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Have you ever desired to create your own design for your voucher? Yes, it would be great if you are the one to select your own theme, the layout of the design, the color, the content, and everything else. It is extremely important especially in marketing that you carefully plan for your own vouchers, coupons, and other perks to win the interest of your potential buyers in order to attain the revenue that you wanted to hit. With proper knowledge on how you can sell your vouchers, along with some elegant and professional design, you can surely create something that is beyond the standards of voucher designing. You may also see discount voucher examples.

You can definitely achieve something that would leave a mark to your first-time clients and visitor that would lead to impressions that is sure to last. In this article, we would like to help you on how to market your voucher as well as give you examples of vintage vouchers as presented below.

Simple Vintage Voucher Example

simple vintage voucher example

Editable Elegant Vintage Gift Voucher

editable elegant vintage gift voucher

Elegant Vintage Voucher Example

elegant vintage voucher example

Vouchers, Coupons, Gift Cards, Promos, and Other Marketing Deals (How to Use Them to Generate More Sales)

In order for your company to grow and expand, it must have enough profit to sustain the ongoing operations as well as to broaden its scope. Being profitable does not come overnight. It must be something that the company, with the help of its employees, must focus and work on days, weeks, and months. This is where marketing comes in. Marketing is extremely vital especially if you are just starting your business. You may also see voucher design examples in PSD.

There are a lot of things that you can do when it comes to marketing for marketing is a very broad aspect. But, one common thing to most entities is the boosting of their branding. Branding, too, comes in many forms. This article will never be enough to discuss all the marketing collaterals which will promote branding of a certain company. Instead, we will focus on one of the commonly used marketing material which is the voucher. You may also see restaurant vouchers.

Vouchers are typically used because they are versatile enough and can be customized and designed into something you intended it to be. You are the one to decide on the content of your voucher as well as the promos that you wanted to incorporate. Promos, sales, and discounts are marketing strategies that may be old but are still worth gold. You may also see payment voucher designs.

Vintage French Ticket Voucher Example

vintage french ticket voucher example

Vintage Voucher Card Example

vintage voucher card example

Fully Editable Vintage Voucher Example

fully editable vintage voucher example

How, then, will you utilize your vouchers and other marketing materials to create promos and discounts in order to generate more income for your entity? Here are some marketing deals that you might consider to include in your marketing campaign.

1. Pre-launch Offers

When you are in the pre-launch stage of your business or when you are launching a new product or service, you can use opportunity to have pre-launch offers to drive traffic and to turn your potential customers into recurring clients until they become your loyal customers. Using gift cards and voucher that offer, for example, free $20 vouchers, in exchange for customer’s contact information will surely be a hit and a first step of gathering potential customers. You may also see drink vouchers.

2. First-Time Buyer Deals

First-time buyer deals can also help in nudging first-time visitors to become your paying customer. Mostly, people would take this opportunity especially when your offers are great and they can benefit much from it. For example, first-time customers may be given vouchers in which it can be used to avail of a 25% discount on prescription glasses and free shipping. This is a great chance for them so it is most probable that they will ask for your voucher. This is also your chance to create a transaction with them, to people whom you expect to be your future buyer. You may also see thank-you voucher designs.

3. Monthly Discounts

Traditionally, monthly or even quarterly discounts are used to drive sales conversions. These discounts are usually implemented at the end of the month in order to meet expected revenues and to have a final boost of your branding. For example, you can issue coupon codes at the end of the month or week for the people to look forward. Through this, many will be anticipating these coupons, constantly visiting your site or physical store, which is a way of gathering more people to know more about your products and services. You may also see spring voucher designs.

4. Seasonal Deals

When talking about seasonal deals, we remember the holidays in an instant. Christmas season and the New Year are some of the big holidays, but you must also never let pass of the national and commemorative holidays that are sprinkled throughout the year as these provide an opportunity to share relevant discounts and offers with customers. You must make use of these holidays and offer your visitors and past customers discounts and promos that are only available during the holidays. You may also check out here fitness voucher designs.

Vintage French Voucher Example

vintage french voucher example

Vintage Hipster Voucher Example

vintage hipster voucher example

Wooden Style Vintage Gift Voucher Example

wooden style vintage gift voucher example

5. Newsletter Subscription Offers

Doing business nowadays means that you must be available both for online and offline customers. Especially for online retailers, building an email list is extremely important. Through the visitors’ email addresses, you increase the chance of a conversion—turning visitors into paying customers. Furthermore, this also provides you with the opportunity to build a lasting customer relationship and foster customer loyalty. You may also see blank vouchers.

6. Referral Promos

A referral promo is a very strong campaign because it is more likely that a person would purchase from a certain store if it is recommended by a family member or a friend. Word-of-mouth marketing is an effective method of getting people to trust and try your product or service. So, invest in referral promos, giving a good deal to the person referring, the person being referred, or both in order to leverage your referral system and make a network of loyal customers from referrals. You may also see free voucher designs and examples.

7. Customer Loyalty Offers

You have to note that your customers are the fuel in running your business. You must give them value by acknowledging them and providing them discounts, especially those customers who have transacted with you. Discount codes and vouchers might be your offer to them when they have purchased a certain minimum amount from your store. You may also resort to customer loyalty program where the customers who have accumulated points from their purchases will acquire discounts and promos from your vouchers or coupons. You may also see birthday vouchers.

Vintage Elegant French Ticket Example

vintage elegant french ticket example

Retro Style Vintage Gift Voucher

retro style vintage gift voucher

Vintage Style Gift Voucher Example

vintage style gift voucher example

8. Exit Intent Offer

Exit intent offer is when you give a last-second offer to a visitor, for example, in your site. When a visitor of your page is about to leave, an exit intent offer will pop up, presenting them with a final offer to purchase through discounts and promos. There are also instances that when a customer has already put into card certain items and discard them after a while, an exit intent offer will also pop up giving them an even bigger discount to convert. You may also see voucher designs and example.

9. Influencer Offer

Recently, marketers would partner with influential people—celebrities, endorsers, bloggers, etc.—to increase brand exposure. These people are greatly influential that they can drive their fans to become the entity’s customers. They have a huge network of supporters that can possibly be your long-term customers. Most people would trust and believe in something they are familiar with. Similarly, it would also be easier for them to trust someone who endorses certain products which would lead to a trust in the product itself. You may also see shopping vouchers.

10. Event Attendance Offer

Another offer that could drive an increase in sales is when you offer vouchers or coupons during or after your event. Through this, you can engage people to attend to your event and encourage them for a continued attendance. Let the people know that you will be distributing coupons or vouchers in the next session or event to get their interest and to invite more participants. You may also see receipt vouchers.

11. Minimum Purchase Discount

Typically, in online shops, they would offer free shipping on your order if it exceeds a certain minimum amount. This is an example of a minimum purchase discount. There are also some shops that would give you a voucher containing a 30% discount if you will purchase a certain amount. For example, the customer can avail 30% discount if he or she would buy a total of $1000 on his or her orders. You may also see prize vouchers.

Multipurpose Vintage Retro Gift Voucher

multipurpose vintage retro gift voucher

Vintage Discount Gift Voucher Example

vintage discount gift voucher example

12. Customer Milestone Discount

Implementing a customer milestone discount would also have a great impact to the customers. These milestones include the customer’s birthday, anniversary, the anniversary of the customer’s first purchase from your shop, or the date they joined your customer loyalty program. In this way, they would feel remembered and treasured. You can reward them with extra discount and free gifts or vouchers, coupons, and gift cards. You may also see business vouchers.

13. Online Purchase Offers

Most purchase transactions nowadays are and can be done online. Hence, many sellers would resort to online selling. Furthermore, online selling can eliminate the cost for the rent the building as compared to selling through physical stores. So if you want to drive and encourage online sales, you may consider giving offers such as incentives to customers who will purchase online. You may also see travel vouchers.

14. In-Person Coupon Offer

Although we are already living in the digital era where the internet is everywhere and is also utilized in online purchasing, there are some buyers who would prefer to take a look at the items they would be purchasing to check them physically. Hence, some shops would still establish their own physical building to cater walk-in and in-person customers. So, if you want to increase your in-person sales, you can offer coupons and vouchers for customers who would visit and buy in your physical shop. You may also see food vouchers.

15. Social Media Incentives

It is stated in the previous points that word-of-mouth marketing is an effective way of earning people’s trust and encouraging them to buy in your store. You have also know that the platform where most people would visit is the internet, particularly the social media sites. However, it is not easy to nudge people to share your products or services as well as your events in their social media sites. Good thing you can give them incentives when they share your post through tickets, vouchers, among others. You may also see expense voucher examples.

16. Retargeted Promotions

There are several online sites and software that would allow you to know who are interested in your site or who visited your site. Knowing who dropped by your shop is important since this will give you a hint that a person is somehow interested in your offer. In order to remind these people to come back, you can give them offers such as discount and sales from your several items. This is a good news for the customer especially when he or she is really interested in your product. This is a great opportunity that must not be missed. You may also see cash vouchers.

Wrap Up

A voucher, being one of the commonly used marketing tool in a company, along with the other effective marketing materials can truly create a positive impact in your company’s revenue especially when you consider some marketing deals for these marketing materials such as the following: pre-launch offers, first-time buyer deals, monthly discounts, seasonal deals, newsletter subscription offers, referral promos, customer loyalty offers, exit intent offer, influencer offer, event attendance offer minimum purchase discount, customer milestone discount, online purchase offers, in-person coupon offer, social media incentives, and lastly, retargeted promotions. You may also see meal vouchers.

So now that you have known the marketing deals that you may offer to your potential customers through your coupons, vouchers, or gift cards, you may start making history regarding your sales by increasing them as well as boosting your branding. The examples of vintage voucher presented in the previous article can be of sure help whenever you need some designs for your voucher. Don’t miss to check them out!

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