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Owning a business that offers a range of wine selection to its guest can benefit a lot from using a wine menu. When deciding about your business branding processes and operational guidelines, always remember that your customers directly ask for your wine menu first so that they will know which kind or type of wine to order. With this, you have to ensure that you will incorporate an effective wine bar menu design within your business planning undertakings.

wine menu can be used by different businesses as long as they offer the particular drink. From hotels to gastronomic pubs, a wine menu can help in terms of providing information about the type of wine that the business have for their customers. When developing a wine menu, you have to make sure that it can add up to the email branding activities and marketing undertakings of the business. Being able to do this can help you acquire great image exposure and bigger sales promotion. Refer to the samples in this list so you can identify the kind of wine menu that you would like your business to have.

Wine List for Restaurants

Hand Drawn Wine List

Design Tips For Your Wine Menu

The design of your wine menu should be visually impacting as it is the first thing that your customers will notice. The items that you need to consider when designing your wine menu are as follows:

  • The proper grouping of your wine selection based on wine branding
  • The cohesion of the wine menu design to what you actually offer
  • The design materials, images and icons that can be associated with your brand

With the different kinds of wine menu samples and templates, you need to make sure that you will create a wine menu that is specifically designed for the benefit of your business. You must make sure that the aesthetic of the wine menu is truly your own so that it can represent your brand well. Some of the service logo design tips that you may use when developing the design of your business’ wine menu are listed below.

  • Identify whether you would like a modern wine menu design or you want to use a vintage, classic, or retro cocktail wine menu for your operations. Do not be confused when selecting any of this as all you need to do is to stick with the core of your brand and operations.
  • Always incorporate the branding strategies that your business implements. How do you market and advertise your wines? Some web design portfolio materials that are used in your marketing tools can also be used as additional items in your wine menu so you can promote cohesion in all your branding tools.
  • Never forget that a wine menu is not just a simple paper for wine selection. It is a reflection of your aesthetic as a brand. When selecting their drinks, people can already create an impression about your business. Hence, it is essential for you to ensure that the impression that you will influence them to create is a positive one.
  • It will be best if you will not use a generic wine menu. It is not bad to use a simple design but you need to ensure that your wine menu can be a representation of who you are as a corporate brand design entity. A generic wine menu is really boring which can let your customers lose their interest to repeat business, and worse, to buy on the actual moment when they are in the location of your business.
  • Do consider the kind of wines that you have in stock. If your business specializes in white wines, make sure that your wine menu design can reflect that. Again, a wine menu should be able to speak for the business. Let the strengths of your wine be the design strength of your wine menu.
  • It is very important for you to make your wine a menu a unique and memorable part of your customers’ ordering procedures. They should be able to enjoy the moment when selecting the wine to drink. Help them to do that by handing them an aesthetically pleasing wine menu design. You may also see Lunch Menu Designs

Wine List Template

Wine Drinks Menu


Factors to Consider When Developing a Wine Menu

Within the operations of your business, there are some considerations that you need to do so that you can achieve your corporate goals while providing the needs and demands of your customers. This is applicable when developing your wine menu. A wine menu is one of the mostly used bar menu examples. Some of the factors that you need to look at when you are in the process of creating or updating your wine menu are as follows:

  • The design of your other menus. You need to make sure that the design and format of your wine menu is cohesive with the design of your food branding menu and non-alcoholic beverage list. This will allow you to create a wine menu that can smoothly be incorporated with all the other menus that your business use.
  • The price range of your wine menu selection. Your wine menu is an extension of your wine selection. If you offer luxurious and expensive wines, do not let your wine menu be left behind. You need to make sure that the quality of your wine menu design is at par with the quality policy of your wine offerings.
  • The target or purpose that you would like to achieve. What is the reason or objective of the wine menu creation? Do you want to increase the sales analysis of your wines? Would you like to present a new selection of wines? Both the format and design of your wine menu can affect the achievement of your purpose. Always consider the things that you would like to get at the end of the day so you can incorporate activities into your wine menu design development that can help you succeed.
  • The location of the business. Most businesses have themes incorporated into their brand. This theme should be seen in you wine menu if you are one of these businesses. If you have a rustic theme, then you should also have a rustic wine menu. This will help you to strengthen your brand and your wine menu offering.
  • The content of your wine menu. It is essential for the design of your wine menu to not overwhelm your customers. Always be precise, concise, and direct to the point when offering your wine selection. A big part of the design of your wine menu is the content that you will place in it.

Blank Wine List

Wine List Sample

Advantages of Using a Well-Formatted Wine Menu

Creating a specific menu with an attractive menu design just for your wine selection can help your customers be more focused when selecting their drink. The process of separating your wine menu to your other menus can help the procedures of ordering more organized. Listed below are some of the advantages of using a wine menu that is both comprehensive and attractive:

  • A well-formatted wine menu can help you describe your wine selection accordingly. A precise description is very important as there are picky customers that want specific kinds of wines to be served to them. Having a usable wine menu & business coupon will allow your business to make it easier for customers to order what they specifically want from your wine selection.
  • A wine menu that is created in an organized manner can help your business to present what you can offer as of the moment. It is essential for customers to be aware of what they can order on the spot and those wines that are only available for a particular time period. This will depend on your operational decisions. Letting your customers know about this can make them feel more at ease when ordering receipt as they know that the list that you have given them is based on your actual stocks.
  • A wine menu can give more highlight to your wine selection. If you will just include your wine list in your seafood menu, people can be all over the place when thinking what to order. Hence, a comprehensive wine menu can give you more sales as it can give more space for your customers to think of what particular wine to drink rather than incorporating it into the meal selection processes.
  • A complete wine menu can be a big part of the customer experience that your business can offer. The overall view or perception of customers does not only rely on the aesthetic of your location and your actual offer. The materials and tools that you use can also affect how customers look at your business.
  • An appealing wine menu can help promote your business brand. With a unique and original wine menu, you can separate your business from your competition. Nowadays, all touch points for branding and marketing coupon can be compared by customers. Hence, you need to make sure that your wine menu can also help you stand out as a corporate brand.

Wine Drinks Menu Template

Retro Wine List

How to Incorporate Your Business Brand in a Wine Menu

As we have mentioned in the discussion above, your printable menus can also be used as a branding tool. You need to maximize the usage of your wine menu by ensuring that it can encapsulate your corporate brand. To incorporate your business brand into the wine selection, you can include the following information in the wine menu that you will create:

  • The name and tagline of your restaurant branding
  • The logo of your business
  • The color palette that you use as a brand or the color scheme that your business is known for
  • The information about your business or a brief discussion of who you are as a brand
  • The history of your wine selection and how you came up with the variety that you have as of the moment

The items above can help your business to be remembered even more. This can also allow customers to be aware that the wine menu is not generic and is custom made for your operational analysis.

Wine Bar Trifold Menu

Minimalist Wine List

Minimalist Wine List

Basic Content Found in a Wine Menu

Aside from representing your business, your wine menu is specifically made to present your wine offers. It is very crucial for you to provide precise information about the wines that your customers can order from your business. The body of your wine menu should have a comprehensive list of your wine selection so that it will be easier for customers to know what wine to get. Some of the basic information that are usually placed in a drink menu with a full list of wine selection includes the following:

  • The list of the wine brands that you have in stock
  • The name of the wines that customers can offer
  • The kinds and types of wines available for order
  • The location where you sourced your wine selection
  • The price chart of each wine option per bottle
  • The price of your wines per glass, if applicable
  • The serving size or proportions of your wine offers
  • The description of the taste of your wines

You can also include images of your wine selection if you want your wine menu to be more visually impacting. Do not forget to present these details in an organized manner so you can create a properly put together and impressive wine menu.

Simple Wine List

In the processes of a wine menu development plan, you have to make sure that you will consider both the business and the customers. From the price points that you will include in the list up to the description of each wine, you have to be aware whether these are related to how you would like to brand your business. Since there are a lot of things to consider, it will be a big help for your part if you will use samples and templates for references when creating your own kids menu.

If you already have a wine menu, do not forget to update it from time to time based on the changes either on your branding or on the wine offers that you currently have. Creating a wine menu can help you improve your sales email. With this, make sure that the wine menu and catering menu that you will use has the appeal that your customers expect from your business. Leave a lasting positive impact about your wine selection by creating an impressive wine menu.

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