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Of the different methods used in marketing to promote, advertise, announce, and disseminate information, there are several tools that stood the test of time. Collateral like brochure examples, pamphlets, and flyers are among them. They remain popular despite them being common to the business industry.

If you are new to the business world, you may think of not going with the trend of using those marketing collaterals for the promotion of your products and services for those are already a cliche to the market and may have already been an overused marketing strategy. The idea may seem right, but try to think again. Why are marketers continue to use those strategies even though it has already been used for decades or even centuries now?

Flyers, brochures, and pamphlets may already be common as a promotional tool, but marketers and business entities continue to use them as they have already proven themselves for the past years that they are still as effective as ever as a marketing tool. They are less costly compared with the other marketing tools and convenient and handy—the reason why it can be easily disseminated to prospective customers.

In this article, we will be focusing on one of the commonly used marketing tools, flyer and, specifically, sports flyers. Below are the types of flyers that one must know in order to decide what design fits best for his flyer. Additional information on the types of paper, sizes, and finishes for your flyer can be found as you further keep on reading. You may also like fitness flyer designs.

Sports Flyer Examples

We now know that flyers serve as a promotional and marketing tool. There are various events in which flyers are used, and one of those events is a sports event or any event related to sports. Here are several sports event flyer with different purposes and designs.

Golf Flyer Example

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Winter Sport Flyer

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Football Invitation Flyer


Types of Flyers

Flyers come in different types. The different types of paper are also used differently, and there are several types that are best for a certain kind of promotion or example of advertisement. Here are also tips on when to use the different types of flyers.

1. Bi-Fold

This type of paper is very common to business entities as this is very handy and can be easily read. This can also be easily printed with less hassle and can contain huge information for dissemination to prospective and current customers. They can usually be seen on the desk of the service information area or on the front desk of a certain company. You may also like event flyer designs.

2. Tri-Fold

This is similar to bi-fold only that it is folded thrice, as its name suggests. It can also be displayed on front desks and can be easily distributed as it is very convenient and handed because it usually comes in small size and the details of the information presented on its face are compact and full. You may also like multipurpose flyers.

3. Leaflets

A leaflet is one of the easiest types of flyers to disseminate as it is a single-fold paper and can easily be handed to other persons or be inserted into books and notebooks. It is proven effective since it can easily be passed on to passing people especially in busy streets as well as in areas that cannot be usually reached by advertisements. It can be placed in front doors, on gates, on windshields, in mailboxes, etc. You may also like invitation flyer designs.

4. Digital Brochures

This is an online form of advertisement. Instead of disseminating papers as flyers, the advertisement is done online. The design is digital, and the file must be readable in different types of format in the different operating system of a computer for it to be an efficient and effective marketing tool. Companies and business entities who are using such brochures will send such file to partner sites so that the partner sites will help in disseminating the material.

5. Door Hanger

This type of flyer is designed with a hole for it to be easily slid onto door handles in homes or offices. This is also proven to connect with people personally since this flyer can be easily seen on plain sight. It is also being endorsed to the customers right in front of them, and the advertisers handing them need not meet them face to face or pass it through the hand for they can just hang them on the door handles and leave them after. However, it might not be noticed immediately especially if the house owner will not bother to check what is hanging on his or her door handle. You may also like concert flyer examples.

Bowling Tournament Flyer

413 1024x745

Football Sundays Flyer Template

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Football Sport Flyer

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Rugby Flyer Sample

719 1024x681

Bowling Tournament Flyer

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Paper Types, Sizes, and Finishes

Flyers come in different types, sizes, and finishes, and each type has its definite purpose which fits a certain flyer type. But before that, know first that papers are measured by grammage, the thickness of a paper, which is indicated as grams per square meter (gsm).

1. Handouts or Handbills

Handouts or handbills have usually 90 gsm, which is a very thin one. It is considered as the lightest and the cheapest among the paper categories. It can have a gloss or matte finish depending on your choice. Paper finishes are discussed in the next sections. You may also like marketing flyer examples.

2. Advertising

The ideal gsm for advertising flyers is 135 gsm. It is sturdy and thicker than printing paper. Businesses who are considering to cut costs for their advertisement choose this paper when they want to have a mass production of their flyer for the cost in purchasing this type of paper is considerably lower than the other papers.

3. Conventions

The ideal paper to be used to promote or during fairs and convention is 170-gsm papers. Its thickness is twice that of printing paper, and it is usually matte finish. You may also like advertisement flyer designs.

4. Retail Promotion

In retail promotion, the best papers to be used are those with 250 gsm since they have the professional look because of their robustness and thickness which is about three times as thick as printing papers. You may also like business flyer designs.

5. Finishes

Finishes can give a professional look it may be a gloss, smooth, or matte finish.

  • Gloss coatingThis kind of finish can make your paper look more classy and professional as that in shops, malls, etc. With this, your flyer stands out from all the other flyers without a finish.
  • High gloss coatingThis finish can give your flyer a luxury and deluxe look and can be perfectly used in catering industries.
  • Smooth finishYou can also opt to have a smooth finish which emits a natural gloss and gives you a professional look. The paper of this type is usually four times thicker than printing papers.
  • Matte finishThe matte finish is suitable for flyers that need to have a natural and authentic look like for entities selling natural products. You may also like photography flyer designs.

Philadelphia Flyers Save the Date Ticket

919 300x300

Print-Ready Sports Flyer

1018 192x300

College Basketball Flyer

1116 1024x681

Football Tournament Sports Flyer

1216 192x300

Baseball Game Flyer Template

1315 1024x681

Sport Event Flyer or Poster

1413 233x300

American Football Super Bowl Flyer

1512 1024x681

2018 Badminton Championships Sports Flyer

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Slam Dunk Flyer Template

1710 1024x681

Sport Activity Door Hanger

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Marketers still choose flyers as an advertising tool because it is less costly, efficient, handy, and convenient. In choosing a flyer that is most suitable for you, understand the nature of your business and know the type of flyer that fits your entity—bi-fold, tri-fold, leaflets, digital brochures, and door hangers. You may also choose the kind of paper that will fit the purpose of your flyer, for the thickness of each paper varies from one paper to another and is measured in grams per square meter. But, whatever the type of flyer, the thickness of paper, and design may be, just make sure to focus on hitting your target market. It is, therefore, the ultimate purpose of your flyer.

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