14+ Forest Wedding Invitation Designs & Examples in PSD | AI | EPS Vector

The theme of a wedding invitation can say a lot about the theme of the main wedding celebration. Guests tend to create a perception about the event through the design of the wedding invitation that will be handed to them by the soon-to-be-wedded couple. This is the reason why it is essential for a wedding invitation design to be well thought of. Though Floral Wedding Invitations are really great to look at, there is nothing wrong with using other designs for your wedding invitations especially if it will match the personality of the couple.

If you want to veer away from the ordinary, incorporate a forest design in your wedding invitation. More so, you can apply this theme in all the other Wedding Cards that you will use for your wedding.  Browse through the samples that we have compiled for you so you can decide whether a forest wedding invitation is fit for your wedding.

Enchanted Forest Wedding Invitation

enchanted forest wedding invitation

Pine Tree Forest Wedding Invitation

pine tree forest wedding invitation

Vintage Forest Wedding Invitation

vintage forest wedding invitation

How to Achieve a Forest Wedding Invitation Design

A forest wedding invitation is something that is not that popularly used when compared to other kinds of wedding invitations. For one, only a few couples get wedded in the forest. However, there are a lot of instances where using a forest wedding invitation can actually work for the advantage of the wedding program. All you need to do is to ensure that the design of this invitation is on point. Here is how you can achieve a forest wedding invitation design:

1. Decide whether you would like to depict a real forest or if you want to add your own spin or taste to the theme. There are Watercolor Wedding Invitations that can use a forest setting as its art subject. With this, you can ensure that guests can see a creative take on how you incorporate the forest aesthetic to your wedding.

2. Think of ways on how you can make the forest wedding invitation design look interesting. Aside from using watercolor to paint a forest in your wedding invitation, you can also make an abstract forest or even a sparkly forest as the main design of your wedding invitation. Be creative on how you will incorporate the forest theme to your wedding design.You may also see Gay Wedding invitations

3. Specify whether you will use Outdoor Wedding Invitations or indoor wedding invitations. The design of your wedding invitation can say a lot about your wedding. State whether the design signifies that your wedding will take place on a forest or if you will just have a forest-themed indoor wedding ceremony and reception.

Forest Sparkle Wedding Invitation

forest sparkle wedding invitation

Boho Forest Wedding Invitation

boho forest wedding invitation

Hand Drawn Forest Wedding Invitation

hand drawn forest wedding invitation

Forest Drawing Wedding Invitation

forest drawing wedding invitation

Design Items to Put in a Forest Wedding Invitation

The overall design of your forest wedding invitation will heavily rely on the images, icons and materials that you will place in the wedding invitation. Just as how snowflakes or a snowman in Winter Wedding Invitations perfectly reflect a winter-themed wedding, the relation of your design items can also affect the impression about your forest wedding invitation. To help you select the details that you will include in your forest wedding invitation, listed below are some of the item selection that can convince you to select and pick the design that you want.
1. Forest animals. One way to subtly use a forest theme for your Diy Wedding Invitation is by putting images of forest animals in the tool’s design. Even without the presence of a lot of trees or a forest background, this design can still help you present a forest theme to your guests.
2. Trees. What can be more associated to a forest than trees? You can either use a single kind of tree or you can also add up different kinds of trees for the illusion of depth. How about a firefly-lit tree in front of your wedding invitation to make an artistic representation of a forest?
3. Leaves. Aside from trees, you can also use a bunch of leaves as your wedding invitation design. You can use a pile of leaves as your background and write the information about your wedding in the foreground. Be careful to not make the design look like its for a  Garden Wedding Invitation.
4. Forest in a mountain. If you will have your wedding in a forest destination, it is recommended for you to use a forest within a mountain as your main wedding invitation design. The silhouettes of the trees can make your  wedding invitation very dreamy and whimsical.
5. Swatches of green and/or blue. If you want to use Vintage Wedding Invitations, you can just use artistic swatches of the colors green and blue. These colors can also represent the forest, right? In the same way, it can also help you incorporate a vintage aesthetic to your invitation.

Woodland Rustic Wedding Invitation

woodland rustic wedding invitation

Green Foilage Wedding Invitation

green foilage wedding invitation

Forest Themes That Best Fit Wedding Invitations

There are different ways on how a forest can be artistically interpreted. When creating your Modern Wedding Invitations, you have to make sure that the forest theme that you will use can complement your wedding theme as well as the overall design aesthetic of the event and its location. Here are some forest themes which we think best fits to be used as designs for wedding invitations:

1. An enchanted or magical forest can be associated with Royal Wedding Invitations. Using an enchanted or magical forest as a design can make your wedding invitation look like you want to invite guests to a fairy tale-like event.

2. If you will have your wedding outdoors and in the mountains, using pine tree forest as a design is perfect for you. Do not make the saturation and shadowing look too dark as it can be too eerie to look at. You may also see Blank Wedding invitations

3. If you want to use a vintage theme, do not worry as you can achieve a vintage forest design by using a color palette that is associate with vintage and retro style.You may also see Wedding shower invitations

4. You can opt to use a forest sparkle theme by using glitters and a lot of highlights when creating the background of your wedding invitation.You may also see Disney Wedding Invitations

5. A bohemian forest can also be achieved by adding design items and features like feathers, dream catchers and the like in your final forest wedding invitation layout.You may also see wedding party invitations

6. If you want to be more artistic, you can use a hand drawn forest. Use different pencils and drawing materials to make your illustrated forest look more realistic.You may also see Whimsical wedding invitations

Watercolor Forest Wedding Invitation

watercolor forest wedding invitation

National Park Forest Wedding Invitation

national park forest wedding invitation

Forest Wedding Party Invitation

forest wedding party invitation

Guidelines When Creating Forest Wedding Invitations

Aside from the activities that you have prepared for your guests, the items that you will give to them also matters. One of these wedding items is the forest wedding invitation. Listed below are some of the guidelines that can help you create an impressive forest wedding invitation.You may also see Luxury wedding invitation design
1. Do not stick to the usage of an actual image of the forest. Just as how creating Desert Wedding Invitations does not necessarily entail you to use the desert as your background, making your forest wedding invitation can also be based on how you interpret a forest theme.
2. Make sure that your forest theme is well thought of before placing it in the wedding invitation. As listed above, there are a lot of artistic undertakings that can help you create a forest wedding invitation in the most beautiful and creative manner. Incorporate design methods used in creating Burlap Wedding Invitations so you can combine different aesthetics which can help you come up with a unique and outstanding forest design.
Destination weddings are becoming very popular nowadays. If you are one of those couples who have decided to have their wedding ceremony and program in an unusual location, like a forest, you have to make sure that the implementation of all your actual and design plans are properly done. Make your forest wedding invitation one of the best items that you can provide your wedding attendees with. You may also see Vintage wedding invitations

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