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In a world where cities have become forested with skyscrapers, various logos can be seen almost everywhere. Take your time to check your surroundings down to your body wears. As you can see, different logo designs have dominated us and we don’t really bother much about. They somehow display our tastes and which businesses or brands we rely the most on when it comes to products and services.

Have you ever asked yourself why logos are important? Well, you might have an unspoken answer or two to that question already. This article provides all the information you need to know about logos, and how much of an impact they have created in our society.

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A Logo’s Purpose in Business

Logos serve as a trademark for a business which makes consumers identify them just from the look of their products. Through the use of logo, a business is more likely to increase its popularity in a market that it’s targeting. They represent your company and your business products or services. Sure enough, there are no companies that do not have logos. And if there are, chances of knowing their business products and services to the market come with extreme rarity. For better understanding let’s discuss the very purpose of logos in a business.

  • Gives face to the company.  It is important for a company to have a logo because it serves as something that represents it. There is a need for you to hire the best graphic artist in the making of your company logo, for the logo has to be appealing to your prospects to give that good impression. First impressions are very important for both prospects and business. If a logo is a failure, the desired rate of public awareness you want for your business might be a great challenge. Hence, the progress of your business would not be as fast as you imagine or might even slow to a stop.
  • Logos are memorable. If your business is new and you have just penetrated a market, the new face of your company catches the attention of prospects. Some company names are not very easy to keep in memory, but logos help prospects remember and take note of your services and products. If your logo is eye-catchy, there is a good chance that they will look up your business services and products via the internet to check on customer reviews and some info about your products. The graphic artist who will be making the logo has to make sure that the logo is unique and original for prospects not to confuse your business with others. In other words, the logo has to naturally commit to your prospects’ minds.
  • Logos influence both prospects and existing customers’ decision. Brand is everything to a customer and looking at a brand’s logo can be one thing that compels him/her to purchase products. Consumers rely heavily on brands that they prefer purchasing products in a brand even if the products are close to being similar with another brand’s. Despite the price difference, customers are more likely to buy some things in an established brand than one that is not because they think the products or services of the latter are not as reliable as of the former’s. Logos form expectations from its customers, and the business has to make sure that these expectations are sated. Needless to say, each time you market a product you must have the perception of a customer.
  • Business logos are business documents. Business logos carry the reputation of companies. This includes customer feedback and general information about your company. Handing advertising flyers, advertising brochures, business brochures, company brochures, or business cards to others with your company’s logo in it is enough reason for consumers to purchase your business products. For example, Apple users always buy when a new Apple product is introduced to the market, not minding so much about the price of it.
  • Effective advertisement. As what is mention above, logo is a very good way in promoting new products and services of your business. A reputable company that is trusted by a great number of people will want to purchase a product that is fresh in the market just by looking at the logo. For new companies, there is a need for a logo to be simple yet attractive to attract the interests of their prospects. It could be a real challenge since there are company logos that are already well-known to different market segments, so you have to make sure that your logo competes not only the products of renowned companies but also the companies themselves.
  • Visual representation of a company down to its core. Aside from being just the face of a company, logos represent the wholeness of a company. Companies have vision, mission, and core values that management and employees live by to achieve the company’s needs. A logo is a sacred symbol of a company since this communicates to prospects, existing customers, and clients. You can see a company’s reliability in the logo from its ads and products.

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Creating an Ideal Logo

Looking at a logo may make you think how simple creating one is. Well, if you think about competing with other companies’ logos, attracting your prospects more than yourself, and other factors it might not be that easy. Not to mention, looking for the best graphic designer with a reputation in the field of making logos. If you think you have done the latter, here are some things to keep in mind to guide you in crafting your company logo:

  • Be original. It is true that there is always an imitation before creation, but apparently, this truth does not apply in designing a logo. You don’t want your company being confused with another because of the close similarities that are palpable in the logo. Your prospects may think that your business is just the class A of the original, hence discouraging future customers to buy your products.  Not only that, building trust to your prospects would be impossible. A new and original logo that penetrates a market inspires market interests and potentially develops a good mind share.
  • Knowledge about the business products and services. Logos rely heavily to the kind of business that it represents. A logo has to be relevant to your products and services, so that prospective customers can also relate to it. They do not only represent your products and services, logos also inform the market about your edge against other brands. A good understanding about your business brings you enlightenment about how your logo should be designed.
  • Make it simply memorable. A complex logo can be hard for prospects to remember the brand. Although it is a challenge to keep the logo simple at the same time captivating, you have to make sure that committing it to memory should not be hard. Keeping it simple and memorable doesn’t mean that you need not exert effort in crafting one. The patterns or typography in it should fall on the degree of the “simplest complex”. Complex in a way that it stands out; simple in a way that it’s easy to remember. Besides, this is not a business competition of whose company has the artsiest graphic designer. Remember, its about the unspoken message in a logo that communicates to its customers.
  • Use the right software. The digital age has greatly affected the field of business that advertising about their products and services are more effective, increasing sales and demands. That being said, you have to make sure that you are using an updated software because of its various editing tools to give you the desired results or even better. The right software ensures that your product will be produced in such a quality that meets your expectations. Ideally,  Adobe Illustrator is the best and the mostly used software in creating logos and different business advertisement.

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Logos are not just products of bizarre imaginations. They are blood, sweat, and tears to a passionate entrepreneur. With a perfect logo, your business will have that air of confidence in reaching out to your prospects in granting their wants, needs, and the satisfaction that only your company can.

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