Grand Opening Flyer

Last Updated: May 24, 2024

Grand Opening Flyer

Corporate entities and business establishments need to make sure that their target customers will know their existence in the best way possible. Different businesses also have different ways on how to announce that they are already open and ready to serve the public. One of the most important activities that a business should do in relation to this matter is arranging a grand opening. As a business branding and marketing activity, a grand opening can help a business spread awareness about its operations.

If you want to provide information about the grand opening of your business, it will be best to create a grand opening flyer. Having a tool that can supply details about the event can help your prospective market be interested to go to the grand opening. Ensure that your grand opening will be a success by developing grand opening flyers with the help of the samples that we have put together in this post.

Store Opening Flyer Template

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Grand Opening Business Flyer

What to Put in a Grand Opening Flyer

A grand opening flyer is like an advertising flyer in a sense that it advertises the business. The design of your grand opening flyer truly matters. However, you should first be aware of the details that you will include in the body of the flyer as these details can fully affect the effectiveness of the tool’s usage. Listed below are some of the information that you may include in your grand opening flyer.

  • The words‘grand opening’. There is nothing more that can get the attention of customers than knowing that a store or any business establishment is about to open in a specific location. Take advantage of the excitement that your announcement can bring so you can add more curiosity with regards your brand.
  • Your best sellers or the products and/or services that you are most known for. If you already have a strong following, you need to make sure that you can help your customers acknowledge the fact that your products and/or services will already be available during your business launch. This will help you create a new bond with long-time customers and patrons.
  • Your special offers during the event. Do you have deals and other special discounts that are only available during the grand launch? Ensure to include it in your grand opening flyer so you can increase the volume of people who will be more than willing to go to the event so that they can get freebies, discounts and other special offers.
  • The name of your business. When creating a grand opening flyer, your business name is essential to either be capitalized or have the biggest font aside from the ‘grand opening’ phrase. This will help your brand get the people’s attention even if it is their first time to know about your business. It will be better if you can also smoothly incorporate the logo of your business in the flyer design.
  • The business launching details or the location, date and time of the grand opening. It is very important to precisely guide your customers about the date and time of the opening. If you will provide the accurate information about this matter, then the customers can already block the time duration during their schedules within that particular date.
  • A brief information about the business. If you want to immerse your customers right away on what your brand is, then you can include some details about the business, its operations or even the history on how the company was made.
  • The program that will occur during the grand opening. If you have a program to follow during the event, you may include this in the grand opening flyer. It will be best if you will also feature your invited guests especially if they are celebrities as this can help you get more foot traffic during the actual grand opening.

When creating your grand opening flyer, always remember that there are no strict content formatting or information dissemination guidelines that you need to follow. The content of your grand opening flyer will always vary on the exact details of your program. Have the liberty on how to make your grand opening flyer more appealing.

Grand Opening Club Flyer

Grand Opening Flyer

Things to Remember When Developing a Grand Opening Flyer Design

You have to be careful with how you design your grand opening flyer as it can say a lot about the corporate branding and image of your business. Here are some of the things that you should take note of within the processes of the grand opening flyer design development:

  • Create a warm connection with your target customers. Use words that are very welcoming so you can communicate with your target market in a friendly yet professional manner.
  • Develop a flyer design that can live up to your objectives. Keep in mind that your grand opening flyer is the document that will be the first visual touch point of customers in relation to your brand. Make sure to have a lasting impact and a great initial impression by developing a design that is appropriate for your business.
  • Be original but make sure to be in-trend. Do not feel pressured about the marketing activities of your competition. Focus on how you can deliver in an excellent manner during the event so you will be at ease when creating the design of your grand opening flyer. Organization and proper planning is key during the implementation of these processes. Refer to trends but never copy any of them. Instead, get design inspirations that can help you flyer stand out even more.
  • Design your grand opening flyer in an inviting manner. Remember that it is important for your business to make your grand opening flyer look like a comprehensive invitation. Your grand opening flyer is of your best advertising tool. Make the most out of its usage.

Grand Opening Party Flyer

Grand Opening Event Flyer

Child Care Grand Opening Flyer

Child Care Grand Opening Flyer

Factors to Consider When Creating a Grand Opening Flyer

The overall visuals, branding and identity design and content cohesion of your grand opening flyer can say a lot about your corporate aesthetics and desired business imaging. Some of the factors that you need to look into during the creation of your grand opening flyer include the following:

  • The content of your grand opening flyer. We have already specified above on how important it is to be keen when placing details in the grand opening flyer. Always be precise, concise and direct to the point when specifying information as you do not want your flyer to be too text-heavy.
  • The concept or theme of the grand opening flyer design. You need to have a direction when creating your grand opening flyer. How do you want it to look like? What is your desired output? Having a vision can help you be more specific with what you would like to achieve. This will allow you to create themed grand opening flyer that can do wonders for your launch.
  • The icons, images and design items that you will put together. Avoid clutter when designing your grand opening flyer. Unnecessary details should be taken out especially if it only brings confusion to the entire design. Make your grand opening flyer as cohesive and polished as possible so you can achieve great visual results.

Grand Opening Flyer Template

New Store Grand Opening Flyer


Establishments That Can Maximize the Usage of Grand Opening Flyers

The usage of an invitation flyer for a grand opening can be observed in different industries. Any business that would like to disseminate information about its grand opening can use a grand opening flyer. Some of the businesses that can be greatly affected, in terms of advertising and marketing, by using a grand opening flyer include the following:

  • Restaurants. One of the most common establishments who use grand opening flyers is a restaurant. With the usage of a grand opening flyer, food businesses can easily get the attention of the people who are within the location where the restaurant will open.
  • Service oriented establishments. There are different kinds of service-oriented establishments. Some of them are into automotive maintenance and repair while some provide professional services for house cleaning, laundry, and gardening. With the range of businesses of this nature, it is expected that there are also a lot of grand opening flyer variations that are used to give awareness on what these businesses can offer.
  • Salons and spas. During a salon and/or spa openings, a grand opening flyer is used to provide details about the services that these establishments can provide in relation to relaxation and beautification. It is very important for these businesses to have a grand opening flyer as it can attract potential customers who are interested to try their services come opening day.
  • Department stores and supermarkets. Even if there is already a high market demand when it comes to the products that can be usually seen in departments stores and supermarkets, an impressive grand opening is still essential due to competition. Create a grand opening flyer that can help your business be separated from other businesses offering the same store products and items.
  • Hotels and resorts. With a lot of hotels and resorts out there, it is essential for up and coming facilities to ensure that they will get noticed by customers. An impressive grand opening flyer can help a hotel or a resort provide a great idea or perception about its operations.

Opening Shop Flyer

Barbershop Grand Opening

Benefits of Using a Grand Opening Flyer

A business needs to create a great initial impact and impression so that people can remember it on a positive note. Through a marketing flyer that will help spread awareness about a grand opening, a business can set its presence in the industry in an appropriate and effective manner. Listed below are some of the benefits that a business can get if it will use a flyer to help share information about its grand opening.

  • A grand opening flyer helps make the event more exciting and memorable.
  • A grand opening flyer, with the anticipation of a heavier foot traffic through its usage, can help a store have higher sales come opening day.
  • A grand opening flyer ensures that people will have a positive impression of the business.
  • A grand opening flyer can state what customers can expect with regards the products, services and other offers of the business.
  • A grand opening flyer is efficient to use as it is cheaper compared to other means of advertising.
  • A grand opening flyer a more cost-worthy marketing tool compared to the usage of billboards and physical ad placements as it can move from one place to another since it can be carried by prospective customers wherever they go.
  • A grand opening flyer is an amazing marketing aide that can announce the opening of the store in a wide market scope.
  • A grand opening flyer can promote awareness about the event which in turn can provide the business with a heavier foot traffic during the event.
  • A grand opening flyer can already provide information about the brand and the image that the business would like to portray.

Grand Opening Party Flyer

Grand Opening Party Flyer


Grand Opening DJ Flyer Sample

Have You Decided to Start Creating a Grand Opening Flyer?

There are a lot of businesses that open each and every day. If you are one of these new businesses, how will you be able to set your presence? With stiff competition, you need to make sure that your business is off to a good start. Create a grand opening flyer that can make your target customers truly excited. Before your grand opening, develop and disseminate a flyer that can serve as your marketing and branding tool. Make this tool informative and attractive so that you can get the most out of it.

Let your customers be curious about the things that will happen during your grand opening but also let them be knowledgeable of relevant information. If you are unaware of how you can make an impressive grand opening flyer, do not be afraid to refer to samples and templates. Edit the features of these references so you can create a grand opening flyer that is your business’ own. Once you have already decided to make a grand opening flyer, do not forget the discussion above so you can be well-guided on how you can have the flyer that is best to be used for your business’ grand opening.

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