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People may think that other events associated with an upcoming wedding is irrelevant and unnecessary, but there is nothing wrong with making new memories and cherishing the past and present with parties prior to the wedding. One perfect example for this is a bridal shower. You may also see label designs & examples.

A bridal shower is not only accumulating additional expenses, more than that, it is celebrating love and friendship, and strengthening the bond of the bride-to-be with her friends and family. Although you can’t really compare its significance and importance to the wedding ceremony itself, there is still no harm in celebrating the wonderful moment the bride-to-be is in. You may also like save the date label examples.

A bridal shower is a party held for the bride where the guests give her gifts in anticipation of her wedding. It is a party intended for the bride and her female family and friends; men are typically not allowed to participate in this event. You may also see shipping label designs and examples.

The history of the ceremony is not to give goods for the soon-to-be matrimonial home, but to provide goods and financial assistance to make certain that the wedding may take place.

Traditionally, the event is usually handled by the maid of honor and bridesmaids, but anyone who is willing can throw the event at present. If you look at it from a certain perspective, a bridal shower is really just a right of passage for women to enter into a marital status and the last days of the bride-to-be being single is celebrated and signed off with a fun time. You may also like thank-you label designs and examples.

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Bridal Shower Host Etiquette

If you happen to be the person in charge of throwing the bridal shower of a close friend or a family member, you may feel pressured in planning the perfect bridal shower. You may get frantic and question every decision you make. Will the bride like this theme? Will the guests love these party favors? Is this the right color palette? You are currently facing a handful of tricky issues with your whole planning, but fret not, here is a guide to help you troubleshoot sticky bridal shower situations:

1. When to hold a bridal shower?

A bridal shower is typically thrown a couple of months to a couple of weeks before the actual wedding day. It should be expected that the bride-to-be can have more than one bridal shower, and if you happen to be the host for one of the shower, you have to coordinate with the other host to find out what schedule you are both taking to make sure that both parties do not collide with each other. You may also see graduation label designs and examples.

It will surely be a waste of expense and energy for the bride to attend two bridal showers in one day and you don’t really want to stress her out. If there is no preventing this from happening, you need to consult each other for the guest list to avoid duplication. Although it is typical to invite the bridesmaids, they are not expected to attend both, so you need to make sure your guest list isn’t an exact duplication for the other shower. You may also like bottle label designs and examples.

2. Who hosts and pays for the bridal shower?

It is tradition to not have the bride-to-be’s immediate relatives such as her mother, future mother-in-law, or sister to host the shower since it can be interpreted as them asking for gifts; however, it is typically common for family members to host a bridal shower nowadays. Although it is typically the maid of honor’s or bridesmaids’ task to throw this event. You may also check out different types of warning labels.

The bridal entourage commonly splits the responsibility and duties, so this also means splitting the cost for the whole bridal shower. This means, the person in charge of making a bridal shower also carries the responsibility of paying it unless she has had coordinated with the couple beforehand to help with the expenses. Regardless of who throws the shower, the host alongside the bride should meet guests as they enter the party. You might be interested in address label designs and examples.

3. Where to hold a bridal shower?

There is no strict rule where to hold a bridal shower as it can be held anywhere—restaurants, bars, the host’s or brides home, and so on. If you want the event to be low-key and just between close family and friends, it is better to throw the shower at home, most likely the host’s home.

If you want the shower to be outside the home premises, you can either book a reservation at the bride’s favorite restaurant or any restaurant that serves cuisines that the bride will love, or reserve an exclusive bar lounge where you can all have fun all night, or maybe even book a roller skating rink and do a ’90s disco theme. There are a lot of options out there, just make sure the bride can feel comfortable on her bridal shower. You may also see wine label designs and examples.

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4. Who and when to invite guests?

No matter the amount of guests the host wishes to invite, the invitation should be sent a month to six weeks in advance. And since the bridal shower should be attended by the closest family and friends of the bride, the guests to attend the shower should also already be on the wedding guest list. It is simply not appropriate to invite guests for the shower that are not to be invited on the wedding day itself. The only exception for this rule is during an office shower since it is nearly impossible to invite all of the bride’s colleagues.

As for the invitation, there are various of inspirations and free available bridal shower invitation templates online that you can choose from.

5. What are the bridal shower traditions?

Since the bridal shower has been quite an old tradition for women getting married, it is also common that the event has customs in which the host and the bride has to follow, although it is not strictly required.

There are a few bridal shower traditions that have been passed down from the older generation down to the young ones, such as the groom showing up with flowers before opening the gift, making a bouquet out of the shower gifts’ ribbons and bows, and using it as a substitute the real one during the wedding rehearsal and having something old, new, borrowed, and blue on hand. These are just old traditions during a bridal shower that are still alive to this day. You may also see return address label designs and examples.

6. What games should be played?

Games are just an extra activity you can do so the shower can be more interactive and exciting. However, if the bride specifically requested that no bridal shower games should be played, ask the hostess to make a special effort to draw everyone into the conversation.

But if the bride is willing to have a few fun games during her bridal shower, try games that will make everyone in attendance get to know each other a little better since the guests can come from the bride’s childhood friends and the groom’s aunts and games that will encourage people to talk a little bit about themselves. You may also like bridal shower greeting card designs & examples.

7. How to handle the gifts?

As the host, you should know how to handle the gifts for the bridal shower.

The bride should be encouraged to have her bridal shower gift registry up by the time the invitations are sent. It can also be a good idea to include the couple’s gift registry on the invitation to help those guests who still have no idea what to give as gift to the couple. After all the relevant information are listed on the end part of the attractive invitation, you can include a line that goes “Jane and John are registered at Target and Macy’s” to help  direct the guests to the couple’s wedding gift registry.

However, if the couple still does not have a gift registry by the time the bridal shower invitations are sent, you can add little clues on the invitation to help give the guests an idea; you can include a line on the invitation that says, “If finding a gift is hard to do, any gift from you will do.” You may also check out bridal shower card designs and examples.

8. What about hostess gifts?

A bridal shower thrown by your family and friends in your honor as the bride-to-be is a very generous act. Although a handwritten thank-you note would suffice, the bride-to-be may want to give a special gift to the host for giving her a very fun and wonderful bridal shower. As the bride, you can give the hostess some tickets to a premiere show or a gift box full of small knickknacks. Check out some bridal shower thank-you cards though.

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Final Thoughts

A bridal shower is just a fun way of celebrating the next chapter for the bride-to-be’s life. With her closest family and friends, it is an appropriate time to reminisce on the special memories you have had together, cherish the present and make new wonderful memories together. You may also see bridal shower card designs and examples.

A bridal shower does not need to be some extravagant, over-the-top event, so long as the intimacy and the love for the bride and her special moment is present, the event will surely be a success. The most important thing during a bridal shower is that the bride should feel the love, admiration, and happiness from the people she holds dear. An since the bridal shower is all about the bride, her happiness should be the topmost priority. You may also like personalized wedding designs.

The bride, her friends, and family will always look forward to a bridal shower not only because there’s free food and drinks, but mainly because they get to send off the bride to her new married life. There will never be a right or wrong way to simply plan and throw a bridal shower, so long as the bride enjoys, you can be sure that the event was a complete success.

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