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There are lots of reasons as to why you would want to hold a party, but that means you’ll also need to create invitations that will match the kind of party you’re going to have. For example, you send out surprise party invitations so that guests will know that it has to be kept secret from the celebrant.

Another would be sending out retirement party invitations to share with everyone that you want to celebrate someone finally retiring from his/her profession. But what if you’re planning on holding a farewell party for someone that’s going away? This would mean that you need to make farewell party invitations and this article will teach you how to do just that.

Vintage Farewell Party Invitation Template

vintage farewell party invitation template

Floral Farewell Party Invitation Template

floral farewell party invitation template

Watercolor Farewell Party Invitation

watercolor farewell party invitation template

How to Create a Farewell Party Invitation

If you want to make a good farewell party invitation, then be sure that it has the following:

1. Reason for the Farewell Party

While it’s pretty obvious that you’re holding the party because you’re trying to send someone off, but the main question is: Why is that person going away? It’s like when you send out dinner party invitations and the invitees are wondering what the occasion is. Make it clear as to why you’re holding the farewell party. Is it because someone needs to go away to military camp for a long period of time? Is that person finally retiring after staying many long years in a certain company? Just put the reason on the invitation.

2. The Location

You want to be really specific when you’re writing out the venue of where the party is going to be held. Also, try to go for places that will work out well with the kind of farewell party that you’re going to hold. You wouldn’t want something like sending out bbq party invitations, only to have the venue in a place with little to no ventilation now do you? Remember that you have to write down the complete address as you don’t want your guests to end up somewhere else.

Elegant Farewell Party Invitation

elegant farewell party invitation template

Modern Farewell Party Invitation Template

modern farewell party invitation template

Classic Farewell Party Invitation

classic farewell party invitation

Farewell Party Invitation Card Example

farewell party invitation card

Farewell Party Invitation Template

farewell party invitation template

Free Chalkboard Farewell Party Invitation Template

free chalkboard farewell party invitation template

Free Vintage Farewell Party Invitation

free vintage farewell party invitation template

3. The Time and Date of the Party

You want your guests to arrive at the time that you specify, so you have to make sure that you write down the date and time of when the party is going to start. Because there have been situations wherein some send invitations Disco party invitations with the wrong date and time, causing guests to arrive late or not arrive at all! like, Be sure that you write down the exact date and time or else your invitees will think that it’s a day, a week, or even a month ahead or before the actual date of the party.

4. The Right Images

No matter what kind of images you have to place into your invitation, you have to make sure that they match the kind of party that you’re going to hold. So if you’re going to create Funny party invitations, then you have to use images that showcase that like a funny clown or anything else that’s wacky. So since it’s a farewell party, it’s best that you stick with the picture of a person that’s going to be leaving, topped with a design that matches with the mood of the kind of farewell party that you decided to go with.

Free Farewell Party Invitation

free farewell party invitation

Printable Farewell Party Invitation

farewell party

Event Farewell Party Invitation

event farewell party invitation

Going Away Party Invitation

going away party

Military Farewell Camp Invitation

military farewell camp invitation

BBQ Farewell Party Invitation

bbq farewell party invitation

5. The Name of the Celebrant

You can’t invite people to a party if they don’t even know who it’s being celebrated for. Whether it’s a Pool Party InvitationsKids Party Invitations, or even your farewell party invitation, you need to specify who the party is for. This way, the invitees will have an easier time in knowing what they should bring for the celebrant as a gift (assuming that you pointed out that they need to or if they just want to hand one over because they want to). Also, be sure that you emphasize the name of the person to whom you’re celebrating the party for.

Tips for Writing Your Farewell Party Invitations

Here are a couple of tips that will help make your farewell invitations even better!

1. Have a Good Greeting

Greeting someone via invitation is always important as it sets the tone as to what kind of party you’re planning to hold. Because let’s say that you’re greeting starts off in a way like “Happy holidays to you and your family!”, that’s obviously meant for Holiday Party Invitations. So if you’re going for a more formal farewell party, then you can start with “You are cordially invited to”. Just be sure that your greeting matches with the tone of your party and everything should be fine.

Graduation Farewell Party Invitation

graduation party invitation

Navy Farewell Invitation

navy farewell invitation

Elegant Farewell Invitation

elegant farewell invitation

Colorful Candies Farewell Party Invitation

colorful candies farewell party invitation

Rustic Farewell Party Invitation

rustic farewell party invitation

Vintage Farewell Party Invitation

farewell party

College Farewell Party Invitation

college farewell party invitation

Flying High Farewell Party Invitation

flying high farewell party invitation

Open House Farewell Party Invitation

open house farewell party

2. Use a Font that Will Make the Invitation Easier to Read

If your invitees can’t even read what you’re invitation is trying to say, then it’s best that you didn’t even bother sending them at all! You want to use fonts that will clearly tell the reader as to what the party is going to be for, when the party is going to take place, who the celebrant is going to be, where the party is going to be held, etc. Just be sure that the font you choose won’t end up confusing whoever it is you’re sending your farewell party invitations to.You may also see Frozen Party Invitations

3. Don’t Throw About Too Many Images in the Design

You want these people to be able to read whatever is on your invitations, so cluttering it with so many different images won’t exactly help them in that regard. While it may be nice to put in a bunch of different images and designs into the invitation because it might help it look good, it’s not exactly what you want to do if you want the readers to get straight to the point of the invite. So just put in at least one, two, or even three images to keep your invitation clean, while at the same time ensuring that it’s still nice to look at.You may also see DJ Party Invitations

If you want to learn more about how to create party invitations or just about any other types such as thank you invitations or even dance party invitations, then all you have to do is go through our site, find the articles that have the information that you need, and utilize the information that should be able to help you out.

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