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In today’s business world, a lot of business establishments are offering various products. Competition is heightened, and every entity is striving to promote its name and be on top of the industry. You may also see catalog examples.

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In order to gain an edge over other competitors, firms look for ways in which their products and services will be promoted. A great example is the use of a catalog. These promotional tools do not only serve as a list of the products or services offered by a certain company but also work as a promotional material similar to flyers, banners, and brochures. Actually, brochures and catalogs are two interchangeable terms used in business. You may also see business catalogs.

Listed below are some sales catalog design examples which can use to immediately capture your customer’s attention.

Luxury Car Sale Rental Brochure Example

Winter Sale Bifold Brochure Example

Montgomery Ward Winter Sale Catalog Example

Holiday Sales Trifold Brochure Example

Product Catalog Design Example

Sale Promotion Brochure Example

Property Sale Trifold Brochure Template Example

 Truck Parts Catalog Example

Fashion Sale Trifold Brochure Example

Luxury Car Sale Rental Brochure Design Example

How to Create a Catalog that Sells

Not sure on whether or not your catalog will sell? Read the tips below and apply them in your next catalog design.

Know your target market

The very first thing that you have to consider is your target market. You should stop spending your precious time and resources for the wrong client or customer. You must know your prospects because in that way, you will be maximizing profitability while minimizing costs. You may also see multipurpose catalogs.

Decide the size of the catalog

The size of your catalog will usually depend on the products and services you are offering. For example, if you are selling jewelries, your catalog must be small enough so as not to overpower the actual product you are offering. Similarly, if your product is enormous in size, your catalog must also follow suit. You may also see product catalogs.

Only brief descriptions should be written

In your catalog, avoid writing the full details of your products and services. Instead, only write a brief description which include the product name, price, size, available colors, etc. Your description must be short and concise because customers will usually back off when presented with very lengthy paragraphs. You may also see travel catalogs.

Consult a graphic designer

Unless you are an expert, try consulting a graphic designer for your catalog designs especially when it comes to layout, font, color, etc. Their expertise has developed over time and they can assist you heavily in your catalog designs. Just let them know what you want to implement in your designs. You may also see fashion catalogs.

Work on the front cover

The front cover of your catalog design must be one of the things you must put extra focus on. You must devote an effort in conceptualizing and creating the design for your cover since this is the very first thing that customers will be looking at. When you have a good cover, customers will be curious on the content of your catalog and therefore will start browsing them. You may also see event brochures.

Elegant Product Catalog Example

Product Sale Trifold Brochure Template Example

Christmas Sales Brochure Template Example

Vintage 1964 Sears Winter Sale Catalog Example

Metro Tri-Fold Sales Brochure Example

Editable Product Sale Off Catalog Example

Holiday Sales Bi-Fold/Half-Fold Brochure Example

How to Create a Catalog that Sells (continuation)

Include an order form

In order for your readers to take action and response to your offer in the catalog, you must provide an avenue where customers can order or have their chosen items reserved. This is a very good marketing strategy that has been proven to allure customers into buying the products offered by your company.

There are still times that people get confused on whether to buy an item or not, but when the order form is already in their hands, they will be tempted to place an order. Additionally, never forget to include order forms in your catalog.

Proofread your catalog and double check for errors

An error-free catalog will get the expression that the business is legitimate. Having typographical or grammatical errors may discourage prospective clients to purchase your product. Hence, take time to proofread your catalog and be sure to double check or triple check for any errors. You may also see bifold brochures.

Save a soft copy

It is better that you keep a soft copy of your designs in case there is a need for editing. Since the advent of technology, people spend a lot of time browsing through the internet. So, in order for you to maximize the scope of your target market, advertising your catalog is the best way make use of the internet.

Posting your catalog online may mean creating another advertising plan as you also need to pay the sites where you place your advertisements, but take note that your printing costs will decrease significantly so it will be less expensive on your end.


Lastly, when you want to disseminate your catalog, you must print several copies and send them to your prospective clients. You can also have a partnership with other business entities and have an exchange deal with them so that they can showcase your catalogs in their information desks. In this way, you broaden the reach of your catalogs, increasing the advertising and promotion of your products. You may also see brochure examples.

Wrap Up

We can now safely conclude that catalogs are vital for any business. It is an avenue for customers to get acquainted with the products that a certain company is offering.

Thus, you should devote extra time in planning and creating your catalogs. Some of the things that yous should consider when creating catalogs: knowing your target market, deciding the size of the catalog, writing only brief product descriptions, consulting a graphic designer, working on the front cover, including an order form, proofreading, saving a soft copy, and printing.

You don’t always need to create your own sales catalog designs as we have presented some very attractive yet affordable designs. What are you waiting? Grab one of our catalog designs now! You may also see brochure designs.

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