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Have you tried attending a party alone but there were no ushers who can guide you to your seat or someone who can entertain your queries as regards the arrangement of the guest’s table? How does it feel? Most of us wanted to be welcomed and entertained especially when we attend a formal event where we do not really have close acquaintances. You may also see birthday card designs & examples.

However, there are really events in which there might be someone on the door to welcome you but no one can usher you to your seat. To help you feel comfortable and at ease, the tables are arranged and named specifically for the guests. There are sort of name tags that are placed on the tables, assigning the guest in a specific table number. These are called place cards. You may also like thank you card samples.

Place cards indicate the number of table on where a guest should sit. They generally have the guest’s name written on the face as well as some designs and decorations to add style to the place cards. They also serve as an identification for the guest sitting on that specific table.

Acrylic Rectangular Place Card Example

acrylic rectangular place card example

Wedding Place Card Template

wedding place card template

Place Cards or Escort Card Example

place cards or escort card example

Fine Dining Etiquette

Aside from place cards that you must be aware of, there are also other fine dining etiquette that you must know and be conscious of. You might have been out for dinner and got confused on the number of forks or do not have the idea on what to do with the napkin. You may also see diy greeting card designs & examples.

From the proper way to seat to the way how you handle the utensils, everything is discussed in this section. There may be some variations in some places, but this will serve as a good guide and the standard protocol.

1. Seating

The first thing that you must know is the seating plan of the area. Usually it is placed near the door of the dining room. Alternative, to avoid hassle, each table has place cards to indicate the name of the guest to be seated on the table.

When sitting, you must plant your feet firmly on the floor in front of you, don’t cross your legs, and do not lean back on your chair. Never attempt to shake your feet or put your elbows on top of the table. You may also like examples of business card design.

While eating, you must sit upright and do not leave over your plate; just bring the food to your mouth with the utensils provided.

2. Napkins

There is one thing that you must not do with napkins—you must never use them to wipe your mouth; instead, you must only dab your mouth with the napkin.

You must unfold the napkin from the table and place it on your lap. Although in ancient times it was acceptable to tuck your napkin in front of your shirt or dress, nowadays, it is the height of vulgarity. You may also check out photo greeting card designs & examples.

If you drop your napkin to the floor, it is acceptable that you will pick it up unless there is a butler or servant near the table that could replace the napkin.

After eating, you must place the napkin on the left side on your plate, but don’t bother to refold them.

3. Knives and Forks

Commonly, there is a series of forks on the left side of your plate and spoons and knives on your right. If you still got confused on what to use first, always remember to work from the outside in. The standard is that the farthest utensil is the first one to be used for the first course. You might be  interested in holiday card designs & examples.

You must constantly hold both your knife and fork when slicing something, not cut your food up at first then use to fork to pick the sliced piece.

When you are not yet done eating and you must leave the table for some reasons, cross the tips of your cutlery, telling the server that you are not yet done. When you are finished, the fork and the knife must be placed at the center of your plate in a parallel direction with the blade of the knife pointing to the center towards the fork. You may also see examples of musical greeting card designs.

Wedding Place Card Template Design

wedding place card template design

Printable Guest Name Card Example

printable guest name card example

Minimalist Place Card Template

minimalist place card template

4. Glasses

It is normal that you can have up to four glasses on your table, usually arranged in a square pattern. The usual pattern is as follows: the top left glass is for red wine; below that is the glass for the white wine; the top right glass is a champagne glass; and the bottom right is the water glass. You may also like examples of student business cards.

When you are offered a toast, you must remain seated. Raise a glass in their direction and never raise a glass to yourself. Another important thing that you must know is that you must not touch glasses with other guests when toasting.

In drinking your wine, you must sip quietly and occasionally and never gulp your wine, as it is impolite to do that in front of other guests.

You must never hold your glass while a server is refilling them. To indicate that you have enough, simply tell the server and do not place your hand over or near the glass.

5. Soup and Pudding

When you want to drink the soup on your table, you must not drink it from the bowl. Let it stay on the table and just scoop them with your soup spoons. Bring the spoon to your mouth, but do put the whole spoon inside your mouth. From the edge, drink the soup, and do not slurp. You may also check out thank you greeting cards.

In eating the pudding, use the pudding spoon, which is the same way on how you hold your knife. There is usually a spoon and a fork for pudding, but the fork is only to be used as a pusher and must not be used to lift a pudding to your mouth.

6. Main Course

First and foremost, you must not start eating until everyone has already their food. For a dining with a large number of guests, it is acceptable to begin before the others when the hostess will tell you to do so.

If your food contains something that you cannot swallow, you must remove it privately and do not place the removed food on your plate or napkin. If you have eating a stone or something hard, you may remove them from your mouth using your thumb and forefingers and place them on the side of your plate. If there is something that stuck between your teeth, you may remove them subtly with your fingers or excuse yourself and remove it in the bathroom. You might be interested in bridal shower thank-you cards.

Greenery Place Card Template

greenery place card template

Floral Wedding Place Card Template

floral wedding place card template

7. Difficult-to-Eat Food

There are some food that are difficult to eat, and you might be wondering on how to eat them. Here are some examples of food that are difficult to eat and what to do with them:

8. Conversation

The very basic “don’t” in having conversation with other guests, unless you know them very well, is to discuss issues regarding politics, religion, sex, or any other controversial issues to avoid misunderstanding. Do not start a forum or debate as dinner is meant to be enjoyed, setting aside those issues. You may also check out membership card designs and examples.

Some people would find it easy to talk with strangers, but some find it difficult to start a good conversation. But no matter which type you are, you must give equal time to the person on your left and your right. You must have a good conversation with them so you can both enjoy the time. You might be interested in business card logo design examples.

If you want to say something to the far end of the table, you must speak in low tones, similar to your tone and voice in a church or library, and do not yell.

If you do not know how to start a good conversation, the best and most effective way to do so is to ask the person questions about themselves as everyone loves to speak about himself.

Watercolor Flowers Table Card Example

watercolor flowers table card example

Elegant Printable Place Card Example

elegant printable place card example

High-Resolution Place Card Template

high resolution place card template

Aster Gold Personalized Place Card Example

aster gold personalized place card example

Pink and Gold Editable Place Card Example

pink and gold editable place card example

DIY Greenery Gold Wedding Place Cards Printable Template

diy greenery gold wedding place cards printable template

Short Wrap

Most of us do not always go to a fine dining not only because it is, to be honest, costly but also because the there are some etiquette that you must comply and you must maintain formality at all times. But there are really times when we are being confronted with this challenge because we are invited to a fine dining. You may also see studio business card designs and examples.

The standard etiquette are presented above and are summarized as follows: you must know the proper place to sit and must have a proper posture at all times; you must put the napkin on your lap; you must know which fork and knife should be used for each dish; you must know the appropriate glasses for each kind of drink and you must know the amount of drink that you must consume; You may also like card designs and examples.

You must know how to sip the soup and not slurp the soup; you must know when to begin eating the main course and how to get the foods that stuck between your teeth; you must know how to eat the difficult-to-eat food; and you must have a good conversation with the person on your left and right.

Hopefully, these tips and etiquette can help you in your next fine dining experience, and may the examples above help you in your place card designs. Bon appetite!

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