15+ Best Real Estate WordPress Examples & Templates [Download Now]

best real estate wordpress examples and templates

If you are looking for the best WordPress themes for real estate websites, this article is for you. The templates outlined in this guide have a few things in common. They are built for WordPress CMS. They are cross-browser compatible. And, they are mobile-friendly.

Best Real Estate WordPress Examples & Templates

1. Real Estate Agent Realtor WordPress Theme/Template

real estate agent realtor wordpress theme template

2. Commercial Real Estate WordPress Template


Use this enterprise website template to create an online presence for your real estate business. With cross-browser compatibility enabled, your visitors can view the site using any desktop browser. And in the age where mobile experience is something that you must keep an eye on, this very theme is mobile friendly. Therefore, it is also suitable for people that love to use their mobile phones for browsing.

3. Simple Real Estate WordPress Theme


Here is a feature-packed WordPress template that you can download and use to create a professional real estate website. Some of the unique features of this theme include homepage properties, listing options, agent cards, and property pages. The template also features unlimited color options, so you can choose a color, or a combination thereof, that best suits your brand. Click the link above to download this theme.

4. Modern Real Estate Website Template


Create a unique, responsive real estate website with this elegant, professionally designed, easy-to-customize WordPress theme. If appearance is anything to go by, this theme does look sleek. So, it is a good option for property owners, real estate agents, and real estate companies that want to give their website a special look. Examples of the cool features include special user roles, property listing shortcodes, and mortgage calculator widget.

5. Best Real Estate WordPress Theme Example


If you are looking for one of the best real estate website template, this sample is for you. It’s one of the bests selling option out there. That’s because it has tons of features that allow you to create a high-quality website that stands out. It features an integrated Customer Relationship Management System, multiple language options, an interface for adding properties, and multiple customizable options.

6. Clean Real Estate WordPress Template


You already know by now that WordPress Content Management System makes creating websites easier. With WordPress, setting up a real estate website is straightforward. Install the software, add this theme in the back, customize the site and make it look standard, hit the publish button, and you are good to go. This template is easy to customize, so it shouldn’t take you long to complete site design.

7. Customizable Real Estate WordPress Template


This is a customizable, multipurpose theme that you can download and use to set up a real estate website on WordPress CMS. One of the things that you will love about this sample template is that it is easy to use. With the drag-and-drop page builder option, you can set up the site in minutes even if you do not have experience in professional coding.

8. Responsive Real Estate WordPress Template



Grab the attention of every visitor that comes to your real estate website with this clean, professionally designed template. Some cool features of this template include multiple layouts that you can use to list properties, an advanced search feature for your target audience, support for Google Maps, and multiple language options. This template is easy to customize, hence suitable for non-techies. Click the link above to download the theme.

9. Simple Real Estate Property WordPress Template


Creating a real estate website from scratch is a very difficult task. You have to code, debug, test, and then invest in user experience. WordPress templates make life easier. They allow you to create a real estate agency website in less than a day, so you never have to worry about writing codes. In fact, you can download this theme and use it to design a professional website with just a handful of clicks.

10. Premium Real Estate Company WordPress Theme


If you are looking for a professionally designed WordPress theme with multiple unique features, this sample template is for you. Since the template is easy to customize, it takes a short time to do the site setup. Some special features that this template support includes multiple languages, more than 80 real estate shortcodes, custom widgets, advanced backup, and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) compatibility.

11. Commercial Property Real Estate WordPress Website Example


Are you tired of using standard templates that have few or lack real estate features? If yes, it is time to try this unique, professionally designed website theme to take your site to the next level. This template has many unique features, so you get everything you need to create a website that stands out from the many options out there. Check out the demo to learn more.

12. Simple Real Estate Company Website Template


There comes a time when real estate companies have to take advantage of the internet market and create a website. And often the first question many businesspersons often ask is about the choice of WordPress website theme to use. This one here is a professionally designed example that can help you to create a high-quality website in just a couple of hours.

13. Unique Real Estate Website WordPress Template


Yes, you can create a unique real estate website in just a couple of hours with WordPress and this professionally designed template. Some of the common features that make this theme to stand out from the many options out there include a massaging system, dynamic map integration, multiple property display options, and Open Street Map integration. Click the link above to check the demo of this theme.

14. Real Estate Agent Website Theme


Do you know that hundreds, if not thousands, of internet users, visit real estate broker websites to search for the latest property deals? So, if you do not have a professionally looking website yet, you might want to consider using a professional WordPress theme to set up a site. This sample is a good example to use because of the many unique features. From Google Map integration and font option to home page variation and advanced search, this template has everything you need for a real estate website.

15. Modern Real Estate Website Template


Maybe you don’t have to create a website with many pages. Or maybe you prefer to create a single page template because you believe it will convert better. Whatever the case, you can use this sample website template to design the site.

16. Professional WordPress Theme for Real Estate Company


Here is another WordPress theme that you can download now and use to set up a professional website for your real estate business. Click the download link above to see the demo.

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