Chalkboard Poster

Last Updated: April 27, 2024

Chalkboard Poster

In today’s society, especially in the marketing aspect, we really need to disseminate every bit of information that the public must know in order for them to be aware that you are existing. Whether you are representing a company or just you yourself as an individual, you must present the information that are due to the people.

With various media that are utilized for promotion and advertisement, we see to it that we maximize our resources in marketing and advertising expense. In the aspect of printed media, a posters is among the commonly used tools to disseminate information to the public as it is proven effective and is less costly as compared to other printed media. You may also see examples of advertising poster design.

Posters may contain different types of information depending on the purpose of the advertisement or promotion. It can be used to inform people for the coming of a certain event, and it can also be used as a promotional too for a company’s newly launched food menu. There are a lot of things that may be the subject and purpose of a poster which will be discussed in the later sections of this article.

Restaurant Chalkboard Poster

Restaurant Chalkboard Poster

What Is a Poster

Typically, a poster is a piece of paper to be attached to a wall or any vertical surface for the people to see. A attractive poster usually consists of graphics and text that must be both eye-catching and informative. Posters are commonly a tool for advertising as it holds information and communicate a message to the intended audience. They are generally preferred by marketers as the cost for printing posters is lower compared to other printed media.

With this, they can also be used to reproduce artworks for they are lesser in cost compared to the original artwork. The artist reproducing the artwork must clearly inform the audience that the piece is a just a copy and not the original one. Other purposes are discussed below.

Types of Posters

As has been said, there are various types of posters according to their purpose and what information they give to the public. Here are several types of posters that we can commonly see in the public areas:

1. Propaganda posters

There are purposes that are used for propaganda purposes, persuasion, or motivation especially during wartime. Famous posters during the First and Second World Wars that is considered as recruiting posters are “Lord Kitchener Wants You” posters from the UK and the “Uncle Sam wants you” posters from the USA. You may also see examples of vintage poster design.

There are also posters that warned foreign spies such as the “Loose Lips Sink Ships” in Canada. Some posters like those that are produced by the Soviet Union also became iconic representation of the Great Patriotic War. There are also influential posters such as the Shepard Fairey’s Barack Obama “HOPE” poster.

2. Movie posters

Movie posters, or film posters, are also an easy way to sell film pictures. Most major films produced posters that can be sold for a certain amount that can be included in the film’s sales on top of the sales on the cinemas. There are movie poster collectors who make poster collections as their major hobby. You may also like easter poster template examples.

Some famous posters can even be sold for an unexpected amount. For example, a poster of Fritz Lang’s 1927 film Metropolis from the Reel Poster Gallery in London was purchased for $690,000. Other examples are The Mummy poster for $334,600 and The Black Cat and Bride of Frankenstein for $334,600.

Birthday Chalkboard Poster Sign

Birthday Chalkboard Poster Sign

Chalkboard Poster with 18 Graphic Choices

Chalkboard Poster with 18 Graphic Choices

3. Travel posters

There are also perfect posters that propose or advertise travel destinations. They are typical during the summer season when people often want to have a getaway or a summer vacation. Usually, included in the poster is the amount of the trip, as well as the promos that you can avail if you sign up or register earlier or you will avail a package.

It all depends on the company advertising the travel on what other perks to include in their poster to make it more attractive and appealing to the people. They must also place them on areas where they think are conducive to the public, especially their target market.

4. Event posters

Event posters, as the term suggests, are posters that are used to advertise events and activities. Any sort of event can be included in an event poster. The event may be about a sports tournament or competition, concerts, art events, among others. These serve to inform people of the time and venue of the event as well as if there is something that they must bring during the event.

The event manager must disseminate the event poster days or even months before the event so it would circulate well in the public and more and more people will be reached if there are still ample of time left before the event.

5. Music posters

Music posters are those posters that showcase an artist or a group of musician or band that are popular and favorite of many people. They can be typically seen in a teenager’s bedroom as well as in college dorm and apartments. Fans of a certain band group or musician would usually buy their posters to show support to the band and also for collections. You may also see poster billboard designs & examples.

Music posters commonly feature the picture of popular rock bands and artists. Some of these posters are blacklight posters or those that are designed to have a special effect under a blacklight or ultraviolet light. Sometimes, a music poster can also mean event poster, as they contain information regarding the concert of a certain popular band or artist.

The Authentic Chalkboard Bundle

The Authentic Chalkboard Bundle

First Birthday Chalkboard Poster

First Birthday Chalkboard Poster

Wedding Chalkboard Poster

Wedding Chalkboard Poster

Chalkboard Backgrounds XL Edition

Chalkboard Backgrounds XL Edition

6. Pin-up posters

Pin-up posters, or simply called pinups or cheesecake posters, are posters with pictures of attractive women designed to be displayed. These posters become popular in the 1920s and especially in the late 1970s and into the beginning of the 1980s.

These years are considered boom years for large poster that contain television actresses. The most popular actresses in pinups during the second World War are Betty Grable and Jane Russell, and during the boom years, Farrah Fawcett and Cheryl Tiegs paved their way in the spotlight of pin-up posters. You may also like labor day poster templates.

7. Affirmation posters

Affirmation posters are referred to as decorative posters that are used to motivate or inspire the audience. Especially in today’s world where many people are having negative thoughts and a lack of motivation, affirmation posters are needed to lift up their spirits and give them hope. You may also check out campaign poster designs and examples.

There are also some who need motivation to get up and go to work or school, and there are also those that need motivation to go on with the difficult life. Affirmation posters usually contain inspirational quotes or Bible verses that can enlighten the mind of the person reading or just give him or her a ray of hope and confidence.

8. Publications

A popular publication with regard to posters are the comic book posters that gained popularity int he 1960s. This led to a mass production of comic book posters in the 1970s and even until today. Comic book poster usually features characters in a comic with a variety of action poses. These can be classified as promotional posters and retail posters. Promotional posters are those that promote a certain comic and usually comes in fold. You might be interested in outdoor billboard designs & examples.

On the other hand, retail posters are those that are intended as a decoration for homes and are usually rolled. They usually come in different sizes but the large ones are mostly preferred by the fans and collectors.

9. Educational posters

There are also posters that are used for educational purposes in school and even in graduate school. These posters can be categorized as follows: research posters or poster sessions and classroom posters.

Research posters or poster sessions are usually used in academic and education to promote and explain a work of research. They are usually used and show during a conference as a complement to a talk or as a publication. Although there are less importance as compared to the actual articles, they can serve as a good introduction to a new piece of research before publication and can considered as gray literature. They are typically not peer viewed but instead can be submitted. You may also see examples of minimal billboard advertising.

On the other hand, classroom posters are those that are posters that are posted in schools and institutions featuring a relevant topics discussed in school. There are a variety of classroom posters which include but are not limited to the following: alphabet and grammar, scientific tables, periodic table of elements, numeracy tables, safety and other instruction, artworks and displays by the students, as well as advertising tie-ins such as a presentation of a historical or other informative movie relevant to the topics being discussed. You may also like examples of billboard designs & examples.

Printable Woodland First Birthday Chalkboard Sign

Printable Woodland First Birthday Chalkboard Sign

Chalkboard Seafood Poster Design

Chalkboard Seafood Poster Design

Return To Sender Font Chalkboard Poster

Return To Sender Font Chalkboard Poster

Jungle Milestone Birthday Chalkboard Sign

Jungle Milestone Birthday Chalkboard Sign

Chalkboard Italian Pizza Poster Design

Chalkboard Italian Pizza Poster Design

Merry Christmas Chalkboard Set

Merry Christmas Chalkboard Set


Among the typically used printed media for promotion, advertisement, and information is the poster. A poster usually contains graphic prints and texts containing information for a lot of purposes depending on the type of the poster being released.

There are a lot of types of posters, and the most common are the following: propaganda posters, movie posters, travel posters, event posters, music posters, pin-up posters, affirmation posters, publication, and educational posters. These posters are different from each other as they have different purposes to serve. You may also check out food billboard designs & examples.

Hence, if you are going to create your own poster, know first what is the purpose of your poster or what your poster is all about. From then, decide on how are you going to present your information for it to be attractive and appealing to the public. We would be happy to help you with your design through the examples of chalkboard posters presented in the section above.

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