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When people talk about using a bohemian theme for a document, a material or an event; love already comes in mind. We may also be reminded by the bohemian revolution and the aesthetic that comes with it. In the wedding industry, bohemian themed celebrations are in-trend. If you will soon be wedded and would like to use bohemian wedding invitations to invite your guests, then ensure that you have an idea on how to properly incorporate the theme to the wedding cards that you plan to use.

You can either get references from examples of wedding invitations with the same theme or you can do your bohemian wedding invitation from scratch. Remember to use design materials and items that can separate your bohemian wedding invitations from floral wedding invitations and other wedding invitations with touches of love, femininity and softness. Use our samples as your design guides so you can have an idea on how to layout the document in the best way possible.

Bohemian Floral Wedding Invitation

Calligraphy Boho Wedding Invitation

Boho Style Wedding Invitation

How to Make Wedding Invitations Look Bohemian

Wedding invitations can be inspired by different themes in terms of its design. If you want to make your wedding invitations look truly bohemian, here are some ways on how you can do so:

1. The color palettes that are commonly used in bohemian wedding invitations contain soft hues. This will work best for country wedding invitations as earth tones combined with images of flowers, plants and feathers can represent the bohemian theme really well.

2. Think of icons that are related to the bohemian revolution. This will allow you to have an easier time to incorporate these icons in a design. As an example, you can use rustic wedding invitations which contains bohemian representations.

3. Use different kinds of design inspirations. For instance, watercolor wedding invitations can be used if you want to come up with more modern wedding invitations than traditional wedding invitations. Interpret your bohemian theme in unique creative ways.

Watercolor Boho Wedding Invitation

Yellow Bohemian Wedding Invitation Design

Design Guidelines When Making Bohemian Wedding Invitations

Though there are actually no traditional or specific guidelines when designing bohemian wedding invitations, it is still best to stick to some design tips that have already worked and have stood the tests of time. Some of the guidelines that can help you to make the bohemian wedding invitation that you want to achieve come to life include the following:

1. Make sure that your wedding cards are well-planned in terms of how they will look like. Your wedding invitations and wedding rehearsal invitation designs should have the bohemian aesthetic that you will use for your wedding. This way, people can see how you have carefully thought of the designs that you will use.  

2. Have a simple design with understated elegance and class. Your bohemian wedding invitation should have that whimsy which is not too overpowering yet is mysterious and interesting.

3. Create a bohemian wedding invitation design that is timeless. Don’t you want to have the same design for your wedding anniversary invitations? Doing that in the future can surely create nostalgia especially for the people who have attended your wedding day.

Rustic Bohemian Wedding Invitation

Fall Boho Wedding Invitation

Boho Feather Wedding Invitation

Things to Remember When Creating Bohemian Wedding Invitations

Wedding invitations serve as a list of information about the wedding. Guests can easily identify the items that they need to know if they will be given a comprehensive document. Listed below are some of the things that you should always be aware of if you are in the process of developing the format and design of your bohemian wedding invitation.

1. Bohemian wedding invitations can be formatted based on how you want the document to look like. If you will use island wedding invitations, you can include bohemian textures and images in the layout so you can combine the aesthetic of both themes. Whether you will use square cards or other kinds of mediums, what is essential is for you to have a design that is appropriate for the celebration and the platform where it will be seen.

2. As a themed invitation, a bohemian wedding invitation can be compared to fairytale wedding invitations when it comes to showcasing a particular emotion. If you want to have an effective bohemian wedding invitation, ensure that you can encapsulate the love and warmth of the wedding in the document.

Spring Bohemian Wedding Invitation

Printable Boho Wedding Invitation

Mandala Boho Wedding Invitation

Colorful Bohemian Wedding Invitation

Free Boho Wedding Invitation

What Makes Bohemian Wedding Invitations Effective

Your wedding invitation can make or break the impression that you wish your guests to have for your wedding. The way you present your wedding invitation can be translated as the way how you would like your wedding day to be imagined. Here is how you can make bohemian wedding invitations effective:

1. May it be outdoor wedding invitations or vintage wedding invitations with a bohemian theme that you would like to create, the most important thing that you have to remember is to make the invitation a representation of the wedding and your characteristics as a couple.

2. You have to be confident with the design that you will come up so that the bohemian wedding invitation will look as flawless as possible. Being able to showcase your personality and your own aesthetic can make the document truly your own. You may also like formal wedding invitation designs.

3. Focus not only on the design of the bohemian wedding invitation but also on its content. Provide all the details of the wedding and apply designs that go well with the font and text styling that you will put in your bohemian wedding invitation.

Think of the bohemian design that you want to use for your bohemian wedding invitation. With the help of the samples and tips that we have provided for you, we hope that you can develop a wedding invitation that is visually amazing and informative.

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