17+ Real Estate Catalog Designs & Examples

When one talks about real estate, the very first thing that comes to our mind island. We see real estate businesses everywhere, especially in industrialized areas. However, being involved in real estate is both risky and pricey. Usually, land and other commercial properties being sold every day is a rare occurrence due to very high prices. Individuals would rather spend on food and clothing. Because of this, people in real estate business have a hard time promoting and advertising their products.

But it is not all doom and gloom as there are marketing tools, specifically catalogs, which help real estate businesses in achieving financial success. Catalogs serve as a list of items or products that a certain company is offering which includes a detailed description of each item. The firm can also include perks such as discounts and promos in their catalogs to entice the customers and the prospective customers as well. Through the use of catalogs, clients can browse through the list of products without having the hassle of asking the real estate agent or broker in regards to every detail of the catalog. A well-designed catalog should be good enough to inform and excite the customer. You may also like fashion catalog examples.

Another thing to remember when making a catalog is to include your contact information. This serves as the avenue for your prospects to contact you immediately. Lastly, do not forget to include a call-to-action which pushes the clients to make a move after reading your catalog. Examples of call-to-action phrases include “visit us now!” or “limited slots available, or “make reservations now!”. You may also like restaurant catalog examples.

When you consider designing your own catalog, aside from the information mentioned above, you should also be mindful of the content, specifically the main gist of your catalog. To give you a short overview of real estate, here are the types of real estate that you must know. Moreover, examples of real estate catalog designs are available in the subsequent sections.

Examples of Real Estate Catalog

Looking for a catalog or brochure that would perfectly represent your business? Here are few examples of real estate catalogs you can choose from. They are also very affordable so make your purchase now! You may also like brochure examples in PSD.

Real Estate Catalog/Brochure

Real Estate Brochure

Real Estate Catalog InDesign Template

Types of Real Estate

Listed below are the four basic types of real estate: residential real estate, commercial real estate, industrial estate, and land. You can always include the types in your catalog. The four types of real estate are as follows:

1. Residential Real Estate

As the word suggests, residential real estate are those that are used for residential purposes which includes newly constructed homes or used houses sold at a price. Condominium units, vacation homes, quadplexes, and triple-deckers are also classified as a residential real estate. You may also see travel catalog examples.

2. Commercial Real Estate

These are properties which are used for commercial purposes and are mainly used to generate income. Some examples of commercial real estates include hotels, apartments, malls, offices, hospitals, and schools among others. You may also like PSD marketing brochure examples.

3. Industrial Real Estate

The first thing that you must know about industrial real estate is that they mainly include manufacturing, research and development, and production sites. Industrial real estate properties are not limited to the mentioned examples as any land converted into an industrial site is considered industrial real estate. You may also like product catalog samples.

4. Land

This is a very broad category which includes undeveloped or land which still in the process of development (i.e. subdivisions, farms, ranches. etc.). This also includes land improvement and development in which the said land will eventually be used for residential, cultivation, industrial, and commercial purposes. You may also like real estate brochure designs.

Simple Real Estate Catalog

Real Estate Catalog

Origami Real Estate Travel Catalog

Classic Real Estate Catalog

Minimal Real Estate Brochure

Real Estate Catalog/Brochure-V189

Real Estate Catalog Bundle

Elegant Real Estate Catalogue/Brochure

Refined Real Estate Catalog

Detailed Real Estate Brochure

Editable Real Estate Catalog

Modern Real Estate Brochure Template

Ready-for-Print Real Estate Catalog

Real Estate Catalog Bundle Template

Tri-Fold Real Estate Brochure

Wrap Up

A real estate business is really tough one to market. Businessmen need an effective marketing tool to promote and advertise so that they don’t maximize profit, but also assist in the company’s sustainability. One of the marketing tools that has been proven effective through time is the use of a catalog. Real estate businesses should consider the use of catalogs and include all vital information such as the name of business, location, contact details, real estate listing and its corresponding prices, and call-to-action phrases. You can also specify in your list the type of real estate you are selling such as residential real estate, commercial real estate, industrial estate, and land. You may also see brochure designs & examples.

But just like in all other business establishments, the ultimate goal of a company is to have a branding and marketing strategy to earn not only the trust of the target market but with other stakeholders as well. Through the use of business strategies and promotional tools such as catalogs, higher profitability, and long-term sustainability is not difficult to achieve.

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