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Anyone who has said high school were the best years of their lives obviously didn’t make the most out of their college years. College campuses are nothing less than eventful — with tons of students gathering at different halls and booths every week. But considering how diverse a college audience can be, you would need more than just free refreshments to draw in a crowd. You may also see event invitation examples.

Sending out invitations is a great way to get the good word out there. With an invitation card, you could easily spread information out like wildfire by giving people all that they need to known about a specific event.

2018 Floral College Graduation Invitation Example

2018 Floral College Graduation Invitation Example

Minimalist College Graduation Invitation Example

Minimalist College Graduation Invitation Example

College Events You Shouldn’t Miss

College is weird. It’s like being a teenager and an adult altogether. You go to about two or three classes each day, and spend another couple of hours working in order to pay off your college loan. But in between the chaos of worksheets and project deadlines comes the one thing that makes everything else worth remembering: the ever-so popular college events. You may also see lunch invitation designs & examples.

College events are a big part of the entire college experience. They help release the stress and tension that comes with the heavy workloads that professors stack us with on a daily basis. It can be quite nerve-wracking to keep a close eye on your books all the time, so taking a little breather every once in a while will surely be a long due favor for your own sanity. You may also like business invitation designs & examples.

So whether you’re a college student itching to do something fun and interesting during your free time, or simply organizing a college event for your peers to enjoy, here are some event ideas that might just switch your light bulb:

1. Homecoming

Homecoming is usually meant to be a week-long event celebrated by the whole campus to welcome back students to the new academic year. It’ll be great to meet up with old faces after months of not seeing each other, not to mention greeting a fresh batch of students for their first year of uni. This is also the perfect time for college alumni to come in and take a trip down memory lane to reminisce on the old days. You may also check out party invitation examples.

From pep talks with the school’s varsity teams to homecoming dance on a Friday night, homecoming is the perfect excuse to get dressed and catch up with the people you’d be spending the next couple of months with. Homecoming dances are generally preceded by a sports game, such as football, against the school’s rivals. These events are often carried out to hype students up for another stressful term in college. You might be interested in examples of invitation envelope.

2. Athletic Games

Sports games in college are kind of a big deal. Many of these athletes are scouted during their senior year of high school to play for a given college or university from the moment they graduate. To most of these individuals, this is the perfect opportunity to pursue their dreams in becoming professional athletes in the near future, playing against or alongside the best of the best in the IFAF or the NBA. You may also see birthday invitation designs & examples.

School spirit is highly reflected during these athletic games. For the average student, attending these games can add a little thrill and excitement to your college life. Though these events are already popular in itself, many organizers put up event flyers and send out sports invitations to gather sports fans on and off-campus.

Mini College Graduation Party Invitation Example

Mini College Graduation Party Invitation Example

3. College Parties

Fraternities and sororities are popular social organizations at different colleges and universities around the world. These social groups are prominent in the United States, with a small number existing in places like Canada, France, and the Philippines as well.

If anything, the cliché college experience often depicted by the media only exist because of these groups. These college parties, which include mixers and other similar social events, are arranged to help the organization gain more pledges for their brotherhood or sisterhood to thrive in the social and academic scene. You may also see bridal shower invitation examples.

But keep in mind that these events aren’t as wild as shown on TV, though they tend to go a little overboard at times, these events are merely held to strengthen the relationships of members of these organizations.

4. Conferences and Conventions

Putting the pool parties and booze aside, not all college events are meant to be a scene straight out of the 2012 film Project X.

Many of these events actually focus on branching out the intellectual minds of college students through various activities that tackle different subjects in academics, along with social issues that exist in our modern world. One of these events include the iconic idea-sharing forum TEDx. You may also like examples of wedding invitation design.

In this event, organizers often invite inspiring personalities to give a talk about a particular topic. This is a great approach to interactive learning, and will continue to revolutionize the way we look at things through various accounts.

5 .Charity Events

Since college is one of the stepping stones to building a brighter tomorrow, organizing different types of charity drives will encourage students to make a difference in their own little ways. Keep in mind that simple acts of kindness can go a long way in life. You can have students sign up for volunteer work at your local shelter, or you can even hold a charity ball and gather everyone at the event by passing out a few invitations and charity brochures.

6 .Graduation

You wouldn’t want to miss this event for an obvious reason — it’s your college graduation!

Graduation celebrations are always fun to organize. This is a moment of pride and accomplishment for all that has been achieved in the last four years. Sending out graduation invitations to friends and family can also be a fun experience, especially when you get to see how happy they are for you. You can even host a graduation bash to celebrate everyone’s success. This will certainly put the cherry on top of the whole college experience!

Travel Map College Party Invitation Example

Travel Map College Party Invitation Example

Tips for Creating a College Invitation Card

College students can be pretty hard to please, which is why crafting an invitation card to get them to come to your event can be a challenge.

That being said, here are some guidelines you’d might want to apply for a smooth and hassle-free production process:

1. Identify You Participants.

When planning an event, you need to have a target audience in mind. These are the people that make up the majority of the event’s attendees. For instance, football games are usually targeted towards sports enthusiasts. If you want to convince them to be a part of your event, you need to make an invitation that they could relate to. It must be made relevant to your purpose, and it should address the demands of its intended recipients. You may also see breakfast invitation designs and examples.

2. Indicate Specific Details.

What is the simple invitation for? Where will the event take place? What time do participants need to be there? All these questions must be answered by the information indicated on the invitation card. You must be specific as possible to prevent further questions from being asked. Otherwise, you might just have to deal with all those follow-up messages in your inbox.

3. Keep it Short.

Stop beating around the bush. This isn’t essay writing, so you don’t need to write paragraphs filled with details about what the invitation is for. Rather than forcing people to read a lengthy text, it’s best to keep the content of your invitation as short and concise as possible. This will ensure clarity in communication for better understanding. You may also like baby shower invitation examples.

4. Make it Big and Bold.

If you want to attract attention, then you need to be loud with your invitation. This means creating something that could easily turn heads and speak in volumes for your message to be heard. The best to do so is to use compelling headlines for the cover of your attractive card, along with various design elements that would complement its look.

5. Use Images and Illustrations.

Pictures can speak a thousand words, or so they say.

Including a few images and illustrations in your college invitation card will help convey your message a lot clearer (and a million times louder) for recipients to grasp. Without even reading what the card has to offer, you can immediately tell what it’s for by just looking at these photographs.

Simple Postcard Graduation Invitation Example

Simple Postcard Graduation Invitation Example

Cool Marble Graduation Party Invitation Example

Cool Marble Graduation Party Invitation Example

How to Get People to Your Event

Coordinating an event is one thing, but marketing it is another. You might have the best event ideas out there, but without proper advertising, the whole thing could turn into a complete flop. For this reason, employing the right tactics will definitely be your best option. You may also see business invitation card designs and examples.

From social advertising to referral marketing, there are different ways to reach out to college students in today’s world. Focus on utilizing platforms that are likely to be encountered or used by individuals from this specific market. Say for example, you could use the ‘Events’ feature on Facebook to send out personal invitations to a mass number of people through the social media network.

Not only can you share the event to people who already follow you on Facebook, but with the right images and keywords, this could easily be searchable by the wider online community.

Apart from digital marketing, you could also take advantage of the conventional approach through old-fashioned flyers and word-of-mouth. Approaching people about the event prompts a personal impact that they’re sure to remember, making the decision-making process a no-brainer. With the right strategies, you can leaving a lasting impression with your desired audience. You may also check out official meeting invitation designs and examples.

The initial step to a successful college campus event is to get people to go to the event in the first place. Along with flyers, brochures, and event posters, you could easily create a buzz surrounding your event using a well-crafted college invitation. Investing your time and resources to creating these invitations will help spark up a conversation and guarantee a remarkable turnout for your college events.

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