St. Patrick’s Day Menu

Last Updated: April 28, 2024

St. Patrick’s Day Menu

Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day would not be complete without feasting on delicious Irish dishes that do not only comprise of the ubiquitous corned beef and cabbage meal. The celebration of St. Patrick’s Day starts off with festivities that are mainly related to food. If you own a restaurant or a cafe, this is the perfect time for you to provide your customers with a menu, specifically a St. Patrick’s Day menu, that allows them to order various traditional Irish food and drinks that completes their St. Patrick’s Day celebration.

St. Patrick’s Day Menu Examples

If you are about to design your own St. Patrick’s Day menu for your restaurant or cafe, here are examples of St. Patrick’s Day where you can get inspiration from.

1. Baker Restaurant St. Patrick’s Day Menu

Baker Restaurant St. Patrick's Day Menu


If it is still your first time creating a menu for St. Patrick’s Day, you might want to consider starting simple just like this given example above. But despite its simplicity, this template is also very functional because it contains specific categories that enable you to manage the kinds of dishes and drinks you are going to serve on St. Patrick’s Day. The categories include entrees, finger foods termed as “little leprechaun” in this menu, sandwiches, sweets, drink specials, and shots. If you are only serving Irish dishes and drinks as a special menu, you don’t actually have to pack a lot of dishes for every category and just indicate what you can realistically serve to your customers during the celebration.

2. Brennan’s St. Patrick’s Day Full Irish Menu

Brennan’s St. Patrick’s Day Full Irish Menu


Less is indeed more with this example of a St. Patrick’s Day menu. And if minimalism is the look that you are aiming for your menu, then we may have found you the best example where you can get inspiration from. This food menu simply contains the famous green color of St. Patrick, with a cream-colored background that serves as the negative color of your menu that makes it look less overwhelming to the eyes of your customers. Instead of placing visible St. Patrick’s Day design elements such as the shamrock and the leprechauns, it simply contains an image of St. Patrick’s silhouette in the background with a decreased opacity.

3. Hawaii Yacht Club St. Patrick’s Day Menu

Hawaii Yacht Club St. Patrick's Day Menu


If you are going to serve a St. Patrick’s Day menu exclusive for the St. Patrick’s-related event that you have staged for the actual holiday itself, you may get design inspiration from this example. This St. Patrick’s menu looks like a combination of a menu and poster examples. It is a menu because it contains the list of food and the price list of the traditional Irish dishes that you will be serving the event. It is also a poster because it contains the design elements that a poster usually contains such as the details of the events, which are the exact, date, time, and even the contact details of the point person when customers will be making reservations, and it also contains an announcement of the live music performances. You are not only encouraging your target customers to avail the dishes you are about to serve, but you also encourage them to attend the event as well.

4. Maggie’s St. Patrick’s Day Menu

Maggie's St. Patrick's Day Menu


Serving specials for St. Patrick’s Day? Consider getting inspiration from this example in which it solely highlights the specials that they are going to serve during the celebration of St. Patrick’s Day. What makes this holiday menu interesting in the eyes of your target customers is that it allows you to add intricate descriptions of the dishes that you will serve. Take for example their description of their special Honey Glazed Ham Panini that goes “Crispy panini with honey glazed Irish ham, Irish cheddar cheese, and caramelized onions, served with a side of Irish potato chips.” Doesn’t it create a mental picture? If you want to achieve that on your customer’s end, then you should really consider designing your menu that way. Additionally, if you want to deviate from the usual dark green color of St. Patrick’s Day, you may opt for this kind of muted colors displayed in the given example above.

5. Tonto Bar and Grill St. Patrick’s Day Menu

Tonto Bar and Grill St. Patrick's Day Menu


One of the best ways to design a St. Patrick’s Day menu is to add symbols related to the event just the way the given St. Patrick’s Day menu example above. It includes an image of shamrocks or the four-leaf clover as well as a leprechaun who is holding a beer. Aside from explicitly incorporating St. Patrick’s Day symbols, you can also incorporate it with your words or the way you describe each of the dishes that you are going to serve. For example, two of its dishes is termed as “Leprechaun Elixir” and “The Pot of Gold Dessert.” And as you may already know, leprechaun and pot of gold are two of the famous symbols of St. Patrick’s Day.

We hope that with the help of this article, you have already gained inspiration that will enable you to create a menu fitting for the events you are going to organize for St. Patrick’s Day.

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