9+ Blank Wedding Invitation Designs & Examples in PSD | AI | EPS Vector

Your wedding invitation is a very important wedding material as it is one of the touch points that your guests will first have in relation to the event. With the number of examples of wedding invitations present out there, you can have a hard time identifying which of the choices to select when it comes to designing and formatting your own wedding invitation.

If you want to create elegant wedding invitations for your wedding, it will be best to start with a blank wedding invitation template. This will allow you to put together all the information and design items which you think will work best together and will reflect the theme of your wedding. Within the process of developing your wedding invitations, make sure that you are guided by basic design tips and guidelines which we will also list down in this post.

Blank Rose Lace Wedding Invitation

Blank Burlap Wedding Invitation

Is It Advisable to Start With a Blank Wedding Invitation?

A blank wedding invitation template is a great tool that can help you build the foundation of your wedding invites. Though there are already a lot of readily-available wedding invitations in the market, here are a few reasons why we highly suggest the usage of blank wedding invitations when starting to design the wedding invitation that you will use:

1. Blank wedding invitations can be easily customized.

Do you want to have floral wedding invitations for your wedding?  Sometimes, looking for a wedding invitation that contains the format and design that you like, the flowers that you would like to incorporate to the invitation, and the information space that you need can be a tedious task. With a blank wedding invitation, you can easily collate all these details so you can come up with an original wedding invitation.

2. Blank wedding invitations can relay a more personal aesthetic.

Since you have full control on how you would like to design your wedding invitation, you can make the overall aesthetic and visual output of your wedding invitation more personal. Through this process, you can easily reflect the theme of your wedding to the wedding invitation’s design.

3. Blank wedding invitations can allow you to maximize the usage of the tool’s spaces.

Using printable wedding invitations with blank spaces can make the document format more applicable to your needs. All the information that you want to put in the tool can be more cohesive as you can easily work with the spaces of the blank wedding invitation.

Floral Border Blank Wedding Invitation


Blank Embossed Wedding Invitation

Blank Monogram Wedding Invitation

Design Tips to Make Your Blank Wedding Invitation Stand Out

A blank wedding invitation is like a canvas that you can improve by adding design items, wedding information, and other details that you would like to incorporate in your wedding invitation. Here are some design tips that you can use to make your blank wedding invitation look impressive:

1. Use rose lace and other cut-outs to create a soft wedding invitation design.

This can make your wedding invitation look dreamy and subtly elegant. The pattern of your cutouts can be based on your own aesthetic. Aside from rose laces, you can also use symmetrical designs and the like.

2. Incorporate burlap textures to make the base of the blank wedding invitation look interesting.

Most of the best wedding invitations contain textures on their bases which allows the tool to look three dimensional.

3. If you do not want to add a lot of designs in the blank wedding invitation, you can use a floral border to complement the simplicity of the wedding invitation’s content.

modern wedding invitations are commonly minimalist when it comes to their design approach. Adding a floral border can make your wedding invitation classy in an understated but effective manner.

4. Make the details of the wedding embossed.

One way to make your wedding invitation truly stand out is to include embossed details about the wedding. This will make your guests focus on the content of the document aside from its overall design.

5. Use wedding monograms or incorporate the wedding logo design in the wedding invitation.

This can add a personal touch to the design of the wedding invitation. More so, this can help you properly brand the materials that will be used for your wedding ceremony and reception.

6. Get inspiration from DIY wedding invitations.

You can also do this for your wedding menu. Observing different kinds of DIY wedding invitations can make you more aware on how you would like to develop your own wedding invitation.

Blank Decorative Wedding Invitation

Guidelines in Developing a Blank Wedding Invitation

Creating a wedding invitation is an easy task if you are already aware of the basics of this design undertaking. Being knowledgeable on how you can benefit from the maximum usage of a blank wedding invitation can make your design decisions more effective and narrowed down. Listed below are some guidelines that can help you efficiently develop a blank wedding invitation:

1. Consider the theme of the wedding.

If you want to achieve a themed wedding, make sure that all the items that you will use for the event can reflect the theme that you would like to incorporate during your wedding day. As an example, vintage wedding invitations can already help your guests be aware that a vintage wedding celebration is expected to occur.

2. Think of a design that you would like to achieve before starting the design process.

Just like how you design your wedding shower invitation and other wedding materials, you should first think of the output that you want to realize. If you will do this, it will be easier for you to look for items that you can place in the base of your blank wedding invitation design.

3. Refer to samples and templates of blank wedding invitations.

There are a lot of downloadable chalkboard wedding invitations and art deco wedding invitation samples and templates that you can use as guides when designing your blank wedding invitation. Be inspired by how these wedding invitations are formatted. Aside from the mentioned wedding invitations, there is a wide range of other kinds of wedding invitations that can help you with designing your own wedding invitation.

Ready to Create Your Own Wedding Invitation?

Do not feel stressed with regards the wedding invitation design that you will incorporate in your wedding invitation. Since you will start with a blank base, you can easily develop your wedding invitation in a step by step process. This is very efficient as you can manage the changes that you will incorporate within the phases of the blank wedding invitation development. Create whimsical wedding invitations easily by putting together design items that best represents your wedding. More so, immerse yourself in the creation of diy wedding invitations as it can help you be more creative in designing the invitation that you will use for your wedding.

If you are ready to make your wedding invitation, be guided by the design that you are visualizing. Start with a clear vision of your expected wedding invitation. Being organized and tactical in designing the content and layout of a blank wedding invitation can help you a lot in relation to the creation of your desired wedding invitation output. Use a blank wedding invitation now and see for yourself what we are talking about.

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