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Are you working for a hotel or any tourism-based business? Then you definitely need an email signature. Having an email signature has become a requirement these days especially when having conversations not only with coworkers but also with clients.

To help you create a hotel travel signature, here are some email signature examples you can use. They are affordable yet high-quality email signatures that you can use for your various email transactions.

Hotel Email Signature Template

Tips in Creating an Email Signature

Take note that the tips listed below are not only for hotel travel email signatures but for all types of email signatures. The tips listed below are also very essential in the effectiveness of your email signature, especially when having formal email conversations with clients and external stakeholders.

1. Emphasize personal information

Take note that the personal information listed here is not information such as your credit card number or password to your email address. Personal information pertains to your basic information you want to disclose to your coworkers as well as clients, such as your full name, position or designation in the company, contact number, and hyperlinks to your company website and/or LinkedIn page. You can also include your company’s full address if the space permits you to.

The information you provide is also called “personal business information,” and is very helpful when you will be having email conversations with various individuals. It is highly suggested that you highlight your personal information or make them bold. This ensures that the information can be easily seen since general email signatures are small in the first place.

2. Utilize hyperlinks

Inserting hyperlinks is a function that was only made popular a few years ago. Hyperlinks are basically clickable links that redirects the user to the URL or website found in the link. Before, individuals would simply copy and paste their links in various online platforms, but their clients were not able to access those links. These days, hyperlinks can even be customized to fit the individual or organization. You may also see corporate email signature examples.

For an email signature, you have two options on which hyperlink you should insert in the email signature: your company website or your personal LinkedIn page.

You can always do both as long as there is still space in your simple email signature. Adding a hyperlink to your company website is a no-brainer, even if you don’t hold an upper position in the company. Being affiliated with a company always adds professional merit on your end, although some companies have a pre-designed email signature template that is used by all employees in the company.

3. Minimize the use of colors or design

Although adding colors and design adds to the visual appeal of the professional email signature, the email signature is still a formal business tool that should not be taken lightly. You do not know which clients you are dealing with on a daily basis, so be on the safe side and use an email signature that exudes professionalism.

Use one or two colors in your email signature. You can stretch it to three colors but make sure the colors blend well and your text can still be seen. You can use the first color for the text and the second for the background or border.

On the design end, you can use abstract designs (curves, shapes, lines, etc.) or incorporate images instead. In this case for a hotel travel email signature, you can use silhouettes of famous tourist spots such as the Empire State Building in New York, Eiffel Tower in France, or Taj Mahal in India. You may also check out the dos and don’ts of a good email signature.

Remember that the essence of the email signature still lies in the personal information you listed down, and not on the design.

4. Affix your real signature

Since you can’t really spice up the design in your standard email signature, you can always affix your real signature to add to the email’s signature’s visual appeal. You might ask yourself how to affix your signature in the email signature when email signatures are digital?

The answer is simple. You have two options: affix your signature in a blank paper (preferably with a white background) and scan the paper, or use digital signature software and affix your signature using a digital pen (stylus). The first option is highly suggested as it is very easy to affix your signature in blank piece paper, just make sure there are no other writings or crumples in the paper as they can be seen when the paper is being scanned. You may also like music email signature designs & examples.

Hotel Travel Email Signature Template

Hotel Holiday Email Signature Template

Essential Travel Tips

1. Travel light

The last thing you want to spend on is extra luggage fees. Worst case scenario is that you have to empty your luggage and leave some things since your luggage exceeds the maximum luggage capacity allowed for each traveler. That is the main reason why you should travel light to avoid paying for those extra costs which you can spend on other stuff instead such as fast food and other souvenirs.

Travel tip: Before your flight or during ticket bookings, check the maximum capacity allowed for each individual. When traveling to another place, bring only the things you need thus allowing extra space in your luggage for your trip back home. You can opt to pay for extra baggage if you think you will be buying a lot of souvenirs. You may also see beauty parlor email signature examples.

2. Bring extra cash

Can you imagine traveling to another country and during the middle of your trip, you suddenly realize you don’t have enough cash to last the entire trip? Bringing extra cash is essential not only for surviving the trip but also to buy those really cool souvenirs that can’t be bought back home. You may also check out sales email signature designs & examples.

Travel tip: Always bring extra cash when traveling. You certainly made a budget plan to check your expenses during the trip, but don’t bring the exact amount you listed in the budget plan. For example, if you estimated a budget worth $1,000 for a 3-day trip, bring another $500 that will serve as your emergency funds. If you have a credit card, use it mainly for your emergency funds.

3. Bring essentials when touring

When touring a city or a locale, you won’t be traveling empty-handed. Remember you are a tourist and you will certainly visit locations or tourist spots that require you to bring out a few stuff to fully enjoy the location (selfie stick for a picture, water during a long train travel, etc.), or for basic security purposes (passport for airport entry). You might be interested in content writer email signature designs & examples.

Travel tips: Tourist essentials compose of passport (when travelling abroad), valid government IDs, backpack or small bag, smartphone, water, snacks, and extra clothes (depending on the weather).

4. Use mass transport

In most countries, taxis are very expensive. Your taxi expense will be similar to spending on luggage fees, they are unnecessary and can be completely avoided.

Mass transport systems such as trains and buses provide a more convenient and cost-efficient method when traveling to multiple locations in a city or a country. Word of advise though, there are developing countries that don’t have an efficient mass transport system so do some research first. You may also see human resource email signature designs & examples.

Travel tip: Identify the places you want to visit so that you can pinpoint ahead of time which train or bus to board and which stop to exit/enter. This will save you travel time and additional costs from boarding on the wrong train or bus. Additionally, there are unlimited train or bus passes available for tourists depending on the country you visit, so make sure to check them out beforehand. You may also like business email signature examples.

5. Don’t stay at hotels

Hotels are expensive, that is a fact. You may be staying at a classy three-star or five-star hotel, but if it comes as a price for enjoying local cuisine or traveling the exotic and magnificent locales, then you should not be traveling at all. Since the main purpose of a hotel is for sleeping and bathing purposes only, go for cheap alternatives instead. You may also check out business manager email signature examples.

Just make sure to choose a location that it is accessible to the city or town center (i.e., train stations, bus stops, restaurants, convenience stores, entertainment hubs, etc.).

Travel tip: Find the cheapest deals at Airbnb.com!

6. Have fun!

No further explanation needed. When traveling, forget about the problems back home and just simply enjoy and relax. Remember, your vacation does not last forever.

Travel tip: Leave nothing but footprints. Take nothing but pictures. Kill nothing but time.

We hope you found this article to be informative as well as helpful when you will be creating your own hotel travel email signature. Remember that you don’t need to create an email signature from scratch as we have provided affordable examples you can purchase. Just edit the examples to fit your own email signature.

A travel article is never complete without travel tips and tips on where to travel in the immediate future. As previously mentioned, traveling is a great hobby for you to enjoy alone or with friends, as it creates opportunity for you to explore new cultures and experience new adventures. So get off your chairs, pack your bags, and book those tickets now!

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