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There are different Examples of Wedding Invitations that you can select from if you want to make your own wedding invitation. Different designs are used for different Wedding Party Invitations to ensure that the theme of the wedding invitation will go well with the theme of the actual wedding program.

One way to identify the kind of wedding invitation that you would like to have is to browse through samples. The more references you have, the more ideas will go through your mind. Then, all you need to do is to filter these ideas and narrow down your selection so you can develop a unique design for your own wedding invitation. If you want to have a nautical themed wedding invitation, you can browse through the samples in this post.

Nautical Wedding Invitation Template

nautical wedding
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Nautical Wedding Invitation Card Template

nautical wedding invitation card template1
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Sea Nautical Wedding Invitation

sea nautical wedding invitation

Ocean Nautical Wedding Invitation

ocean nautical wedding invitation

Nautical Wedding Invitation Design

Your wedding invitation should always be about your wedding and its aesthetic. Creating the appropriate wedding invitation can make your guests have correct and proper expectations about the program that you have prepared for them on your wedding day.

If you will have a nautical-themed wedding celebration, it is imperative for you to develop a nautical wedding invitation. Here are some of the ways on how you can easily design a nautical wedding invitation:

1. Since nautical themes are commonly associated with the ocean, it is best if you will use water elements like waves and droplets of water in the design of your wedding invitation.You may also see Wedding Anniversary Invitation

2. There are different sea creatures that you can include in your wedding invitation. Seahorses, starfish, fishes and the like can be used as design references. You can even include corals and other habitats under the sea.You may also see Lace wedding invitation design

3. Use anchors and other items that can be seen in a boat or a yacht. Live vests are also great additional design materials.You may also see Art deco wedding invitation

4. Use navy-colored ribbons and other design elements like blue laces so that you can have depth when it comes to the overall look of your wedding invitation.You may also see Rustic Wedding Invitations

Nautical Vibes Wedding Invitation

nautical vibes wedding invitation

Anchor Wedding Invitation

anchor wedding invitation

Retro Nautical Wedding Invitation

retro nautical wedding invitation

Color Selection for Nautical Wedding Invitations

The combination of colors present in your nautical wedding invitation can greatly impact the overall look of the wedding card. “If you want to be successful in coming up with a design that is impressive enough to make th”e guests more excited for the wedding, here are some of the options that you can incorporate when selecting the colors that you will use for your nautical wedding invitation:

1. Refer to your Wedding Shower Invitations and see how the color blue has been incorporated in it. You can place it in the background of your wedding invitation. Also, you can use design elements in this color or you can have a border with blue tones as well. Depend on your creativity when developing the color palette that you would like to use for your nautical wedding invitation.  

2. Use the shade of the ocean like aqua or turquoise if you are in the process of developing Island Wedding Invitations. Moreover, ensure that you will make the color of the water as natural as possible especially if you will include an actual photo of an island or the sea.

3. Use different hues of blue so you can incorporate the different hues of the ocean. Block colors in blue tones will look great for art deco and modern wedding invitations.You may also see Winter wedding invitations.

4. You can incorporate an ombre application so a smooth color transition may occur. Use color tones that are great to look at when mixed with blue so you can make an interesting looking design.You may also see Elegant Wedding Invitations

Silver Nautical Wedding Invitation

silver nautical wedding invitation

Nautical Marine Wedding Invitation

nautical marine wedding invitation

Aqua Nautical Wedding Invitation

aqua nautical wedding invitation

Tips in Making Nautical Wedding Invitation

A nautical wedding invitation will work the greatest for island wedding ceremonies, nautical-themed programs and other destination wedding proceedings. If you want to have a nautical wedding invitation, it will be best if you will be knowledgeable on how you can place items together so your wedding card will look at its best. Here are some design and formatting tips that can help you if you want to develop nautical wedding invitations:

1. Think of ways on how you can uniquely present the nautical theme. For example, you can have Lace Wedding Invitations with lace materials in different colors of blue. You can showcase the waves of the ocean through this design aesthetic. You can also have splatters of watercolor to make a whimsical moment at the beach.

2. Ensure that there are enough elements that can wrap up the design that you would like to achieve. Though it is also not recommended to put a lot of design materials in your wedding invitation, we also think that putting just one image or item may also not be enough. However, this can work if you have iconic designs like an anchor.You may also see 50th Wedding Anniversary Invitations

3. Use textures that can make the nautical wedding invitation three dimensional. If you will use Rustic Wedding Invitations, you can have rough textures to represent the bottom floor of the ocean. You can also use textures of algae and the skin of sea animals.

Chevron Nautical Wedding Invitation

chevron nautical wedding invitation

Stylish Nautical Wedding Invitation

stylish nautical wedding invitation

Sailboat Nautical Wedding Invitation

sailboat nautical wedding invitation

Plan the Design That You Want to Have and Execute It

Once you are already sure that you want to use a nautical wedding invitation, the next thing to do is to have a draft or an initial design that you can use as a guide when you are already in the process of gathering the design materials for your wedding invitation. Since you have the liberty to design a DIY Wedding Invitations the way you like it, ensure that your design items and content format go well together.  

Just like how you create Garden Wedding Invitations, make sure that your nautical wedding invitation is themed based on the surroundings where the theme is inspired from. Use references like samples so you can have an easier and a more efficient time when it comes to finalizing your decision with regards the design of the nautical wedding invitation that you will disseminate to your guests.

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