Mammal Greeting Card

Last Updated: May 24, 2024

Mammal Greeting Card

When we were young, one of the lessons taught in school is to identify the animals-cat, dog, pig, bird, rabbit, fish, and many other creatures. Yes, these are the common animals we see as these are mostly domestic and can be petted. But as we get to the higher years in our elementary and through to our secondary education, just like how we perceive things, animal classifications are becoming complicated. Animals are being classified into mammals, birds, fish, reptiles, amphibians, and arthropods. Focusing on the first of the classes, mammals are remarkable because of the milk they produce through their mammary glands for their offspring. We, too, are mammals!

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Mammal Fun Facts

Every creature living in this planet is amazing and had their own unique personalities and characteristics, a proof that everything is wonderfully and fearfully made. Though we do not know so much of the other kinds of animals, we know for certain about mammals, since we are one of them. Did you know that are more amazing facts about mammals than what you already know?

Below are several astonishing and marvelous facts about mammals that make you proud you are one. You may also see greeting cards.

1. All Mammals’ Basic Body Plans Are the Same

All mammals have the same anatomical quality, as as fitting for the vertebrate family, from the minor structure such as the three bones in the ear to the major parts in the human body such as the necortical area of the brain which is responsible for the relative intelligence of an animal and the heart with four chambers that pumps blood throughout the body. Comparing it to our body, yes, we do have three tiny bones in our ears so as the necortical area of the brain and the four-chambered heart. This is a proof that we share similar basic body plans to the other mammals. You may also see christmas greeting cards

2. All Mammals Have Hair

You read it right. All mammals have hair at some point in their lives. These hairs are made from keratin and grow from the surface layer of the skin. These helps their body temperature at a constant level. Even whales and dolphins that live in the ocean are no exception. Their tiny hairs can be found around the tip of the rostrum but are lost before or shortly after birth. An exception to this is the boto, a type of dolphin that are native to the Amazon and the Orinoco River tributaries. This is one of the assets of most mammals for their survival to extreme weather conditions. You may also see romantic greeting cards.

3. All Mammals Have Teeth

All mammals have teeth. This is used by them to grind, stab, dig, chisel, lift, and many others. These are the part that are most often fossilized as evidenced by the fossil records from long time ago. The exceptions to this are the anteaters and pangolins. Instead of a set of teeth, what they have was a sticky long tongue which can glue any insect on its surface, not anymore needing to chew the insect that it captured. If the insect is not yet crushed, the anteaters will swallow rocks to crush them inside their stomach. Pangolins too have the same characteristics as eaters when it comes to eating and crushing their food through their sticky tongues. You may also see wedding greeting cards.

4. Bats Are the Only Mammals That Can Fly

Most mammals reside in the ground and on trees and are not able to fly except for the bats. They are the only mammals that can fly. Many said that they are more similar to a bird to due its wings; however, they have mammary glands, a characteristics that place them in the category of mammals. Other people would think that flying squirrels, flying possums, and flying lemurs can also fly, but actually, they can’t. They just glide for a limited and short distance. Bats are the only ones that are capable of a powered flight. They are the ones that are skilled enough to perform a true and sustained flight. You may also see anniversary greeting cards.

5. Cheetahs Are the Fastest Mammals

Cheetahs are recorded as the fastest animal and mammal with a speed of 70 meters per hour (mph). To achieve this speed, cheetahs can stride up to nearly 22 feet. These are natural and normal for cheetahs as their body is built to sustain their great speed. They have enlarged nostrils and lungs to be able to get enough oxygen to run fast. They have also well-pumped heart which makes them capable of running in a fast pace. The fastest time that a cheetah runs recorded in a zoo for the 100-meter dash is 5.95 seconds, which is said to be almost twice as the record of the human 100-meter dash. You may also see retirement greeting cards.

6. Koalas Sleep the Longest

Koalas’ sleeping time are the longest among all other animals. Their longest sleep is for 22 hours in a day. Imagine what else you can do instead of sleeping! But they are these rare, as they need to conserve as much energy as possible because the energy value of their diet is low. The remaining hours is spent to do their other activities like eating eucalyptus leaves, maintaining their territory, and looking for potential mates. But they do these things slowly and sluggishly, and they never do such things in a brisk manner. They even move and eat slowly as well. You may also see love greeting cards.

7. Mammals Are Warm-Blooded Animals

Most of us already know this since this is a pretty popular fact about a mammal. Because mammals are endothermic and can generate their own body heat from internal physiological process, they are capable of warming up themselves or cooling them down depending on the temperature that they are dwelling in. And because most mammals have thick hairs, those serve and function to insulate the skin and keep vital heat from escaping. Hence, whether it is warm or cold, the body temperatures of mammals are the same, as opposed to cold-blooded animals who become hotter and colder depending on the temperature outside. You may also see floral greeting cards.

8. Mammals Have Advanced Social Behavior

Mammals are also observed to have an advanced social behavior as compared to other animals. Notice the herd behavior of wildebeests and the hunting prowess of wolf packs. These proves how they are capable of socially communicating with each other. They have a recognizable society with highly interactive members of their own species. You will know that a certain animal is possessing advanced social behavior when they show cooperation and communication. You will also notice it by the way they care for their offspring, find food, and play all other important functions for their species. You may also see corporate greeting cards.

9. Most Mammals Are Born Live

Almost all mammals are born alive. The babies live inside their mother until they are born. They are not enclose in an egg that will be hatched after few days; instead, they come out alive. However, not all mammals are born alive. Some of them are hatched from eggs like the spiny anteater and the duckbilled platypus. But it is without a doubt that all mammals drink the milk that comes from their mother’s body because it is a necessity for them so they could live and survive. And naturally, the mothers have the initiative to take care of the young for a different period of time depending on the animal. For example, for kangaroos, the mothers will carry their babies until they are about one year old. For mice, they only care for their young in about a month. Elephants are exceptional and noteworthy among them all as they care for their young for a long time, up to 10 years. You may also see business greeting cards.

In Brief

Recalling to what we have learned from school, animals come in different classes such as mammals, birds, fish, reptiles, amphibians, and arthropods. We, humans, belong in the mammal class along with other animals that possess the characteristics that makes it classified as a mammal. Several characteristics of mammals set them apart from the other animals. There are even marvelous things that we rarely know about mammals. These are as follows: all mammals’ basic body plans are the same, all mammals have hair and teeth, bats are the only mammals that can fly, cheetahs are the fastest mammals, koalas sleep the longest, mammals are warm-blooded animals, are born alive, and have advanced social behaviors. Can you cite other incredible characteristics of mammals?Aren’t we amazing? Aren’t you proud we are among these creatures. You may also see animated greeting cards.

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