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With all the advancements in technology, you might question the purpose of index cards nowadays. Sure, they can still help students in studying and it can also serve as a guide when having a presentation but then there are phone and Web applications that can give you so much more than this white piece of paper. Index cards are just common and cheap. It gets easily torn and once it does, it would already become useless. You may also see examples of name card design.

index card examples

But despite all that, index cards will always be one of the kinds of paper that will always be useful and versatile. Even if index cards are cheap, this only means that most of us will be able to afford it. Even if they are common, it only means that it is utilized by all and most people already know how useful index cards are especially in making difficult tasks easier and well-organized. You may also like greeting card designs & examples.

Plus, index cards come in a size that is just enough for you to fit anywhere in your bag or your pockets when you are traveling.

We have collected fifteen index card design examples that you can make use of and we have also compiled them here in this article.

Black and White Heart Recipe Index Card Example

black and white heart recipe index card example

Cream Double-Sided Recipe Index Card

cream double sided recipe index card

Fluorescent Index Card Example

fluorescent index card example

Things You Can Do with Index Cards

If you think that the use of an index card only stops at school, then that’s where you are wrong because there are twenty more ways on what you can do with index cards:

1. Create a to-do list with an index card

Well, even if this is the most obvious thing you can do with index cards, it cannot be denied that this is one of the most important things that index cards can do. Index cards enable us to be concise with the list of tasks that we ought to do in a day and that it also has a force that encourages you to accomplish it. You may also see thank-you card examples.

2. Take notes on an index card

You can make use of index cards when you want to take notes during class or attending board meetings. You can create comprehensive bullet-point notes that make it easier for you to remember the important things you wish to easily remember. If you are the kind of person who remembers his or her notes more when it is in bullet form, then index cards are your best buddies. You may also like fall greeting card designs & examples.

3. Keep track of projects on your index card

With all the projects that you are currently managing right now, you might come to a point that you do not know anymore where you currently are and what you should be doing next. Sure, there are a lot of things you can use as a tracker for all the projects that you are currently handling right now, but should you want a simple way to track all those, an index card will be the best option. Plus, you can also create an outline for every project that needs one. You may also check out birthday card designs & examples.

4. Create an organization system on an index card

An index card is one of the best tools in order to create an effective organization system. You can list down on an index card the things you want to organize, and by listing this down, you will have something that can serve as a guide in case your things get disorganized again.

Index Card Bundle Example

index card bundle example

Kraft Index Cards Example

kraft index cards example

Mini Cream Index Card Example

mini cream index card example

Mini Kraft Index Card Example

mini kraft index card example

5. Create a novel with the use of index cards

You might find this amusing but yes, you can create a novel with index cards. This has been proven and tested by author Vladimir Nabokov who wrote his entire novels on index cards. Yes, you have read that right: he wrote his novels on pieces of index cards! Nabokov did all his writings on index cards until it accumulated, expanded, and rearranged until these became his novels. Amazing, right? You can also do that if you are an aspiring writer who simply wants to start somewhere.

6. Leave a note for someone on an index card

Index cards come in various sizes and there are index cards that come in small sizes that can be used as a note that you can give to someone. It’s better than a sticky note because it already has lines where you can write your notes in a more organized manner. You could make use of this when you would be forwarding some documents to someone and that you have specific instruction you want him or her to follow. You may also see examples of musical greeting card designs.

7. Doodle on your index cards!

It cannot be avoided that some meetings or classes would tend to get boring at some point. If you have nothing but your index cards and pen for you to take notes, how about doodle instead? There are some people who are able to remember a lot of things if ever they would be drawing something while listening to a lecture or a report. You can use it as a mini-sketch pad where you could release some of your creative juices. Just be careful that you would not get caught though. You may also like examples of business card design.

8. Keep recipes on an index card

Writing recipes on index cards is perhaps the most old-fashioned use for index cards but it will always work well. The structure of an index card will always be perfect for a recipe. If you have accumulated a lot of index cards that are filled with recipes, compile them all and there you have a very personalized recipe book.

Neon Index Card Example

neon index card example

Pastel Index Card Example

pastel index card example

Postcard Index Card Example

postcard index card example

9. Create flash cards with index cards

This is also a classic way of using index cards. You can use this when you are studying for an exam and that you want to test yourself of how much you have remembered and how far you have understood and remember the important concepts of what you are studying. You may also like holiday card designs & examples.

10. Keep grocery shopping lists on index cards

Do you have important grocery items that you always need to buy but always keep on forgetting about as soon as you enter the grocery store? Index cards will be your savior. Before heading to the grocery store, list down all of the important things you need to buy from the grocery store. Jot down all of the things you have run out of and all of the things you need to replenish or change. With such list, you will be able to buy all of the things you need when you would go to the grocery store. You may also see printable thank-you card examples.

Printable 4 × 6 Blank Index Card Example

printable 4 x 6 blank index card example

Printable FRIENDS Recipe Index Cards

printable friends recipe index cards

Rainbow Index Cards Example

rainbow index cards example

Rustic Index Card Example

rustic index card example

11. List books on your index card

Are you a bookworm who simply loves to read so many books at the same time to the point that you can no longer keep track of what your current reads are? Make index cards your best friend. Plus, you can even make use of index cards as a bookmark where you will be able to write some thought while reading a book. You can also list down your TBR or to-be-read list of books on an index card. You may also check out handmade card designs and examples.

You may or may not have bought the book that you put under your TBR list. Or you can grab another sheet of index card where you could write your BTB or your books-to-buy list.

12. Index cards can be your handy activity log

Index cards are simple tools you want to make use of should you want an activity log of all the things you have done within the day such as tracking all of your spendings, what you have eaten for your breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and how much money you have saved within the day, week, or month. The main advantage of index card against mobile phone applications is that you do not have to worry about the battery percentage, plus you can carry it wherever you would go. You might be interested in examples of blank greeting cards

We hope that these index card design examples have been beneficial for you and that you have also realized how a one sheet of index card could do so many things.

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