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4+ Informative Essay Examples for High School in PDF

Essays. This word may either bring you good or bad memories of high school. It brings you back to the time you were a student writing a good essay and followed the guidelines for writing it. But for those who are still in high school, may this word bring you good memories sooner or later. You may have asked yourself how can I write a good essay? How do I write a good informative essay if I do not know the format or I have no writing skill? You do, you just need practice. This article is going to help you know more about informative essay writing, and some examples to help you get started.

4+ Informative Essay Examples for High School

1. Informative Essay for High School Template

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2. Informative Essay for High School Format

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3. Basic Informative Essay for High School

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4. Fair Project Informative Essay for High School

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5. Informative Essay for High School

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Define Informative

To provide information. To give out important facts. To present useful knowledge that is being asked. 

Define Informative Essay

An informative essay is just another of the different categories of an essay writing. But the difference of this type and kind is that it talks about educating your audience on what topic you chose to talk about.

Function of an Informative Essay

The function of this type of essay is to give out information on a topic. You use an informative essay to analyze facts. However, they do not represent a person’s opinion or to persuade your readers.

Format to Writing an Informative Essay

When you are writing an informative essay, there are steps, guides or rules and format to doing so. Listed below is the format in which you must follow in order to write a good informative essay. The first thing to remember when writing one, is the:

  • Title: Write the title of your essay. Your titles can be anything as long as they fit as informative.  Some samples of essay titles you can talk about are
  1.  The Pandemic
  2.  Vaccinations
  3.  Same sex Marriage
  4. Childhood Marriages
  5. Drug Abuse
  • Introduction: Once you have chosen your title, you may begin to write your introduction. Now you may be thinking how do I make this into an essay? What do I add in the introduction? In the beginning of your essay, you must introduce your topic. Do not immediately state the statistics of your topic. That is reserved in the body of your essay. Your introduction is merely to open the idea of talking about the chosen topic. Say example if you wish to talk about drug abuse, you do not immediately state the full statistics of drug abuse, rather, you introduce the topic, add a little quote or a saying about it.
  • Body: The body of the essay is where you place your statistics report about the topic you chose. When writing the body, remember to put factual and true information. There is no second guessing when writing an informative essay. Every little fact must be true and is supported by known facts. If you ever write something that may not be true or is slightly true, your readers may assume that what you are saying is correct. Also, in the body of the essay, this is where your analytical thinking comes to place. Add them.
  • Conclusion: In your conclusion, you must summarize everything from what you have written from the body. Make your own conclusion and your own thought or opinion about it.

Tips on Writing an Informative Essay

  • Think: Ask yourself what you wish to write. Ask yourself if you can gather the correct information to support your essay.
  • Draft: Start by writing your draft. This will help you gather your thoughts, ideas and facts before writing the actual essay. By using a draft, this will help in the long run.
  • Search: Do your research. This is important in an informative essay. You cannot simply guess the exact number or the correct information without doing your personal research. Also, research can help you know and understand about your topic.


In the body of my essay, does my information have to be factual?

Yes. As this is an informative essay, you must be writing about actual, factual and true information. Unlike another type of essay, this type has to be written with true facts and not fiction.

Can my essay be short or does it have to be long?

A high school essay like this one has its minimum word count will always be 300 and a maximum of 1000. Your essay may be around 300 to 400 words and that is still okay. As long as you reached the minimum word count.

Do I need to site the source of where I got my information?

Yes. You must site the sources of each information used in your essay.

How do I introduce my topic?

State a few general information about your topic. But do not give out everything in your introduction. The body of your essay is where you are able to specify and write what is needed.

There you have it. The format and the guidelines to writing your informative essay. When you write the numbers or the information for this type of essay, do not forget to site what source you took it from. Also do not forget that any type of high school essay the word count must always be a minimum of 300 words but not more than 1,000 words. Drafting before you write your real essay can also save you a lot of time since you only need to take from what you have written and write it to the actual essay. Remembering the tips and format to writing an informative essay will help you in the long run.

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