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You could be one of those people who have a lot of smart goals under their sleeves. You could also be one of those people who constantly need the motivation to work on their goals because we all know how difficult the process is in order to reach all of our goals. That is why most of us have a motivational poster stuck on our walls in order to keep ourselves feel motivated even without the help of others.

Table Motivational Poster Example

Table Motivational Poster Example

Most motivational posters we know of contains wonderful images and, most importantly, motivational quotes that further tries to intensify the spark that is already in us.

Need more inspiration to help you lose or gain weight? To keep on seeing the good in life despite all of the hardships you are going through? To drive you to always strive for improvement in every single day of your life? Then these fifteen motivational poster examples we have here in this article can definitely help you in keeping yourself motivated to achieve all of the things you want to get from your life  You may also see event poster designs & examples.

Successful Woman Motivational Poster Example

Successful Woman Motivational Poster Example

No Quitting Motivational Poster Example

No Quitting Motivational Poster Example

Create Personalized Motivational Posters

Do you want to give a motivational poster to a loved one without buying those generic motivational posters you can buy at the mall? Or do you just want to give yourself some booster since you are feeling down and that you feel like giving up on reaching your goals?

A personalized motivational poster is just perfect for you! Now by “personalized”, this does not only mean that you will personally create the motivational poster but you also be able to design the motivational poster in a way that it would get in sync to the personality and the needs of the recipient of your gift. You might be interested in easter poster template examples.

With that, here are the steps on how to create a personalized motivational poster that will surely help in fueling up the fire that is already in you or in the heart of the recipient of your personalized motivational poster:

1. Find The Perfect Inspirational Quote

It is easy to look up for motivational quotes online but it quite tricky and challenging to find that can definitely move the heavy burdens in your heart. It will also be definitely difficult especially if you cannot determine your actual feelings because you do not know what feelings you should target on.

However, it would not be bad if you would look up on websites that offer a wide variety of quotable quotes should you want to look for something that can fuel up your drive. You can come across some quotes from famous authors, musicians, public figures, influencers and practically anyone– you can even look upon the social media accounts of your inspiring friends and even the latest words of advice from your family and friends that could be found in your chat boxes. You may also like examples of poster design.

You could also create your own quote and that is something that is indeed very personal and that it will definitely give you the drive and motivation during your down times because it will remind you of the reason why you started.

The inspirational quote is the most important element of your motivational poster; you can actually ditch the other elements of your motivational poster but definitely not the inspirational quote because that is the part where you can get your fuel from. You may also check out wanted poster designs and examples.

If you are to give the motivational poster to a friend or a family member as a gift, make sure that the quote that you are going to choose is something that suits them or something that can help them in their current situation or in reaching their goals.

Abstract Motivational Poster Example

Abstract Motivational Poster Example

Enjoy the Little Things Poster Example

Enjoy the Little Things Poster Example

2. Designing Your Motivational Poster

Now that you have already chosen the perfect quote for your motivational poster, it is now time to deal with the creative aspect of your motivational poster which is the design.

First of all, you have determined the excellent background for your motivational quote. Be it an image or just a solid or gradient color, make sure that it’s just right. Do not go overboard by adding a lot of background images for your motivational poster because that might overshadow the importance of the quote– simply create a perfect balance between the imagery and the text. You may also like printable event poster designs and examples.

Once you have finalized the background of your motivational poster, it is now time to add your motivational quote. The things you should keep in mind when adding your motivational quote is the font size, font style, and the font color. For the font size, make sure that it is big enough to read from afar but not too big that it’s eating up the entire space of your attractive poster including space for your background (unless you want a full typography design for your motivational poster).

Do not also make the font size microscopic because this defeats the purpose of trying to inspire somebody since they have to move closer to the poster before they would get inspired.

When it comes to the font style, make sure that it is readable. There are some fonts that are too fancy that you could almost not understand a single thing. There are a lot of font styles you can download for free across the Internet, make sure that you are using the best font style out there. With the font color, make sure that it does not have the same color with your background because that would only make your motivational quote unreadable. You may also check out campaign poster designs and examples.

Choose the best color for your motivational quote that contrasts well with the background. Or you could also make use of a box where you can place the motivational quote on and just decrease the opacity of the box so it will not also cover up the background of your motivational poster. You may also like poster billboard designs & examples.

Fitness Motivational Poster Example

Fitness Motivational Poster Example

3. Print Your Motivational Poster

After finalizing the design element of your motivational poster, it is now ready for printing!

Now, keep in mind that what you are going to print is a poster, meaning that it has to be large enough to be seen from a few meters away. That also means that you should not print it using a tiny card. You could at least use an A4 size of paper or a letter-size. It is also recommended that the GSM, or the grams per square meter, of the paper is high because it means it’s thicker compared to a regular bond paper. It would be best to have your motivational poster be printed on a thick sheet so that it would be durable enough. You may also see labor day poster templates.

Your personalized motivational poster is now set! You can now wrap it up and give to a dear friend or a family member or you could start hanging it at the part of your house where you frequent at so you could get motivated for most of the time!

Modern Office Motivational Poster Example

Modern Office Motivational Poster Example

Michelle Obama Motivational Poster Example

Michelle Obama Motivational Poster Example

Jane Eyre Motivational Poster Example

Jane Eyre Motivational Poster Example

Happiness Motivation Poster Example

Happiness Motivation Poster Example

Ways to Motivate Yourself

Sure, you may have already followed all Tumblr, Instagram, and Twitter accounts that are all about inspiration and motivation, but unfortunately, their posts simply do not work for you to get that drive burning. It is really hard to keep yourself motivated especially during those down times wherein all you could think about is just to quit reaching your goals and just accept the fact that you can never achieve it. You may also see conference poster designs and examples.

But do you know that when you are feeling down, it actually means that you should never even dare think of quitting? So how can you do so when you are already feeling down? You might ask “how am I supposed to think positive when I am already feeling down?”.

You are lucky enough to get across with this article because we will tell you ways on how to keep motivating yourself even at the time when you are feeling so lost and down. With that here are some simple ways on how to motivate yourself to just keep doing things for your goals in life:

1. Write down your goals

Write down your goals and why you so badly want to achieve it. It will help you clear up your mind with all those fogginess that your self-doubt brings.

2. Know what makes you smile.

It could be videos of cute babies or cute pets. You could even list down or just sit down and think about all those happy memories in your head and that alone can improve your mood and get motivated again. You may also like hanging poster designs and examples.

3. Do pressure yourself too much.

If you pressure yourself too much, the tendency is that you will feel down easily once you will encounter failures.

4. Have an inspirational playlist.

Here’s a good and chill tip: just sit back, relax, and tune into a playlist that can definitely inspire and motivate you again.

5. Reward yourself from time to time.

Whenever you accomplish little things, make sure you also reward yourself with little things as well. This can hype you up by giving yourself a hint of what would feel like when you would finally reach your major goals in life. you may also check out travel poster examples.

6. Print and post motivational posters on your walls!

Well, this is what the article is all about that is why you should not miss downloading one of the motivational posters we have uploaded here that you can make use of when you want to be motivated. You can also use it as a home decor that can add spice and color to your home. You might be interested in scientific poster designs and examples.

Loved the motivational posters we have here? Make sure you download them!

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