Royal Wedding Invitation

A royal wedding invitation can come in many forms. It can be any of those Romantic Wedding invitations or Resort Wedding invitations. The way that you design and polish the wedding invitation is what can make it standout from other kinds of traditional wedding invitations. A royal wedding invitation should be classic and elegant so that it can easily get the attention of the guests that you would like to see on your wedding day.

Your royal wedding invitations must have a design that can also be seen in your Wedding Menu Examples and other wedding cards to promote cohesion in all the materials that you will use for your wedding day. We have selected a number of royal wedding invitation samples so you can have references in developing your own invitation.

Simple Royal Wedding Invitation

Simple Royal Wedding Invitation

Vintage Wedding Invitation


Vintage Plaid Wedding Invitation

Royal Stewart Tartan Plaid Wedding Invitation

How to Develop a Royal Wedding Invitation Design

Royal wedding invitations require a refined presentation of the wedding details. There should be an understated elegance in the wedding card that guests will surely appreciate once they already get their hands on the wedding invitation. Here is how you can develop a royal wedding invitation design:

1. Do not be overwhelmed when selecting a theme. You can have elegant Forest wedding invitations or you can also select a simple wedding invitation with royal patterns. Do not complicate things as this can only make you more confused on what royal wedding invitation design to use.

2. Make your wedding invitation interesting. Royal wedding invitations are made for grand and elegant wedding celebrations. Hence, there is a need for you to veer away from having boring wedding invitations. Royal wedding invitations, like Fairytale wedding invitations, should give an impression of grandeur so that guests can already expect how beautiful and well-planned your wedding will be.

3. Give importance on the layout of your royal wedding invitation. Most royal wedding invitations are simple in nature. What makes them elegantly designed is how the design elements and materials are designed together. If you want to develop a royal wedding invitation design, you should be specific with the spaces that you will use in the wedding invitation medium, the sizes of the materials that you will include, and the actual arrangement of the designs of the wedding invitation. You may also see  snow wedding invitation

Elegant Royal Wedding Invitation

Elegant Royal Wedding Invitation

Printable Royal Wedding Invitation

Printable Royal Wedding Invitation

How Can I Make a Royal-Themed Wedding Invitation?

From Bridal party invitations and Modern wedding invitations up to a nautical wedding invitation, you can always incorporate a royal theme if you will let yourself be knowledgeable of the designs that you can use and develop. Listed below are some of the ways on how you can make a royal-themed wedding invitation.

1. Include royal symbols like a tiara or a crown. You can have different design interpretations of these icons or symbols so you can incorporate them in the design that you already have in mind for your royal wedding invitation. You may also see forest wedding invitations

2. Add elements of whimsy like glitters, fairy dusts and the like. Doing this can make the wedding invitation look magical which is also how we normally visualize a royal wedding and the wedding materials associated with it.You may also see royal wedding invitation

3. Incorporate designs that are commonly known to be luxurious. Add crystals, art deco features, elegant wedding logos and pearls. The addition of these items will depend on the theme that you have in mind.You may also see bohemian wedding invitations

Royal Gold Abstract Peacock Wedding Invitation

Royal Gold Abstract Peacock Wedding Invitation

Fresh Royal Wedding Invitation

Fresh Royal Wedding Invitation

Classic Wedding Invitation


Tips When Formatting and Designing Royal Wedding Invitations

A royal-inspired theme, when placed in Blank Wedding invitations, can result to an outstanding Wedding card invitation design. Whether it is a Watercolor wedding invitation or Winter wedding invitations that you would like to create, adding touches of royalty and elegance can make a lot of difference in terms of the output that you will have. Some tips that are useful in the process of formatting and designing royal wedding invitations are as follows:

  • Use gold and other colors that are associated with royalty. Use these colors either as your background or design elements. Ensure that you will have great color combinations to make the royal wedding invitation look perfectly put together.
  • Create borders from vines or art deco inspired swirls. This will make the entire royal wedding invitation look more elegant. It is best if you will find the balance with the design materials that you will use so you can give focus on items and designs that can further reflect royalty.
  • Use fonts that are elegant and sophisticated. Calligraphy is very much suggested if you want to have a royal wedding invitation. Veer away from using cartoon fonts as it can lessen the formality of the document.

Stylish Royal Wedding Invitation

Stylish Royal Wedding Invitation

Romantic Royal Wedding Invitation

Romantic Royal Wedding Invitation


Ella Royal wedding invitation

Ella Royal wedding invitation

How to Make Royal Wedding Invitations Work

If you plan to use royal wedding invitations, you should ensure that you will maximize its potential and usage. Your wedding must be presented in the best and most elegant ways possible by this wedding card. Here are some suggestions on how you can make your royal wedding invitations work:

  • Make sure that you will also give importance in the content of your royal wedding invitation. Do not just the design the wedding invitation without thinking of the information that needs to be present in it. As much as your wedding invitation is visually attractive, it should also be comprehensive.
  • Have a refined taste when designing your royal wedding invitation. Simplicity and minimalism can help you a lot as there is no need to add a lot of unnecessary items if you want to achieve a royal wedding invitation.
  • Discover different ways on how you can present the a royal wedding invitation. As an example, have you ever imagined of a vintage plaid wedding invitation? The design might look simple and casual, but once designed accordingly it can actually look like one of those royal wedding announcements written in scrolls.

Do you want your royal wedding invitation design to be your design reference when it is already time to create your 50th wedding anniversary invitations? If this is so, make sure that you will have a classic and timeless design. There is no problem if you want to use a Country wedding invitation and other themed wedding invitations. As long as you can incorporate a royal touch in these wedding cards, then it is for sure that a great royal wedding invitation is already on the works.


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