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It may be spring in most countries but that does not mean you could not prepare for your summer getaway. Besides, the start of the summer season according to the meteorological definition is from June 1 to August 31— that is already like a month and a half away! If you are already starting to receive summer vouchers, get them ready because you will surely find it handy for the summer. Summer vouchers will either give you discounts or free goodies that will surely give you a great treat this upcoming summer.

In this article, we have provided fifteen summer vouchers to inspire you as well as a list of the fun things adults like you can enjoy summer even if you have 9 to 5 job that makes you stuck in a rut.

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Summer Sale Gift Voucher Example

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Simple Ways You Can Enjoy Summer

Stuck in a rut with your 9 to 5 job? Can’t help but reminisce how your summers used to be fun back in your childhood? Here is a list on how to discover and rediscover all those fun you’ve had!

The first question that could pop up in your head might be “How?” because how can you seriously do so when you hardly get a good night sleep and when your rest days are now spent mostly on running errands or doing the so-called adulting duties and sleeping in the entire weekend?

The thing is, even if you think you no longer have extra time for extra activities, you actually still have time. Have you found yourself spending nearly five hours scrolling your social media accounts instead of doing something worthwhile and productive? You can make use of that time to have a memorable summer and even if you only have the weekends or your rest days, there is still a way that you can create a summer to remember forever. You may also see receipt voucher examples.

Before starting with the list, you have carved out time for these activities. You also have to commit not to bring your work home on weekends or on your rest days and yes, you should also avoid reading emails. It is also suggested that you should ditch your smartphone because that little thing is actually eating too much of your precious time. If you have PTOs or Paid Time Offs, make sure you would not only use it when you’re sick or when you have to do an errand that falls on a workday. Use your PTO’s for your well-deserved relaxation and rest. You may also see marketing coupons.

Here’s the list!

1. Discover More of Your City or Town

  • You don’t have to travel far; you can be a tourist of your own city or town. You can dedicate a weekend wherein you will be touring your city or town’s local landmarks. You might have traveled one of these tourists spots before, but hey, the only constant thing is change and there could be an additional attraction to it. If there is none, there’s no harm in revisiting all those places again. Plus, you can even discover some new spots that weren’t there when you still had the time of your life to do whatever you want. You may also see business coupons.
  • Interested in writing and photography? Another thing you can do while discovering more of your city is that you can blog all those with the use of your writing skills and photography. You can create lists of the best places you recommend to the visitors of your city or hometown. Are you also interested in vlogging or video blogging? You can make use of it by not just showing pictures but videos of the places in your city or town that you would like to recommend to tourists. You can also do a photo walk around your city or town. Photowalking is actually an act of photography enthusiasts where they would roam around to take pictures that piques their interest. This can greatly improve your skills in taking photos if you have also an interest in it. You may also see food coupons.
  • Aside from touring places and famous tourist spots, you can also discover newly put-up restaurants and food stands. You could spend one rest day in visiting new food spots. Put your photography skills to the test by taking good photos of the food that you are going to try out. You may also see discount coupons.
  • Another thing you can do is to make your research about the local events, fairs, seminars, and workshops that are going to be held in your locality during the days when you are free. It is also one way of learning new skills and knowledge and also a way for you to meet new people and reconnect to the old ones. There are also events like open house parties, neighborhood garage sales, concerts, food fairs, and nature hikes that can definitely make a difference out of just a few hours from your 48 hours of rest. You may also see drink coupons.
  • There could be some establishments in your city or town that are giving out summer vouchers. Make sure you grab one of it because it is one of the way you can snatch a great deal you should never dare miss! You may also see Receipt Vouchers.

2. Go Back to Your Childhood

  • By going back to your childhood, it does not mean that you should act like a child. Remember when you had a lot of interests when you were a child? Unearth those and make use of it as a way that you can have fun in summer despite having a full-time job.
  • When you were a kid, you could’ve enjoyed sports. Make use of your time after to work to go for a run at the field, play basketball, badminton, or whatever ball games and sports you used to so love when you were a kid. It does not take too much time; all you need is at least one to two hours after work. It can also serve as your workout.
  • You probably loved the arts before but college and the so-called real world has dampened those interests. Why not go back to it? You can start small. You can start by painting or draw simple things until you can create masterpieces out of it.
  • You might have loved doing a lot of DIYs or Do-it-Yourself crafts before. You can bring back those fun times doing a lot of DIYs by planning out possible projects that you can do for a few hours after work. Instead of buying a new organizer, why not create your own by using your old but sturdy shoe boxes? Simple projects can make a difference in your living space plus you are also having fun while creating those.
  • If you used to love dress ups and creating your own clothes when you were a kid, you can bring those interest back even if you (still) do not have the budget. You can go to your local thrift shop and buy unique clothing pieces that you can recreate into a new clothing piece.
  • Of course, when we would be reminiscing your childhood, we would be remembering your childhood friends. If you have childhood friends that are living near where you are, make plans as simple as a Friday night out to hang out and reconnect with them.

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Simple Ways You Can Enjoy Summer (continuation)

3. Have Fun at Home

  • You probably do not want to spend your time outside your home on your rest days or weekends. Do not worry because you can still have a lot of fun while staying inside your home or even just in your room.
  • If you are living with your family and have a backyard, you can schedule date nights with your family members where you would eat in your backyard. Turn on the lights to make the mood festive. You can also enjoy your weekends by having a camp in your very backyard. Make it a real camping by sleeping in an actual camping tent, build a campfire, roast some kebabs or s’mores, do some stargazing, or even talk about real ghost stories!
  • Do you have a green thumb? Start or expand a backyard vegetable garden! This is like hitting two birds with one stone because aside from having fun in the comfort of your home, you can also plant some food that you can eat when it’s harvest time. You can also plant some flowers and other sorts of plants that suit the climate of the country you’re living in.
  • When you speak of home, you might think of spending it binge-watching your favorite television shows but there is also another word that you can associate with it: comfort. And by comfort, you can also associate it with relaxation. You can spend a few hours of your rest days or weekends by just spending some quiet time. You can read a good book, along with an equally good brewed coffee. You can also do some yoga along with a soothing music in the backyard. Ditch your smartphones and laptops and just have some quality time with your own self.
  • Another fun thing you could do is catch up with your neighbors. Invite them over to your house and just hang out and talk and ask updates on their lives like their current affiliations or what they have been doing lately. You can add food and drinks to the equation.

4. Go for a Splash

  • What’s a summer without going for someplace where you can make a splash? Schedule two rest days dedicated to going to the beach, pool, lake, river, or even waterfalls! If two rest days is not enough, use up your PTOs; seriously, give yourself a break.
  • You could be going for a day swim or night swim but make sure that whatever you do, you should really have fun and focus on having fun alone and do not be tempted to check your smartphone or laptop for some work emails. Do not put your PTOs into waste.
  • You can go to a scuba diving, whale watching, run with the sardines, ride jet skis and banana boats, marvel at coral reefs, cliff diving, island hopping, and all the fun things you can do when going for a splash.
  • But if it is not your liking, you can just float in the waters and stare at the blue sky, you can even just play skip on the rocks. Do whatever floats your boat.

5. Learn Something New

  • Do not think that adults do not have any other room for them to learn something new. You do not need to enroll yourself in a class, because aside from not anymore having an extra time, you can still totally learn something new even in the comfort of your room. There might be a lot of things you’ve always wanted to learn or know but circumstances have not permitted you to do so. It is now time for you to reconsider learning all those during the upcoming summer. You do not have to worry about not having a great extra amount of free days and time because you can totally just do this after work and during your rest days or weekends.
  • Learning has never been this easy in our time. You can make use of instructional CDs from the library to learn something new but if you really want the easiest one, you can always make use of the internet.
  • Here are some of the fun things you can quickly learn during your summer:
    • Learn a new language! Download a cellular phone application that can help you to effectively do so.
    • Learn to read the constellations. This will make your stargazing more fun by holding a contest to see who can find out the name of a group of stars.
    • Learn new words by reading books that go beyond your comfort zone as these kinds of books can help you broaden your vocabulary.
    • Learn how to cook if you do not know how to do so, and if you already do, learn a new recipe you can cook for your friends and family in one of your date nights.
    • Learn to play an instrument if you do not know how to play one yet. You can also learn a new one if you already know how to play one.
    • Learn a new dance routine or choreography if you’re into dancing.
    • Learn how to do some D.I.Y or do-it-yourself crafts such as knitting, room decorations and a whole lot more.

Spending your summer does not have to be too costly and you also have to consider the limited time that you have because of your work. You can also make use of the summer vouchers that you already have in order to add a little difference to your summer by snatching discounts of your favorite stores and other establishments. Have a fun summer ahead!

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