be sure to do your best to replenish what you catch.

Ethnic Flavors on Seafood

People still desire for an ethnic taste to their dishes. Combining ethnic flavors on seafood is a great idea to satiate the people looking for something new to their food. Ethnic flavors are already present in the past and so are seafood, you can also include drinks from drink menu but combining them is something different especially in the seafood marketing proposals.


How can one assure that the seafood he or she is buying is of good quality, fresh, and safe? Branding. Similar to the clothing industry where brands with a high popularity that is proven and tested by experts are being trusted, seafood can also prove its quality through branding. Having a brand name is equivalent to assurance and faith that people entrusted to your company. More people will trust in your company if you have already established a good brand in the market. Also, certification is one of the things to consider in checking out the quality and greatness of seafood.

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