Conference Poster

Last Updated: April 27, 2024

Conference Poster

When you hear the word conference, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? By definition, a conference is described as a meeting of people who “confer” about a topic.’

Sounds boring, right? It’s is basically just another word for seminar or even a lecture without the quiz. But then again, that is just one way of looking at it. But truth be told, conferences exist as an avenue for attendees and delegates from all concerned agencies and organizations to discuss their ideas and opinions and share their thoughts on how to best respond to these issues brought up and interpret them. You may also see examples of vintage poster design.

2016 Business Conference Poster Example

2016 Business Conference Poster Example

White House Press Conference Poster Example

White House Press Conference Poster Example

Axegio Conference Poster Example

Axegio Conference Poster Example

Advantages of Having Conferences

Brings people together

Working in the media industry, you have the opportunity to attend a lot of conferences and seminars depending on the beat. When you are part of the general beat, you need to find a way to make the topic interesting to the audience that it might get them to read the article. The topics that are discussed in these conferences have varied importance depending on who the attendees are. You may also see examples of poster design.

For instance, if there happens to be a conference about switching from analog technology to digital technology, who do you think are the stakeholders are? And how would this be useful to the public? Can this opportunity open new doorways to a more progressive future?

Provides a joint platform for annual program planning work

Going back to the aforementioned example, what benefit would this serve to the public? Well, for starters, making the switch to digital technology gives users the opportunity to view their favorite TV shows better thanks to a stronger signal and a clearer picture and sound. But what makes this innovation exciting is the fact that it is now possible to incorporate an emergency broadcast channel applied to all TVs nationwide in case of a calamity. You may also like motivational posters examples.

Once that plan gets the go-signal from the right people, both people from the public and private sector can start coordinating together as to how they can implement the emergency broadcast to everyone.

Provides ideas to create a road map

As mentioned before, a conference is perhaps the perfect avenue for people to share their thoughts and ideas with the rest of the world. Just like when King T’Challa finally decided that it was time to open up Wakanda and its vibranium-based technology to society, we ourselves need to learn how to be open how to use that technology for the greater good of humanity. You may also check out wanted poster designs and examples.

Opportunity to invite institutions/individuals from other countries

It is of utmost importance that you include key stakeholders from different parts of the world so that you can hear their insights about what you are planning, what you can do to improve it and what are the necessary steps for you to take to ensure it gets properly executed and not as some haphazardly developed simple plan.

Opportunity to discuss social concerns/issues

If you are an avid follower of recent news, then it is possible that you may have heard of the Dengvaxia that was developed by Sanofi Pasteur. From the word itself, it s a vaccine for dengue that can be availed by infants to parents. However, the vaccine backfired on them by claiming the lives of a couple of young children. This may have been a breakthrough, but it was also not received well from other countries. Until now, discussions are deliberations are being made as to what needs to be done. You might be interested in easter poster template examples.

Orient Tourist Conference Poster Example

Orient Tourist Conference Poster Example

Making Decision Conference Poster Example

Creative City Conference Poster Example

Students benefit the most from conferences

For students to actually benefit from these conferences, these students must have a brief understanding of the issue first. If the speaker will start talking about fake news and the student does not have even have the slightest of what fake news is or even even wonder if fake news is real or not, then he or she is wasting his or her time. You may also see poster billboard designs & examples.

Creative City Conference Poster Example

Creative City Conference Poster Example

Church Event Conference Poster Example

Church Event Conference Poster Example

Tips in Making your Conference Exciting and Not Boring

Choose the right venue

It may be as simple as that, but it’s not. For one, you have to consider the availability of the venue on that certain day. If it happens to be fully booked, then you would have to find another pace or hotel most probably to hold the conference. Another aspect you would have to consider is the vicinity. The place should be recognizable and accessible to all people, otherwise, they would end up struggling to reach there. You may also see campaign poster designs and examples.

You have to figure out as to where most of the people are going to come in from. Finally, it is essential that you consider your budget. Avail as to whatever your budget can afford, but never go beyond the budget.

Serve Nutri-bullet style energy boosting smoothies

Throughout the event – especially on arrival. Upon arriving to conferences, you would normally see some powdered coffee with tea at the side of the hall. Then sooner or later, snacks will arrive. Usually, they would stick to pastries that makes the stomach full and powdered juice. But instead of simply sticking to powdered drinks, why not have a smoothie? Smoothies are a great game-changer to the beverages that can be served in a conference. You may also like printable event poster designs and examples.

They may seem to be more costly and will require more labor and manpower to make them, but in a away, it livens the attention of the audience.

Create an engaging social media campaign

And encourage delegates to be involved and instrumental to proceedings. It all starts with a hashtag on twitter, facebook and/or Instagram and you can take it from there to just about anywhere! There are professional organisations such as ThinkWall or Social Fuel who can help you with this too.

Even if you don’t really know where to start, get some help from a specialist agency and you’ll see a (virtual) world of opportunity open up in front of you! Never underestimate the power of a successful and engaged social media campaign. It’s something to spend money on and is just as important as your venue. Seriously.

Promote it with a video

So the people behind the event are up front and personal. In today’s interactive world, it seems the only way to get their attention is with a video. You may talk about it and end up using Powerpoint presentations to try and get their attention. But that will ultimately fail for the fact that it is not an attention-grabber. You may also see labor day poster templates.

Content is king, but time is gold. And since the attention span of the audience is known to be short, you have to do your best to include the necessary content and dispose of the rest. The content in a way should be innovative and original that might give the crowd a reason not to fall asleep and pay attention to the video.

There needs to be something for everyone

Everyone attends the conference or seminar for very different reasons. It is possible that you cannot cater to all of them. But that does not mean you stop trying, it means that your presentation must be as vast and as thorough and as detailed as possible so that everyone might gain some insight on the said topic that they did not know before. You may also like scientific poster designs and examples.


And when I say ‘transport’ I mean more than just transport. You have a unique opportunity to transport your delegates to another dimension, not just another venue. The ill-fated “Battersea bullet train” is the greatest example.

If you’re interested in what would have been London’s most sensational entertainment complex then you can read about it here but essentially, it was a three minute, one-mile journey made to feel a whole lot further via a 4D experience – vibrations, sped up projection and illusion were all used to dramatic effect. The point is that if you can use transport as a major feature within your event and if the ‘getting there’ is an integral part of proceedings then you’ll seduce your audience. You may also check out chalkboard poster designs and examples.

Think of it as ‘event foreplay’ – you don’t necessarily want to dive straight into the keynote session, right? It needs to be easily accessible yet at the same time stimulating. What if your delegates didn’t even know where they were going?

Cool Women’s Conference Poster Example

Cool Women's Conference Poster Example

Design Conference Poster Example

Design Conference Poster Example

Purple Women’s Conference Poster Design Example

Purple Women's Conference Poster Design Example

Annual Business Conference Poster Example

Annual Business Conference Poster Example

Ensure your content is original

Send out teasers too, just to whet their appetites and get them in the mood. Anticipation is the new pre-event publicity because your own delegates become your own publicists. Your event content needs to be desirable, valuable and unobtainable elsewhere. Of course, a dynamic delivery from an inspirational speaker accentuates the whole experience enormously. The power of a personality is worth spending serious money on because it’s rarer than you think – a great speaker with a great story is almost priceless. You may also see birthday poster designs and examples.

Provide plenty of food, throughout the event

Admit it or not, you are there for the food. Yeah sure, you get to learn something from the conference, but you are mostly there for the free food. And since it normally comes in a buffet-style, well, everyone can sit back and enjoy the foo that is prepared for them.

Above all else, make sure it’s FUN!

Try your best not to bore your audience out. Once you do, they will just end up sleeping without having learned a single thing from the conference. And as a result, you would have wasted your time and the audience’s. Interact with them, make jokes, share stories, keep it lively, but most importantly, never make your tone monotonous. You may also like simple billboard designs and examples.

Thank you for reading. Make sure you purchase one of our designs for your next conference.

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