Vintage Wedding Invitation

Last Updated: April 28, 2024

Vintage Wedding Invitation

A vintage wedding invitation, just like a nautical wedding invitation, is a classic take in presenting a wedding celebration. The vintage aesthetic is known to be elegant and refined. Hence, it is important for you to showcase these elements as well in your vintage wedding invitation. Wedding Postcards with a vintage theme must be created with class for the aesthetic to be successfully realized.

If you want to create a vintage wedding invitation but you’re unaware on where to start, we have collected a number of samples that you can download and use as references. More so, we have listed some tips that can help you come up with a great vintage wedding invitation design. Make an attention-grabbing vintage wedding invitation that you can even refer to if you will already be making your Wedding Anniversary Invitation in the future.

Vintage Journey Wedding Invitation Template

Vintage Journey Wedding Invitation Template

Elegant Vintage Wedding Invitation


Ornaments Vintage Wedding Invitation

Ornaments Vintage Wedding Invitation

Silver Glitter Vintage Wedding Invitation Template

Silver Glitter Vintage Wedding Invitation

Vintage Wedding Invitation with Lace

Vintage Wedding Invitation with Lace

Elegant Flourish Vintage Wedding Invitation

Elegant Flourish Vintage Wedding Invitation

Proper Color Selection for Vintage Wedding Invitations

Color combinations play an important role in making the vintage vibe be realized. Here are some ways on how you can properly select the colors that you will incorporate in your vintage wedding invitation:

1. Use vintage hues or the colors that vintage is known for. These colors are commonly washed out and exude classic and subtle elegance. There are different Wedding Designs where you can successfully apply this color selection.

2. Try to develop a color wheel, scheme or palette first before doing your vintage wedding invitation so you can be more keen with your color selection. Having this reference can make it easier for you to select the color combinations that you will place in the layout of your actual vintage wedding invitations.You may also see Forest wedding invitations

3. If you are planning to have a Luxury wedding invitation design, then ensure that vintage colors that are also associated with royalty and luxury will be placed in your wedding invitation. A few samples of these colors are navy blue, Marsala and olive green.

Pink Floral Wedding Invitation


Rustic and Vintage Wedding Invitation

Rustic and Vintage Wedding Invitation

How to Make Your Vintage Wedding Invitation Interesting

 Just like any other Formal wedding invitations, your vintage wedding invitations must be designed in a way that it can reflect the entirety of the wedding and the couple as well. Listed below are some ways on how you can create an interesting and attention-grabbing vintage wedding invitation:

1. Add pearls, laces and other design elements that the vintage aesthetic is known for. Adding actual vintage designs can make it faster and easier for you to showcase the theme that you have in mind. This will also work great for Rustic Wedding invitations.

2. As much as possible, use traditional design aesthetics as vintage is known to be old-charmed and classic. Though there are already modern interpretations of vintage designs, it will still be great if you will stick with how Traditional wedding invitation with a vintage flare are known for.

3. Have a particular vintage design in mind. You can always develop your idea as you go through the design process when making your vintage wedding invitation. Having a specific output in mind can help you become more efficient on narrowing down your design selection.You may also see Funny wedding invitations

4. Be aware of the concept and design of the wedding set-up. Incorporate some of the vintage items or materials within the venue in your vintage wedding invitation. As an example, Chalkboard wedding invitations can have chalk-drawn vintage design materials as its main design focus.

Retro Vintage Wedding Invitation

Retro Vintage Wedding Invitation

Royal Wedding Invitation

Royal Wedding Invitation

Classic Wedding Invitation


Vintage Watercolor Wedding Invitation

Vintage Watercolor Wedding Invitation

Vintage Sunflower Wedding Invitation

Vintage Sunflower Wedding Invitation

Useful Tips in Designing Vintage Wedding Invitations

Making a vintage wedding invitation may sound like a long, hard and tedious process; but once you are already aware of the basic design guidelines that you need to executed then it will already be easy for you to explore a lot of vintage design application possibilities. A few of the useful tips that you can use when you are already in the process of designing your own vintage wedding invitations are as follows:

1. Know the kind of approach that you would like to use for your birthday invitation. Do you want to have a Romantic Wedding invitation? Or perhaps a modern vintage wedding invitation? There are different ways on how you can apply the vintage theme to your design which is why you have to make up your mind on which one perfectly fits your wedding motif.

2. Be inspired by movies, stories and books with vintage themes. This will allow you to be more knowledgeable on how you can incorporate the vintage look to your wedding invitation. More so, it will help you to incorporate other designs in your vintage wedding invitation. As an example, Fall wedding invitations can have a vintage feel if you will just tone down the color hues of the specified wedding invitation.

3. Look for mood boards or other kinds of materials that you can use as design inspirations. This will help you have a more efficient time in planning the design aesthetic that you would like to apply in your own vintage wedding invitation. You can also do this trick for Resort Wedding invitationsWinter wedding invitations and other wedding invitations as well.

Stylish Vintage Wedding Invitation

Stylish Vintage Wedding Invitation

Balloon Vintage Wedding Invitation

Balloon Vintage Wedding Invitation

Gold Floral Wedding Invitation

Gold Floral Wedding Invitation

Watercolor Floral Wedding Invitation

Watercolor Floral Wedding Invitation

Getting Ready in Making a Beautifully Designed Vintage Wedding Invitation?

When designing a vintage wedding invitation, do not forget to think of the wedding card as your formal announcement for the wedding day. Your vintage wedding invitation should be the document that will allow your invited guests to anticipate for the wedding with more excitement. Develop a design that is pleasing to look at. Your vintage wedding invitation should be attractive which is why you have to be observant when it comes to the proper placement of the materials that you will use.One thing that we can highly suggest is for you to refer to samples and templates which can help you develop a more formatted vintage wedding invitation. Be aware of which references to look at as you want to make sure that you will not veer away from your targeted vintage aesthetic. If you want wedding invitation designs other than Desert wedding invitationsFairytale wedding invitations and other modern, hyped and on-trend wedding invitations; then we believe that a classic vintage wedding invitation is for you to use.

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