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condolences sympathy greeting card example

There’s no such thing as the “perfect” life. Everyone has their ups and downs to deal with, and the magnitude of these problems can sometimes be too much for one to bear. While it’s easy to make a person happy, providing comfort in a time of need is a lot more challenging to execute. Hence, sending someone a sympathy greeting card during these difficult times is a simple gesture worth cherishing.

Sympathy Message Greeting Card Example

sympathy message greeting card example1

Get Well Sympathy Greeting Card Example

get well sympathy greeting card example1

Thinking of You Sympathy Greeting Card Example

thinking of you sympathy greeting card example1

3 Reasons to Send Greeting Cards

Living in a world of digital communication, it might sound crazy to even consider sending someone a greeting card these days. However, a greeting card can actually mean a lot to both the sender and its recipient. They can mean more than a text message, an email, an e-card, or perhaps even a phone call.

Nowadays, there’s a greeting card for nearly every occasion that you can think of. Want to send your well-wishes to a friend on their wedding day? Send a wedding greeting card! Is your mom’s birthday coming up? A birthday greeting card and a lovely bouquet of flowers will surely make her day. There are tons of reasons to send a greeting card to someone you care about, and addressing these envelopes to them on their special day will certainly make an impact in their lives.

1. Celebrations

Weddings, engagements, birthdays, graduation, anniversaries—you name the celebration, and there’s probably a greeting card out there for each one!

Greeting cards are perfect for celebrating special occasions because of how they emphasize the whole essence of the event in such a way that can make people remember how blessed they are to love and to be loved by others. Though giving an actual gift wrapped with a ribbon on top might seem like the most common approach, creative greeting cards tend to be more personal in nature. This allows you to deliver a personal message to a loved one to celebrate the success and the milestones that have been achieved in their lifetime.

2. Holidays

It’s tradition for families to send photo cards to relatives and friends over the holiday season.


Because there’s nothing more festive than a holiday greeting card. From the cover of the card to the cheerful words that give light to the holiday spirit. But we’re not just talking about Christmas greeting cards here, as there many reasons to celebrate the holiday with a greeting card, such as during Independence Day, Thanksgiving, St. Patrick’s Day, and Valentine’s Day.

Just imagine the look on your mom’s face if you mail her a Mother’s Day greeting card while you’re away for an important business trip overseas. Greeting cards are perfect for the holidays, especially if you’re too busy (or broke) to go to the nearest store to buy everyone their very own presents.

3. Sentiments

While sending greeting cards to express your deepest sentiments might not be a common practice, it’s still a great way to make others feel appreciated and loved during the most random circumstances.

From a get-well card to a thank-you card, extending your deepest gratitude and words of comfort in the form of a card will surely go a long way.

Big Hugs Sympathy Greeting Card Example

big hugs sympathy greeting card example1

Funeral Sympathy Greeting Card Example

funeral sympathy greeting card example1

Pet Sympathy Greeting Card Example

pet sympathy greeting card example1

Funeral Thank You Sympathy Greeting Card Example

funeral thank you sympathy greeting card example1

Feel Better Sympathy Greeting Card Example

feel better sympathy greeting card example1

In Addition…

Apart from holidays and other widely-celebrated occasions, using greeting cards to stay connected with those you don’t get to see very often can do wonders for you.

1. I haven’t forgotten about you.

Sometimes, reaching out to people you haven’t spoken to in a while can be quite difficult. Sure, sending a quick message can be extremely easy, but then you need to start worrying about what to talk about, whether the person is too busy to communicate at the moment, or whether the number you have is still active. Sending an attractive greeting card is a thoughtful gesture that no one would expect to receive these days, which is why this is also a practice that you should consider reliving.

2. Have a very happy unbirthday!

If you and a friend or family member have always shared this witty bond with one another, maybe sending a birthday card on a day other than their birthday can give the both of you something to laugh about together.

3. Just thinking of you.

If you’re starting to miss a person during the most random circumstances, but have no idea how you could initiate a conversation, then consider sending them a simple greeting card that expresses your current thoughts and feelings. It doesn’t need to suit any occasion, just as long as it expresses the emotions you’ve been wanting to share for quite some time now.

4. Congratulations (on whatever)!

Congratulations—on your new job? New apartment? New car? New boyfriend? New…couch? Whatever gives you a reason to celebrate a person’s minor achievements is a reason to send a general greeting card nonetheless. It doesn’t always need to be for a special occasion, as any day can be made special if you learn to treat it a lot differently than most.

5. Condolences on the death of your pet.

For most animal lovers, pets are considered to be special members of the family. So when you lose one of your furry friends due to an unfortunate tragedy or a natural cause, the amount of grief you feel can often be overwhelming to deal with alone. If you’re quite familiar with this, then perhaps you’d feel better about sending a greeting card to a friend who just recently lost her favorite cat. You may also see examples of romantic greeting cards.

6. For no particular reason.

Let’s face it, you don’t really need to have a reason to send a greeting card. If you want to, go for it! Greeting cards are perfect for any season and purpose. It shows how much you care about a person by going the extra mile to send a greeting card during the most random occasions.

Friendship Sympathy Greeting Card Example

friendship sympathy greeting card example1

Humurous Sympathy Greeting Card Example

humurous sympathy greeting card example1

With Deepest Sympathy Greeting Card Example

with deepest sympathy greeting card example1

Heartfelt Sympathy Greeting Card Example

heartfelt sympathy greeting card example1

Secrets of a Greeting Card Designer

We all know that greeting cards serve a specific purpose. But what we don’t know is how these cards are made to fit our personal needs in delivering a message to an intended recipient. Card designers spend hours upon hours finding fresh ways to make greeting cards the way they are today. Whether these cards are used to express love, sympathy, or the holiday cheer, card designers know exactly how to make these simple cards as relevant as they were many years ago.

1. Greeting cards are made from a personal perspective.

In the card business, designers often put themselves in the shoes of their own customers. While making something universally specific is the end goal of it all, one of the best ways to make a card out of sincerity is to imagine oneself in the place of the actual sender. This allows the designer to create a product that represents real relationships and emotions that people share in a day-to-day scenario. You may also see examples of Christmas greeting cards.

So instead of just constructing a greeting card that looks good and is relevant to the season, most designers focus on making it as relatable as possible.

2. Human faces aren’t common.

Notice how most cards use abstracts and faceless outlines for their cards? That’s because photographed human faces are known to be less appealing than regular card designs. Sometimes, these cards can be for people of a different age or ethnicity than the person represented in the card, which can then seem a bit too uncomfortable for some customers to deal with. Unless you’re going for a vintage greeting card or a completely humorous one, you’ll rarely see human faces on the cover of a card.

3. They spy on consumers.

A little bit of field research can certainly help a designer gain inspiration for a card design. From eavesdropping on conversations in a public setting to going through multiple social media posts and statuses, “spying” on card shoppers is a harmless act that can help designers understand the needs and wants of their target market. You may also like retirement greeting card examples.

4. Pricing doesn’t matter.

When buying a card, shoppers often ignore the price that comes with every card. That is, if the content of the greeting card design is worth the price.

Whether the card costs $5 or $15 doesn’t really matter to most people, especially if it bears an attention-grabbing design that’s impossible to miss. In that case, the price would be the last thing on a buyer’s mind.

5. It isn’t easy.

Truth be told, designing a good greeting card is a lot harder than it looks. You could have all these different ideas on how a card could look, or what words could be written across the cover, but at the end of it all, you still need to ask yourself whether the concept you had in mind is universal enough to sell. Many designers have even experienced rejection with their card designs because although their idea is unique enough to stand out, it isn’t exactly something that the general majority would get.

For instance, many funny or humorous cards contain jokes that only people of a certain demographic or group would get. Though it’s bound to be a huge hit among those who actually get the point of its message, for those who don’t, however, the card might contain offensive words and thoughts that some people won’t find amusing.

In a world filled with computers, mobile phones, and other high-tech devices, something as simple as a greeting card will never go out of style. Sending floral greeting cards to friends, family, and loved ones during any given occasion is a traditional means of communication that has been practiced for many decades. Whether it’s to celebrate a momentous event, to express one’s personal sentiments, or to bring forth a joyous holiday, greeting cards are the perfect gift to give family and friends for any possible occasion!

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