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With all the hype that there is to traveling nowadays, owning a travel agency or any travel-related business could be one of the best businesses at the present time. But since traveling is also over hyped nowadays, there is always a tight competition between one travel-related business to another. You may also see event poster designs & examples.

If you own a travel agency and that you would want to up your game against your competitors, you can make use of these travel posters in this article for inspiration as well as some ready-to-download travel posters that could help you get started with your travel posters and take advantage of all the hype that goes around with traveling.

Travel Agency Poster Template

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Flat Travel Posters Example

India Travel Poster Example

Mediterranean Sea Town Travel Poster Example

5 Tips for the Perfect Travel Poster Design

If you are having a hard time designing for the perfect travel poster design, worry not because we have listed effective tips that can help you in designing your very own travel poster or simply to improve the current travel poster design that you have right now:

1. Easy to Read from a Distance

You might be aware that the top priority of almost all kinds of a poster is to generally expose an event to a large group of people or simply to gain an audience. How can you possibly do so if the poster that you have designed is unreadable from a distance? Not everyone has the leisure of time to look closer to all of the posters they see in public places. You may also see poster billboard designs & examples.

Since you are to create or have created a travel poster, your main goal is to make people get enticed by traveling to the place that you are advertising. Even if you have included the best imagery on your travel poster, it would not do you any good if the key information written on the travel poster is not easy to read from a distance. You will not definitely draw any single person I that case. You may also see examples of vintage poster design.

This is why you should make sure that your travel poster design contains the appropriate hierarchy in the text. The hierarchy of your text has these three distinct layers; these are:

  • The Headline: The headline is the main and also the larget text design element of your travel poster. In fact, this can also be considered as an addition to the entire art element of your travel poster. Make sure you use the best and the appropriate typeface out there that can help in drawing attention from people even if the background only has a solid or gradient color. You should keep in mind that the headline should be interesting and eye-catching. The size of your headline is not the only that you should remember but also the substance of the headline. Is the substance of your headline enough to catch at least one attention? You may also like easter poster template examples.
  • The Details or Key Information: The details or the key information of your travel poster should answer the questions what, where, and when. Your headline does all the attention-grabbing and the details give them the questions that popped into their heads from reading the headline of your travel poster. Ensure that you have provided only the information that your target audience only needs and it is formatted in a concise and logical manner that would not anymore constitute another string of questions. The size of the details of your travel poster could be either dropping the size half of the main headline so that the hierarchy is clear or you could also continue using a larger font size and have a technique that your target audience would not get confused between the headline and the details. You may also see scientific poster designs and examples.
  • The Fine Print: The fine print is usually common on movie posters but as for your travel poster, the fine print could be other details that need not be found on your poster but someone had decided to include on your poster. Just make sure it is indeed a “fine” print and out of the way from stealing the attention your headline and details are trying to get from your target audience. You may also like labor day poster templates.

2. Work on the Contrast

Do you know that you only need a single glance from someone in order to make or break his or her attention towards your travel poster? Well, now you know. If you would have a high contrast between design elements on your travel poster design, you can definitely achieve the attention you crave for.  can help you do that. Do away with a pale, monotone color palette and get crazy with your colors; if you are aiming to get attention then might as well have crazy design elements that can definitely grab people’s attention. You may also check out campaign poster designs and examples.

Experiment with it and you might get the next trending poster. It’s time to stop rowing your boat at a shallow safe distance and if you want to get somewhere with your travel poster design, then it’s time for you to get risky and crazy. You could also place your travel poster on a surface that contrasts well with the color explosion your travel poster has. For example, you have always used a white background for your previous poster designs– how about trying a black canvas? You might produce the best poster, yet. You might be interested in outdoor billboard designs & examples.

Mexico Travel Poster Example

Space Travel Poster Example

Space Travel Posters Collection Example

Summer Travel Poster Design Example

3. Always Consider Your Travel Poster Placement

Although this might not be related to the design of your poster, the placement of your poster in public places can also be considered as an art and a skill that not everyone has.

Make sure you are not just randomly placing your poster in public places thinking that it’s already good since it’s in a public place. Keep in mind that those places that always has a buzzing crowd are composed of busy people with almost no time for whatsoever. It’s up for you to determine the public places in your area wherein you can be sure that the kind of people who will be passing by those places will possibly read your travel poster. You may also see examples of minimal billboard advertising.

And what’s the most obvious to place a travel poster? The airport, the ports, and waiting sheds are just among others.

Those are the crowded places wherein people would have a few moments of downtime where they can do just anything and nothing and while they are at it, make sure you make this as an advantage and place your travel posters at these kinds of locations. This is important: Where is your poster going to be located? This factors in several ways, including the size of the poster (and possibly aspect ratio), visual clutter around the poster and will the people who see it appreciate your call to action? You may also like birthday poster designs and examples.

4. Do Not Underestimate the Power of Space

Do you want to create or increase a visual impact and readability of your travel poster? Then make sure you do not underestimate the power of adding extra spacing on your travel poster design. It can look weird and unusual to you at first but once you put it on your travel poster design, you will see that you will be able to improve the overall design of your travel poster. You may also like examples of vector design.

But be careful because carelessly placing spaces all over your travel poster design can also be tricky that is why we have provided you some tips on where you should be placing the extra spaces on your travel poster design:

  • Add extra spaces between individual letter. Sure, you would naturally add space between individual letters but if you would add extra spaces, your travel poster’s readability would not get blurry at farther distances
  • Add extra spaces between lines of text. This will also avoid blur when people would be reading your poster at a far distance. You may also check out retro billboard designs and examples.
  • Add extra spaces all around the interior margins of your canvas.
  • Add extra spaces between the design elements of your travel poster design specifically the distances between your images and texts.
  • Add extra spaces all around the most highlighted element in your travel poster design– it’s the element that you would want your audience to first notice from your travel poster.

5. Include a Call to Action

Since the main smart goal of your travel poster design is to expose the place you want people to travel to, then you should never forget including an effective call to action. The call to action contains the information regarding the place being advertised on a travel poster and it would also contain the details of the contact point. These days, you can already include a QR code to your travel poster design and this encourages users to just use it to scan using their mobile phone in order to get the full details on their mobile phone screens.

Once people would get enticed with your travel poster design, the next thing they might possibly do is to ask further questions that the details that are already written on your poster could not answer. And with the contact details you have included on your travel poster, your travel poster is deemed effective.

Tourism Travel Poster Example

Travel and Nature Vintage Posters Example

Vintage Travel Poster Example

Travel posters are one of the best promotional tools that are timeless and can withstand this booming digital age. With the right design elements that you are going to incorporate on the canvas of your poster, you will definitely get the attention you want from your target audience. Have fun designing your travel poster design!

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