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We always see flyers being handed on the streets, posted on walls, and placed in information desks, or cashiers. Basically, they are everywhere. Even with technology taking over, flyers continues to be one of the most effective market tools you can use for your own business.

With flyers, information about a certain product or service can be quickly disseminated. Because flyers are very convenient and are cost-effective as well, they will continue to be among the top marketing tools for any business.

Listed below are some vintage flyer designs you can purchase and you use for your own business.

Vintage Music Flyer Example

Acoustic Vintage Flyer and Poster Example

The Adicts 1984 Vintage Flyer Example

Vintage Retro Flyer Template Example

Happy Hour Vintage Flyer Example

Sunny Day Real Estate Original Vintage Flyer Example

Vintage Flyer in 3 Color Versions Example

Quick Tips for an Attention-Grabbing Flyer

1. Write a Compelling Headline

The first thing that can attract the attention of the viewer is your headline. Thus, you must do whatever it takes to make it compelling and eye-catching. Use a font that is elegant enough but not too boring nor too stylish. Only add one to two colors since a lot of colors can make it distracting. Make sure that your headline is easy to read and the font is big enough to capture the reader’s attention. You may also see advertising flyers.

2. Utilize Graphic Design

A flyer with pure text is never compelling compared to a flyer with graphic designs. Graphics add another visual layer to your flyers and will be appreciated by anyone who sees or receives it. If you can’t do it on your own, you can always hire a graphic designer or layout artist to work on the designs of your flyer. You may also see marketing flyers.

3. Focus On Your Product/Service

In your flyer design content, state all the advantages of your products and services but never include information that is beyond what your products can do. This will give customers false hope which will cause them to switch to another brand. You may also see event flyers.

4. Include Discounts

Everyone loves sales and discounts. This entails that they are getting the same product for a much lower price. Discounts are among the most popular marketing tools which almost always translate to sales for the company. So if you are offering a discount on a certain product, don’t forget to include to add that discount in your flyer. You may also see invitation flyers.

Vintage Music Flyer Example

1928 Hawthorne Flyer Bicycle Ad 10″ x 7″ Retro Look Metal Sign Example

Rock On! Vintage Poster/Flyer Example

American Vintage Flyer and Poster Example

Vintage 1940 Skull and Keys Society Flyer Example

Nine Vintage Flyer Bundle Example

Vintage Night Party Flyer Example

Quick Tips for an Attention-Grabbing Flyer (continuation)

5. Include Testimonials

One thing you can do is to include testimonials in your flyers as they are proof that costumers are satisfied with your products. Testimonials are proven to be more effective and persuasive in attracting costumers to your business. Just don’t create fake testimonials as your costumers will eventually find out if you are selling low-quality products.

For example, celebrities can attract more attention if they are the ones advertising your product. You can do this for your flyer as well as you can hire a local celebrity. In your flyer, include a picture and the name of the celebrity, as well as the projects he/she is involved in. This will definitely result in more sales for your company as your costumers will purchase your products because the celebrity’s promotion. You may also see photography flyers.

6. Organize Your Content

The content of your flyer must not be cluttered throughout the whole page. Organize them in a grid or bullet form so that the viewers can easily follow through the details of the flyer. Keeping the flyer design organized makes it more appealing and easy to read. Also, make sure that your content is complete and there is a call-to-action (company contact number, address) so that your potential costumer will personally check out your products. You may also see product promotion flyers.

7. Proofread, Double Check, and Triple Check

Lastly, never forget to double check or even triple check the flyers for any grammatical and design errors. These errors will cost your company dearly and cause some long-term financial problems. Additionally, an error-free flyer makes it both visually appealing and legitimate. A company who devotes time in making a flyer and checks the detail down to the last punctuation mark will eventually be rewarded through increased sales and added market visibility. You may also see party flyers.

Wrap Up

Even with the increased use of technology in marketing and advertising, flyers continue to serve as one of the best marketing tools because of its is convenient and price. Thus, many companies today still use flyers as it has proven to be effective time and time again. You may also see travel flyers.

There are numerous factors that you must consider when creating flyers such as: writing a compelling headline, utilizing graphic design, focusing on the advantages of the products or services you are offering, including discounts, incorporating customer testimonials, and proofreading your flyers before printing.

We hope you found this post to be informative and useful especially if you will be purchasing one of the vintage flyer designs above. We also included a guide on how to create your own flyer in case you want to add or edit some visual designs from the flyers you purchased. You may also see flyer designs.

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