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Everyone wouldn’t want their voices unheard, but some people are just too shy to confide or express, so they end up staying in the dark, unheard. Do you want that? For me personally, no. But how can I express something? How do I start it? Will someone listen to me? Will someone ever acknowledge me? How can I make someone listen to me or read what I have written? These questions kept on haunting us up to the point where we want to give up sharing our message to the world.

Let’s take this perspective on the business side. How will I make my business known to the world? How can I make my clients listen to me or read what I have written?

Additional questions may include the following. How can I advertise my business? Does advertising my business require a lot of money? Do I really need to invest in an advertisement?

The answer is “Why not?” Advertisement designs help businesses a lot by making people aware of your business and update them if you have novel items to offer to the market. It also educates people of innovations in the business industry. Advertisements can reach people from far away cities and countries. It can communicate to even the farthest people on earth.

Having a good advertisement does not really require big investments. A postcard can be an efficient and inexpensive way to advertise. It may be a corporate postcard, a marketing postcard, or a business postcard. Postcards are handy and can be quickly disseminated to people. The advertisement is direct, the wordings are concise, and the information is clear. It is inexpensive because it is just printed in a small piece of paper, and you can make tons of it while only spending a little amount of money.

Business Postcards Samples

Monochromatic Business Postcard


Exquisite Business Postcard


How Can I Capture People’s Attention With My Postcard?

Sometimes, we are worried of how to capture someone’s attention. We want our postcards to be acknowledged and read, but we cannot assure that to happen; worse it could land in the trash bin. No worries. Here are few tips to make your postcards appealing to your target audience.

  • Layout
    1. Design – Think of a design that would make your postcard not so overcrowded but not too simple as well. Be unique, and avoid copying the format or designs of another company. You may refer to their postcards or other competitor’s postcards but never try to imitate their design as they will be recognized and not you, as they are the first ones publishing their postcard designs and not you. Make a name for your industry, and live up to your name. Set quality standards for your design as your company name will reflect the things you’ve incorporated in your design. Do not forget to include your logo in the design because this is your company’s identity.
    2. Color – For the background colors, consider choosing colors that are complementary or supplementary to the color of your text or your logo design. In the color wheel, complementary colors are colors that are opposite to each other. Artists believe that a color that is opposite to a certain color can be a perfect match for your eyes. For example, the complementary color of green is red, and the complementary color of blue is yellow. As for the supplementary colors, these are colors besides each other in the color wheel. One is the supporting color of another if included in the design. For example, green is the supplementary color of yellow. They can make a perfect match if played in a monochromatic way, and their hues set with different saturation. They can blend well using their numerous shades. Just play with the colors!
    3. Headline – This is so important since most people tend to read the headline first, and if their attention is not caught or if they did not get intrigued, they will not anymore proceed to read the whole content. A headline should be bold and readable enough for the audience. The font should not be overly stylish and the size should not be too big nor too small for the main text. This should also be short. Flowery words may be added but only for enhancements. Naturally, this only contains words that are so important and are eye-catchers.
    4. Font – The font should be readable, and just like the font of the headline, it should not be overly styled. A simple style arranged in an orderly manner will do. Choose a font that will complement, if not the same, to the font of your headline.
    5. Typography – Typography is the art of arranging the text properly so it won’t be cluttered to look at. It matters on how you arrange the contents of your postcards because people’s attention can easily be distracted, especially people with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD or OC).
    6. Photography – Choose a photography that has high quality and suitable for your business. You can add enhancements to your photo and you may edit it, but make sure that your edits are realistic and not too far enough to the original one. You may include original captures as these are appealing to the market than the searched ones.
  • Content
    1. Informative – Include all the information you want to extend to your target market. Do not forget a single one because this can raise future questions. Put yourself in the shoes of the customers and ask the things that most people commonly ask. Then, answer it through your postcard.
    2. Brief – Keep the information in your postcard brief. Sometimes, too flowery words can deviate people’s attention and their interest may get lost. Make your content straight to the point.
  • Personalization – You can address the sender by his or her first name to make it more personal. It is believed that our own name is music to our ears. By addressing your target client by his or her personal name, you are extending personal connections to your customers.
  • Discount, promos, and freebies – These are the usual things that most people’s eyes get hooked up. Catch people’s attention by highlighting it or by giving it an emphasis through its font style or size.

Fancy Business Postcard


Creative Business Postcard


Stylish Business Postcard

stylish business postcard

Business Opening Business Postcard


Company Business Postcard

company business postcard

After knowing the above essentials, always remember that you have many competitors than you think. To have an edge over them, you must constantly have an innovation in your marketing strategy and organization in your advertisement. If you are considering a postcard for your advertisement, remember also that every day, people are accepting lots of postcards. You have to think of creative ways how you can attract people and top other competitors’ postcards.

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