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More than half of the world’s population observe Holy Week, with the last day of the week, which is a Sunday, being celebrated as Easter Sunday. It is not only the day when kids hunt for Easter eggs, but most importantly it is the day when Jesus Christ resurrected from the dead. This Christian tradition has been celebrated for centuries and has been passed down from one generation to another. On Easter Sunday, families and friends usually gather for a celebration– go to the beach, eat at a restaurant, go on a road trip, etc.

Celebrations are aplenty during Easter, so various designs are also created to commemorate the special occasion. If you are looking for Easter-related designs, here are some you should highly consider and purchase (don’t worry, they’re cheap). Check them out below!

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Easter Symbols and Their Interpretations

1. Egg

How did eggs become the official symbol of Easter? The practice of coloring and designing eggs were observed during ancient rituals in Africa as evidenced by a 60,000-year-old decorated and engraved ostrich egg. In those ancient periods, eggs were a symbol of death and rebirth, and were also painted with gold and silver to associate with kingship. These influences were adapted by the Christian and Islamic cultures through religious, political, and mercantile links from around the Mediterranean. You may also see animated greeting cards.

Since then, for hundreds of years, eggs were painted, dyed and decorated to represent new life and new dawn. For Christians, it is said that the egg is a representation of Jesus in the tomb where he broke forth and rose again. Eggs with red paints are also a symbol of Christ’s blood shed on the cross. You may also see vintage greeting cards.

2. Bunny

Aside from the Easter egg, bunnies or hares are also one of the most popular Easter symbols. The Easter bunny symbol can be traced back to the 1500’s in Germany where it was the first mentioned through writing. It is believed that a bunny will lay red eggs on Holy Thursday, and lay more multicolored eggs a day before Easter Sunday. These beliefs were then brought to America by German settlers. You may also see vector designs.

3. Baskets

Traditionally, it has been a Catholic custom of bringing food to the mass for it to be blessed by the priest. This is somewhat similar to the pagans where they would take their first harvest to the temple to thank the fertility goddess for bountiful blessings and abundance. They did this during their celebration of the Eostre festival. Today, baskets are instead filled with colorful eggs as well as toys, sweets, and other treats. You may also see christmas cards.

4. Lilies

Another symbol of the Easter celebration is the lily, which is commonly used for decorations. For the pagans, lilies symbolized purity and honesty. In Christian practice meanwhile, lilies are also associated with purity as they symbolize the purity of Jesus Christ. You may also see pop up banners.

5. Hot Cross Buns

This Easter symbol can be traced back to England, where they are mostly baked and consumed during Good Friday. Years before the buns were baked for the Lenten season, hot cross buns were already made to celebrate a feast called Eostre. During this festivity, people offer an ox as a sacrifice while baking buns having a design of an ox horn symbol. However, when Christianity took over, the ox horn was replaced with a cross to symbolize of the crucifixion and sacrifice of Jesus. You may also see fall greeting cards.

6. Easter Candles

In many Christian churches around the world, Easter candles were lit during a mass to commemorate the resurrection of Jesus after three days. The candle light represents how Jesus rose from the dead and conquered the grave. Additionally, the light is a symbol of hope for humanity to be saved from earthly sins.

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Easter Symbols and Their Interpretations (continuation)

7. Lamb

During the ancient times when people committed a sin, they would sacrifice an animal, preferably a lamb, and offer it to the altar to compensate and cleanse them of their sins. It was said that the bigger and greater your sins were, the bigger your animal sacrifices should be. When Jesus was born in the flesh and dwelled with the people, his mission was to let the kingdom of God be known. However, it is was predetermined that Jesus becomes the sacrificial lamb for the people to compensate for their sins. Hence, Jesus was the lamb who was slain. You may also see watercolor greeting cards.

8. Palm Branches

The history of why palm branches are used as an Easter symbol can be traced back to ancient Christian texts when Jesus first arrived in Jerusalem. The people were waving palm branches at him to symbolize his arrival in the city. Since then, churches have bee using palm branches to commemorate the start of holy week where Jesus was eventually betrayed, crucified, and then resurrected.

9. Cross

It has been widely known that the cross is a symbol of Jesus as he was crucified over 2,000 years ago. Even today, this iconic symbol has been an integral part in many Christian celebrations including Easter. The cross is a symbol of honor, life, and sacrifice. You may also see illustration designs.

10. Pretzels

There are numerous parts in Europe where pretzels are prepared and served only during Lenten season. Pretzels were desisgned to look like a cross arm folded in prayer, and represented fasting and penitence, with the three holes in the pretzel symbolizing the holy trinity.

11. Butterfly

Surprisingly, only a few people know that a butterfly is also a symbol used during Holy Week. The life cycle of the butterfly is compared to the life of Christ. The first stage (caterpillar) stands for the life of Christ while he was still on earth, with the second stage (cocoon) representing his death and burial, and the third stage (butterfly) representing his rebirth. The butterfly eventually symbolizes his resurrection from the dead, making it an appropriate symbol for Easter. You may also see anime greeting cards.

So, there you go, some Easter egg designs (AI, PSD) which you should purchase and use for your Easter-themed events. We also included some other Easter symbols which will give you an idea on what designs to use (aside from the egg). Happy Easter!

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