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Payment Voucher

Promos, sales, and discounts—these are among the things that most buyers want and would not let pass. They would never want to miss these great deals because these deals are just for a certain time period. Some are even just for a certain number of buyers that, when you delay, you can no longer avail of these great deals. You may also see receipt voucher examples & samples.

On the other hand, gift cards, gift vouchers, coupons, and gift certificates are among those company perks that you can avail of either when you want to have a prepaid card as a payment for their goods or services as in the case of gift cards and certificates or when you are entitled to a certain amount or percentage discount as in the case of vouchers and coupons. Vouchers can also act similar to discounts and sales, granting the holder for some price off from the original price. Take a look at these examples of payment vouchers.

Cash Payment Voucher Template

cash payment voucher template
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Size: 8.5×4 inches with Bleed


Reimbursement Payment Business Voucher Template

reimbursement payment business voucher template
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Size: 8.5×4 inches with Bleed


Labour Payment Voucher Example

free labour payment voucher template
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Size: 8.5×4 inches with Bleed

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Cash Payment Voucher Example

free cash payment voucher template
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Size: 8.5×4 inches with Bleed

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Bank Payment Voucher Example

free bank payment voucher template
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Size: 8.5×4 inches with Bleed

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Debit Payment Voucher Example

debit payment voucher example

Food Payment Gift Voucher Example

food payment gift voucher example

Must-Try Sales Perks

If only all marketing strategies and sales perks will work, then every business establishment would be successful and profitable. However, there are really marketing strategies that are not applicable in other types of industries and target market. Hence, the first thing that you have to know in order to have an increased sales is the type of industry you are in as well as your target market.

You must know well first your identity for you to fully maximize the potential regarding what you can do with your promotion and advertisement. On the other hand, you must fully identify your target market for you to have a definite goal in your promotion. If you will not clearly identify them, then it is like you are wandering in the desert without an intention and a way to get out. You may also see shopping voucher designs & examples.

Many general marketing strategies with regard to sales have been implemented and utilized by the companies. Apart from vouchers, gift cards, coupons, and gift certificates, there are a lot more sales perks that a company can implement to have a boost in their sales. Here are some of the most common and are proven effective methods to generate increased sales. Try them!

Voucher- or Coupon-Powered Sales

A lot of people definitely want to have discount coupons and vouchers for these entail deduction in the original price or amount of the product or services that they can avail. Who wouldn’t want that? Hence, since coupons and vouchers are really the most sought-after discounts by most customers, why not offer them what they want?

This would certainly result to more people becoming interested in your offers, ultimately leading to an increased overall sales. Below are two things you can do with your coupons or vouchers.

1. Create a coupon or attractive voucher for orders a little higher than your average order value. As you can see in some stores, they offer, for example, 15% off on all items. This is fine in some big stores with items that are with big amounts. However, this would be a margin killer for those small stores with items with low price. Hence, as a remedy, you must set a specific amount in which your coupon and voucher would take effect.

For example, you may say that a customer can avail the 15% if he or she would buy items worth $100 or more. This would encourage customers to buy more from your shop or store for them to avail the discount.

2. Offer an on-site coupon or voucher. Another great deal that you can offer to your customers is to give them an on-site coupon or voucher, but you must also limit it to customers who have purchased a certain amount from your shop or store. For example, you will send a coupon URL link via professional email to customers who have spent over $1000 dollars in the previous year. This will generate not only increased income but also more and more loyal customers as they will be patronizing your shop long term to avail your coupon.

Vintage Hipster Payment Voucher Example

vintage hipster payment voucher example

Ice Cream Payment Voucher Example

ice cream payment voucher example

Printable Food Payment Gift Voucher Example

printable food payment gift voucher example

Multipurpose Restaurant Payment Voucher Example

multipurpose restaurant payment voucher example

Drink Payment Tickets and Vouchers Example

drink payment tickets and vouchers example

Simple Food Payment Gift Voucher Example

simple food payment gift voucher example

Discounts that Apply Automatically

We have observed on the Internet that there are lots of sites offering discounts in their page. However, when you want to avail those discounts, the registration would take a century to complete. Of course, customers would not want that. Most people wanted to have an instant discount to their purchases. What you can do is offer them discounts that apply automatically or else they will automatically leave your site. Here are few things that you can do:

1. Introduce a product bundle discount. If you want to give your customers less hassle with regard to the registration to avail a discount, you can offer them discounts when they purchase a certain bundle.

For example, they can avail a 30% discount on their total purchases if they will buy a set of tableware containing four dinner plates, a dessert plate, a salad plate, a teacup, and a large bowl. With this, you are encouraging them to buy more for them to benefit your offered discount. You may also see birthday voucher designs and examples.

2. Implement buy one, get one free (BOGO). BOGO or buy one, get one free is another example of discount that most customers prefer.

Usually, the items that are included in BOGO are those that are old stock or near their expiration, which must be immediately discharged. And, if you are applying these to items that are new stock, you must ensure that you are not beyond the breakeven point, the point in which the sales would equal to the amount of expenses. Just make sure that you still have a profit margin no matter how small it is. You may also like thank-you voucher designs and examples.

3. Offer free shipping. You may also offer free shipping to customers who have availed products for a certain amount. Again, this would encourage customers to buy more to have a shipping free of charge. A variation of this would be, for example, you will offer a 30% off to the shipping fee when the customer will purchase an amount more than $50 dollars, a 50% off for purchases more than 70%, and a 100% off or free shipping for purchases more than $100. You may also check out business voucher examples.

Fast Food Payment Gift Voucher Example

fast food payment gift voucher example

Gift Card Payment Voucher Example

gift card payment voucher example

Food Payment Gift Voucher Set Example

food payment gift voucher set example

Retro Style Payment Gift Voucher Example

retro style payment gift voucher example

Customer Rewards

You may also offer rewards to your loyal customers to let them know that you are being regardful with your buyers. Here are some things that you can do.

1. Give a post-purchase coupon or voucher. You may also give coupons or vouchers only to those customers who have already made their purchase on your store.

You may announce this or you may give this in a form of surprise to create an impression to the buyer. However, announcing this to the public would also help since more people will be informed regarding your policy and they will be encouraged to buy so that they would also receive a reward, token, or gift in a form of a post-purchase coupon or simple voucher.

2. Offer points that are good for redemption. You may also offer rewards programs to give shoppers incentives to buy from your store again and again.

For instance, in every $5 worth of purchase, they can accumulate 1 rewards point. If accumulated, say for example, up to 50 points, they can redeem the points with some items in your shop that are offered for redemption. This will promote loyalty from customers since they will be tied up for a long time in your shop as they continue purchasing your products. You may also see cash voucher designs and examples.

Flash Sale

You may also run a one-day-only sale or the so-called flash sale. Many big companies embrace this idea of having a flash sale for this will prompt impulsive buyers to buy your products.

People will get frantic when you are limiting your sale for only a day. They will think that they must not miss this great opportunity. Hence, many of them would fall into your lure and buy more. Additionally, even your items that are not on sale may also be sold since people would also look around your store even if their real intention is only the items on sale. You may also see travel voucher examples.

Rotating Short-Lasting Sale for Products

You may also offer rotating short-lasting sale for some specified products, especially if you are selling online. For example, group A products are on sale for only 3 hours, group B products for 4 hours, and group C products for 2 hours. You may create additional pressure by offering a limited amount of stocks for each item. You may also like expense voucher examples.

Members-Only Sale

You may also offer a sale that are exclusive for the members. In this way, you are encouraging people to be part of your business and sign up for membership.

Vintage Luncheon Voucher Example

vintage luncheon voucher example

Food Payment Gift Voucher Template Example

food payment gift voucher template example

Fast Food Restaurant Payment Coupon or Voucher Example

fast food restaurant payment coupon or voucher example


There are several marketing strategies that a company can implement in order to increase their sales, but in order to do this, you must first know who are you are, your identity, your industry, as well as your target market. These are the first things that you must be well aware of in order for your company to have a direction and a goal or objective.

There are lots of sales perks that are implemented by many entities, and among those that are proven effective are as follows: having a coupon- or voucher-powered sales such as creating a coupon for orders a little higher than your average order value and offer on-site coupon; offering discounts that apply automatically like introducing a product bundle discount, implementing buy one, get one, and offer free shipping; rewarding customers for their purchase in the form of a post-purchase coupon or voucher and points that are good for redemption; and other special types of sales such as flash sale, rotating short-lasting sale, and members-only sale. You may also see summer voucher examples.

These sales perks are among those that are said to be effective and are being utilized by most marketers. Hence, if you want to increase your sales, you may try applying the strategies above, and never miss to check out the examples of payment voucher presented in the previous section.

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