20 Examples of Bakery Business Cards

Are you a bread lover? Cake lover? Cookie lover? Muffin lover? Or do you just want to bake cookies and cakes?

Bread and alike are considered nowadays especially in the Western countries as the best source of carbohydrates, ago food needed to complete a balanced diet. Aside from carbohydrates, baked products are also rich in calcium, protein, phosphorus, potassium, iron, magnesium, etc.

Starting your bakery business can be so much satisfying even when you were not born with the hand of a baker. You can learn the basics of baking if you pursue to study it heartily, then, you can be a hands-on owner of your bakery. It is important that you experience running your bakery first hand so that you will know the operations of the business as well as how to handle your customers.

While your bakery is not yet known to the market, you must adopt marketing strategies to create an effective food branding to your business. The importance of a business card is that it is a way to advertise your business. The great thing about business cards is that you can design your own business card in the way you want it to be. In this article, presented are superb examples of bakery business that might help you in starting your business.

Bakery Business Card Examples

Playful Bakery Business Card

playful bakery business card

Donut Bakery Business Card

donut business card

Sweet Bakery Business Card

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Examples of Goods in a Bakery

1. Bread

Bread is a staple food that is prepared by baking a dough of flour and water and other ingredients for enhancements such as egg, sugar, milk, nuts, fruits, vegetables, and spices. This is considered as one of the oldest prepared foods. We can always see different types of bread in grocery stores and bakeshops, and because of the people’s love for bread, we can safely assume that bread will be sold just before their expiration date. Freshly baked bread is widely available at the bakeries. Some of the different types of bread are a biscuit, bread roll, bun, corn bread, potato bread, seed cakes, rye bread, and white bread.You may also see best business cards.

2. Brownie

Brownie, or chocolate brownie, is a dessert that is made from chocolates that are usually square in shape and is baked along with additional ingredients such as nuts, frosting, cream, or chocolate chips. As the creation of brownies evolved, many variations can be noticed, just like the blonde brownie or simply blondie which uses brown sugar rather than chocolate. Brownies can be a perfect complement to shakes, milk, or ice cream. Examples of the different variations of brownies include

3. Cake

Cakes are said to be modifications of bread but come in the form of a sweet dessert that shares similar features with other desserts such as pies, custards, and meringues. The ingredients of the cake typically include flour, egg, sugar, and oil, and additional ingredients may be added for the enhancement of the taste and presentation of the cake. Cakes can be perfect for occasions such as birthdays, holidays, graduations, anniversaries, and any other celebrations. There are several types of cakes: chocolate cake raspberry cake, strawberry cake, carrot cake, fruit cake, black forest, vanilla, cheesecake, and sponge cake. You may also see business card designs.

Editable Bakery Business Card

editable bakery business card

Candy Business Card

candy business card

Bakery Business Card Template

bakery business card template

4. Cookie

Cookies are baked or cooked goods that usually contains flour, sugar, and oil and may include other ingredients such as chips, nuts, and oats. Different types of cookies include chocolate chip, sugar-assorted cookies, and chocolate chip cookies. Aside from its delectable taste, cookies are also known for its high carbohydrate content and protein content as well as other minerals such as potassium, sodium, and phosphorus.

5. Cracker

Usually comes in bite-size, crackers are known as a staple food or cereal grain that can be eaten on their own or with other food enhancements such as dips, spreads, butter, or cheese. Crackers can also be seasoned with herbs, salt, cheese, and seed before baking.

6. Pudding

Pudding contains grain products, butter, flour, egg, and other special ingredients which may be prepared by steaming, boiling, or baking. It can be presented as a dish or a dessert.

Modern Bakery Business Card

modern bakery business card

Bakery Business Card Sample

bakery business card sample

Family Baker Business Card

family baker business card

7. Tart

This is a baked dish with shortcrust pastry as a base and a filling on top of the pastry base. It is immediately recognizable because of its open top and it is usually fruit-based.

8. Pizza

Though not very common to most bakeries, pizza can also be an item inside a bakery. It is one of the most popular food especially in Italy and became popular and common in many areas of the world. Pizza consists of yeasted flatbread with toppings that are baked in an oven. Common toppings include meat, vegetables, cheese, etc.

9. Muffin

Similar to small cakes or cupcakes, muffins come in small portions and usually in bite-size but the difference is that they lack frosting. There are so many different types of muffins, among which are a chocolate muffin, banana muffin, corn muffin, cinnamon muffin, coffee muffin, honey cereal muffin, pineapple bran muffin, cheesy corn muffin, and a tropical muffin.

10. Pretzel

Pretzels usually come in a twisted knot shape that is made from baked dough. Other seasonings include salt, chocolates, cheese, sugar, nuts, and seeds. As time goes by, variations of pretzels have been discovered and pretzels nowadays come in a range of different shapes.

11. Pie

Pies are defined by their crusts which is encased in a pastry dough. The filling is made of various sweet or savory ingredients. Different types of pie include mango pie, banana pie, apple pie, cheesecake pie, cream pie, blackberry pie, and pumpkin pie.

Creative Bakery Business Card


Cupcake Business Card


Semi-Transparent Bakery Business Card

semi transparent bakery business card

Bakery Shop Business Card Template

bakery shop business card template

Checkered Bakery Business Card


Cutie Treats Bakery Business Card

cutie treats bakery business card

Premade Pet Bakery Business Cards

premade pet bakery business cards

Elegant Bakery Business Card

elegant bakery business card

Baker Business Card

baker business card

Gold Business Card

gold business card

Delicious Bakery Business Card

sweet bakery business card

Advantages of Starting/Having a Bakery

1. Easy Access for Customers

Having a bakery in the neighborhood can give the benefit of accessibility to customers. People can easily come into your place instead of having to go to malls and bakeshops. Since most of the people eat baked food as a staple food, establishing your own bakery near residential areas is a very splendid idea.

2. Easy Access to Make Profits

Based on the first advantage to customers, you will also get benefited in the form of increased profit if your business can be found inaccessible places. This is also a marketing strategy that you must take note and bear in mind.

3. Your Home Can be a Start to Your Bakery

To avoid much bother, you can start your own bakery at your very own home. Or, having a separate bakery is a good idea. If your bakery is not yet that grand, you can bake at home and bring it to the bakery, as you may feel more comfortable working at home especially when the business has just commenced.

4. Easy to Create Customer Loyalty

You can easily create customer loyalty especially if you are a hands-on owner of your bakery, for you get to experience the feels of handling customers and talking with them first hand. You can convey your emotions face to face, and you can immediately get the feedback samples you wanted from them. Also, if they have complaints or commendations, you got to know them first and you got to provide solutions to their problems.

5. You Will Never Get Hungry

This sounds absurd, but in general sense, you can never get hungry with all those baked goods in an arm length. At times when you forgot to get groceries, the products in your bakeshop can be of help, but remember to pay for them or reimburse them. Do not compromise your profitability ever.

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