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If you are looking for some glimpse in the past kind of logo then vintage logos are the one for you. It is a logo design that imitates the style and designs of the bygone era. You may think that this kind of  flat logo design is old and already behind the time but actually, it isn’t.

A vintage logo is the latest design trend in the creative market today. Many designers use this kind of style to create their own personal branding. Others use this style in a restaurant logo which is quite appropriate, since restaurants makes us taste food invented in the past. But not only for a restaurant, you can find in this article a lot of creative ways you can use a vintage logo.

Vintage Wedding Logos

Vintage Wedding Logo Vector

Floral Vintage Wedding Logo

Vintage Wedding Logo in PSD

Vintage Fashion Logos

Vintage Fashion Label Logo

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Vintage College Logos

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What Makes a Logo Vintage?

Vintage is what you defined as a classical and old-school kind of style or design. It usually refers to a design that resembles the appearance of a previous era.

A vintage logo is the same thing. It doesn’t have any modern logo touch on it but it surely is timely. That is why a vintage designed logo is very popular today, this design is the most widely used design of every graphic designer in creating a logo for a restaurant, coffee shop and clothing store, as well as creating a photography logo.

But, what makes a logo vintage? There are elements in vintage logo designing:

  • The use of shapes and illustrations. Using plain shapes like circle, square, and any other shapes works wonder when designing a vintage logo. It is simple but creates a maximum impact.
  • Pale color schemes. It is what make a logo, vintage. Using a limited and contrasting tone of colors creates a unique touch that resembles retro style.
  • Using textures and noise as background. The fine and delicate colors from poster artwork, drop shadows, blending of brush works to a canvass or pattern overlays create attracting interest look in a vintage logo design.
  • Typography. One of the essential element in designing a vintage logo. Using a unique style of fonts, different position of text, duplicating effects and using pixel strokes are the best thing to look at in a vintage logo.
  • Using borders as a frame adds up more flavor to a vintage logo. It is usually used for focusing one area, emphasizing text and framing a picture. Borders are also used just for design around the  wedding logo.
  • The use of a badge concept. A Badge concept can be a really great element to create a vintage feel logo. This is usually a simple round shaped that has a slender banner around it.

Vintage Business Logos

Free Vintage Business Logo

Vintage Photography Business Logo

Vintage Car Logos

Vintage Typography Car Logo

Vintage Car Company Logo

Vintage Hipster Logos

Vintage Hipster Music Logo

Vintage Hipster Wedding Logo

Vintage Company Logos

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Different Vintage Logo Design

Let’s admit it, vintage designed logos are by far the most attractive  business logo design out there. It is simple but full of aesthetics. A vintage logo is not only designed with a circle or square on it just to create a classic or retro feel.

It has more to that. There are actually different kinds of vintage logo design.

  • Badges – As stated earlier in this article, a badge is a nice concept for any vintage logo as this can be sealed everywhere. A badge style of vintage logo is a simple emblem with subtle text within and a slim banner over it. Although circles are commonly used shapes of badges, you can also find plenty of hexagons and diamond-shaped badges.
  • Hand Drawn – This kind of vintage logo design embraces the use of illustrations and hand-drawn lettering. This is really fit for someone who finds hand-drawn logos impressive. Hand drawn logo also adds up a personal touch for the one creating it.
  • Industrial – From the world itself, it portrays the world of industry. This vintage style of logo uses graphical icons of hammers, axes, shovels, wrenches and factories that make us remember of the industrial revolution.
  • Outdoor – This kind of vintage logo design make us want to explore the wilderness. With its outdoorsy design such as campfires, tents, mountains, roads, and forest. This design also uses ropes, anchors, and even the antlers of the wild animals to make borders of the logo.
  • Geometrical – Much more like a minimalist design for a modern logo, but this kind of vintage design is way better. It maximizes the use of lines and geometry to create a simple but stunning flat design vintage logo.
  • Beer and Coffee – With the undying love of mankind for beer and coffee, this two are primarily the subject of every vintage logo. It focuses more on the beverage rather than the name itself.
  • Logos on Photos – Perfect for someone who loves to create photography logo. The vintage logo will look simply beautiful enough when laid over on top of a perfectly captured photograph.

Vintage Shop Logos

Vintage Coffee Shop Logo

Vintage Flower Shop Logo

Vintage Bakery Shop Logo

Vintage Photography Logos

Vintage Wedding Photography Logo

Free Vintage Photography Logo

Vintage Restaurant Logos

Vintage Vector Restaurant Logo

Vintage Fast Food Restaurant Logo

Vintage Advertising Logos

Vintage Advertising Agency Logo

Vintage Business Advertising Logo

Vintage Product Advertising Logo

Vintage Media Advertising Logo

Vintage Logos You Can Use

Now that you know the different vintage logo designs, you can now make your own vintage logo.

But to save yourself from the difficulty of creating one, especially if you don’t have a master degree in graphic designing, you can just download one of the corporate logo templates that are available in this article and customize it with your personal touch.

Here are the different vintage logos that you can find in this article.

  • Vintage Wedding Logos – If you want your wedding to be classy, start by using this vintage wedding logo that comes with a nice touch of floral and swirly patterns that you can use in your invitation cards and giveaways.
  • Vintage Fashion Logos –  Own a tailoring or a fashion line that offers a vintage style of clothes? Try this vintage fashion logo with a button, needles and sewing machine that is appropriate for your line of work.
  • Vintage Sports Logos – Perfect for any sports team. Its design includes a vintage graphic icon of a ball and a headgear as well as the name of the team.
  • Vintage College Logos – What better way to represent the college that is built decades ago, than a vintage designed college logo with a simple design and limited use of color. Also available are the vintage college sports logo.
  • Vintage Logo for Business, Car, and Photography Logo – This vintage logo comes with smooth and creative B&W logo, multi-colored logo, and Logos in Photos kind of design for your car and photography company.
  • Vintage Hipster Logos – Loves music and cats? The vintage hipster logo is for you with its shades of purple and blue. We also have vintage hipster logo for your hip restaurant.
  • Vintage Company Logos – For electric company logo, we have a vintage yellow light-bulb design with a combination of blue and violet for its text. For construction company logo, we have a simple B&W vintage designed building.
  • Vintage Shop Logos – This vintage designed logo is appropriate for any shop with its simple text colored in white, green, and different shades of brown perfect for a coffee shop, flower shop, and bake shop.
  • Vintage Restaurant Logo – When your restaurant offers authentic cuisine, the vintage restaurant logo is a must to use. With B&W color and multi-colored hip vintage design.
  • Vintage Advertising Logos – A wide variety of vintage advertising logo that comes with a combination of black and white. Also available are red badge vintage logo.

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