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Leaving the job you have come to love will never be easy. You have written, edited and printed a handful of resumes, taken a number of qualifying and psychological exams, been through a series of difficult interviews and spent a couple of bucks beyond your actual budget just to get the job, and deciding to resign will always be difficult regardless of the position you may have. You may also see employee resignation letter examples.

When you act in a managerial role, regardless of the business industry you belong to, you are responsible for all your employees and for the smooth everyday operations of the business. You carry a big responsibility on your shoulders and resigning from your position will surely cause an imbalance in the workplace. Therefore, it is must that you leave your job positively and if possible, resign from the job following the proper protocol. You may also like what is a resignation letter?

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Why Write a Resignation Letter?

First of all, although you hold a high-level position as the manager, you can’t just skip the part where you give prior notice for your decision to resign form the job. You have to give at least two weeks notice before you actually resign from the job. This is due to the fact that as a manager you have a lot of information, instructions, documents, and what not to leave behind. Giving an ample amount of time for the management to look for a temporary or permanent replacement for you in order to have a smooth transition is the right thing to do.

Your resignation letter will inform the human resources, superiors, and co-workers with your intent to leave your current position. This will help the management decide what to do during the vacancy of your post. The resignation letter will let you professionally explain why you decided to leave the job and just to formally end the working relationship you have with the company.

Aside from that, writing and submitting a official resignation letter is taking the high road and the polite way to separate yourself from the company. As you have been given opportunities and insightful experiences, it is only right that you give the company a document not only stating your reasons for resignation but also thanking them for the wonderful opportunity they have given you.

Besides, you never know when you need a reference from the company so it is just right to submit a polished and professional resignation letter to leave the job on a positive note.

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Sales Manager Resignation Letter Example

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Contents of a Good Resignation Letter

A well-written and effective resignation letter should include the following contents:

  • A general statement of intent that you will be leaving your job
  • The name of your official staff position
  • The date of your last day on the job
  • Gratitude to your employer for hiring you
  • A highlight of your time there (optional)
  • An offer to train your replacement
  • Well wishes for the future of the company
  • Your contact information

What Not to Include in a Resignation Letter

In order to write an effective resignation letter, you must know what not to include in your simple resignation letter. Although you might come from a good place when you think to write some of these down, it can be interpreted differently. As much as possible you want to maintain the good professional relationship with the company and writing these information down will do the opposite.

  • An indirect explanation for your resignation
  • Indecisiveness on the date you wish to leave the company
  • Negative criticisms about your supervisor/s, employees, colleagues and the company as a whole
  • Using words expressing dissatisfaction and disappointment in the company
  • Sharing your personal future plans
  • Unnecessary emotional sentiment
  • Giving insincere and sarcastic remarks
  • Grammatical, spelling or any errors

Restaurant Manager Resignation Letter Example


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City Manager Resignation Letter Example

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How to Write a Resignation Letter

Writing a resignation letter for the job that you have come to love will never be easy. You may get overwhelmed with your emotions, overstate beyond what should be your reason or just get confused on what to to include and where to put it. Here is an easy guide for you in writing your standard resignation letter:

1. Header

The header of your letter should contain the return and inside address. The return address contains your address as the sender of the letter. An the inside address contains the name, position, company name and address of the recipient of the letter. The date should also be included on the header of your letter. Remember that the location of where to put your header depends on the business letter format that you follow.

For example, on a full-block format all contents of the header including the complimentary close and signature line are flushed left; on a semi-block style the return address and date should be the only content flushed to the right side of the paper, and on a modified block format, the return address, date, complimentary close and signature line are all justified to the right. You may also like immediate resignation letter examples.

However, regardless of format, the header should always be on the top portion of the paper and should be the first content visible if a letterhead is not available.

2. Salutation

The salutation of the letter is a formal greeting to the recipient of the letter. Since you have the name and you may personally know the HR Manager, you address the letter by using his/her last name along with his/her title. For example, “Dear Mr. Smith” or “Dear Ms. Roberts.” You can also use the first name of the recipient or whatever you find comfortable so long as it is still professional and formal. In addition, since this is a formal or a business letter, use a colon (:) instead of a common (,) after the name in the salutation.   

Resignation of Managing Director

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3. Body

First off, the introduction of you professional letter must immediately state your intent to resign including your current position, in this case as a Manager, and the date you wish to formally leave the company. There is no need for a long introduction as it is important that you are direct and straightforward in your approach.

The second paragraph of your letter should state the reason for you resignation. However, you must limit yourself in presenting your reason for your resignation as much as possible avoid including any negative remarks about the company or the position even though that may be your reason. If you have been offered a new job, you obviously need not to mention the better pay or the better benefits, just positively enforce that the new opportunity will help you grow and develop new skills for your career. You may also check out writing an acknowledgement of resignation letter.

You can also include a paragraph solely for expressing gratitude to the company. Aside from that, you can also include positive remarks about how the job has helped you develop as a person and as a professional. You can also mention things the job has helped you with. Basically, this paragraph in intended for thanking the company for the knowledge, experiences and wonderful memories you have bee a part of. You might be interested in how to write a relocation resignation letter.

Lastly, the conclusion of your letter should express your well wishes for the company and a voluntary offer of helping with the transition or training the replacement. You can also include your contact information should the replacement or the management have any further questions.

Remember that the goal of your resignation letter is to formally inform the management of your intention to resign, offer a hand to help with the new replacement, offer well wishes to the company and most importantly to leave the company in a positive note.

4. Complimentary Close

The complimentary close is the word or words you use to formally end the letter. This precedes the signature line of the letter. The most commonly used close in a business or formal letter are Respectfully, Sincerely, Cordially, Faithfully, Very truly yours, etc. You may also see writing a board resignation letters.

5. Signature Line

The signature line consists of your name, as the sender, and the current position you hold in the company. This letter will be kept on a permanent file under you name, therefore, affixing your signature certifies the authenticity of the letter.

Resignation Letter for Manager

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Tips in Writing a Resignation Letter

Since you are resigning from a managerial position, your letter must be polished and well-written. There is no excuse for submitting a clearly rushed resignation letter; it can be interpreted as if you being excited to leave the company for a good which is the total opposite of leaving in a positive note. To help writing your professional resignation letter, here are some helpful tips:

  • Keep the letter short and concise.
  • Avoid including unnecessary information.
  • Be direct and straight to the point.
  • Avoid going overboard in presenting your reasons.
  • Clearly state you intention to resign from your current position.
  • Specify the date you wish to formally exit the company.
  • Avoid being overemotional.
  • Follow a business, formal or professional format in writing your letter.
  • Use and maintain a professional language and tone.
  • Show respect and professionalism through your letter.
  • Make a draft before finalizing your letter.
  • Proofread and edit errors.

In conclusion, as a manager you need to uphold the rules and regulations you have strictly implemented to the employee. There is no shortcut in resigning whether you are a manager or a supervisor, you must still be professional and respectful. Aside from that, the position carries a handful or responsibilities and leaving abruptly without any formal notice or letter will surely inconvenience the company as a whole.

Therefore, it is only right to submit a polished resignation letter so you can leave the company without any regrets and a positive note.

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