Retirement Greeting Card

Last Updated: April 28, 2024

Retirement Greeting Card

Eventually, there will reach a point in our lives where we want to live a life free from the burden of work while also claiming what’s duly ours. Even at our 30’s, we already feel that we have been working all our lives and we just want to breathe for a second or take a nap in a cozy chair in a place far away from the city. Can you imagine how pleasant life could be if you would take at least a week off? How about spending a year on a vacation?

Most, if not all of us, would greatly approve if given the chance to retire earlier before the standard retirement age. For some, they might prefer working until the retirement age or until they have the means to live the rest of their lives without a stable source of income. Whatever our preference is, we must know what benefit we can receive if we opt to retire early or not.You may also see floral greeting card examples.

Retirement is the point in a person’s life when one completely ends being employed or being a employer. Generally when a person is retiring, he or she reaches the age where he can no anymore perform a task or job anymore. Retiring is one of the greatest changes in a person’s life so it is both a challenging yet exciting experience for the retiree. To give wishes, express sentiment, or send a farewell message to the retiree, a retirement greeting card is one great avenue to convey the message.You may also see watercolor greeting card designs.

To help you in creating the design for your retirement greeting card, below are the examples of retirement greeting cards with different designs. Additionally, you can also check out the section below on some tips on how to write a retirement speech.

Tips for Writing a Retirement Message

Because we believe that we sometimes run out ideas on what to write, here are some tips that are worth sharing which will definitely assist you in writing a retirement message.

1. Consider the situation

Always take note the efforts and the contributions the retiree has done for the company. Also, gather information about his or her relationship with the management person and other co-workers. In this way, you can get an idea on how much he loved his work and what his feelings might be towards retirement. Retirement can be boring and may entail a great change in one’s life especially if the person has been used to working everyday. If you can gather enough information regarding the retiree’s past as well as his future, then this could help you kick start making the retirement card.You may also see blank greeting cards

2. Be unique

Most of the time, a retirement creative greeting card includes a template with a pre-written text. The text would usually say, “best wishes on your retirement” and other similar phrases. This is one of the most used phrases or content in a retirement greeting card and you definitely don’t want the retiree to receive the same message over and over again.

So, think of new ideas to make your retirement greeting card memorable which will surely leave a lasting impression on the retiree. A plain, simple greeting is perfectly acceptable if you make the message personal.

3. Be mindful of humor or comedy

We always want to include a little bit of humor or comedy in all our messages, retirees included. One of your jokes could center on the retiree miss.You may think that the retiree will miss working so much that you want to crack a joke about the changes that has come in his or her life.

However, no matter how good your intentions are, there are some retirees who are sensitive to retirement jokes. If you are really planning on incorporating some jokes, don’t make it too personal or even yet, inform the retiree ahead of time.You may also see birthday greeting card examples.

4. Acknowledge hard work

Never forget to acknowledge the hard work the retiree has done for the company. You may include his or her awards as well the times retiree had been acknowledged by the company. In this way, you are reminding the retiree of his or her prior efforts in the company as well as reminding him that he will leave the company in good terms. You certainly don’t want to create some sort of conflict between the retiree and other employees, making his exit a sad and heartbreaking one.You may also see funny greeting cards.

A critical part in acknowledging hard work is that you write your own achievements and contributions in the card. Be mindful that the event is not about you but the focus is entirely on the retiree.

Retirement Greeting Card Examples

Happy Retirement Greeting Card with Handmade Braille

Happy Retirement Message Card

Cut Out Retirement Greeting Card

Dachshund Retirement Greeting Card

Dachshund Retirement Greeting Card


Funny Retirement Card

Funny Retirement Card


Happy Retirement Card with Roses

Happy Retirement Card with Roses


Creative Retirement Greeting Card

Retirement Wishes Card

Retirement Wishes Card


Maltese Dog Retirement Card

Happy Retirement Message with Table Setting

Sci-fi Retirement Greeting Card

Sci-fi Retirement Greeting Card


Paper Boat Design Retirement Greeting Card

Paper Boat Design Retirement Greeting Card

Deckchair Retirement Greeting Card

Deckchair Retirement Greeting Card

Statler and Waldorf Retirement Greeting Card

Alternative Retirement Greeting Card

Retirement Greeting Card Printable

Retirement Greeting Card Printable

Advantages and Disadvantages of Early Retirement

Every country has different policies examples in terms of when a person can retire. But individuals don’t need to wait until they are around their 50’s or 60’s as early retirement is always an option. Here is a list of the advantages and disadvantages of early retirement. if you are planning to retire at an early age or know someone who is planning to do the same, the list below can be very helpful.


1. Good for the health

It is a proven fact that taking a permanent leave from work will result in better health polices and conditions. Stress levels will be reduced dramatically while sleeping hours will increase drastically.

2. More time for leisure

Because you stopped working, the time you used to spend on your work will now be transferred to other activities. Now, you have more time with your family, more time to go on a vacation, more time to focus on healthy eating and exercise, and even more time to possibly start your own business plan.

3. Opportunity to start a new career

Retirement can also be a door that leads you to start to your new career assessment where you can be the boss of your own business. Retirement is not the conclusion to someone’s professional life but it can lead to a better career opportunity; a career assessment as a business owner.


1. Lower social security benefits

It is a common fact that the earlier you retire, the lower the benefits you get. This is especially true for social security benefits. So don’t be shocked when you receive lower social security benefits when you retire at 30 or 40.

2. Depression and despair

Some might be overwhelmed by the transition from having a routine work plan to unstructured life, and this might lead to depression and despair. Once you already got used to working, your body clock will also get used to your schedule. But once the moment you retire and most of your days will be spend lying on the couch, there will be a great shift to your circadian rhythm so which will definitely cause some sadness and worst, lower self-esteem.You may also see holiday greeting cards.

3. Savings is probably not enough

Even before you stopped working, you must have already saved enough funds to pay off any expenses the moment you retire from work. Social security benefits aside, what if within year 5 or 10 of your retirement you lose all that savings? And by that time it may be too late for you to start a new career due to your age and skills.

4. Comparing to colleagues is unavoidable

There might be times when you compare yourself to your colleagues who are still working, yet you yourself already stopped for good. This lowers your self-esteem as well as creating a distance with your previous colleagues since you are no longer working together with them.

We hope you enjoyed browsing through our retirement printable greeting cards. They are very attractive and won’t cause you that much. Give the retiree a moment of a lifetime with our collection of retirement greeting card.

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