11+ Burlap Wedding Invitation Designs & Examples in PSD | AI | EPS Vector

Planning and designing your wedding logo, wedding cards and other wedding materials is important as these items is what can make your wedding day be remembered aside from the memories that you have made with your guests. One of the wedding cards that are first made is the wedding invitation as this serves as the tool for people to know about the wedding and other items related to it.

If you want your wedding invitation to look artsy and close to nature, then use a burlap wedding invitation design. It is not only in the wedding invitation that you can incorporate this aesthetic as you can also have these placed in your wedding menu and other wedding cards. Get design references from the samples that you can download from this post.

Burlap Navy Blue Wedding Invitation

Burlap String Lights Lace Wedding Invitation

Burlap and Lace Wedding Invitation Suite

How to Design the Content of Burlap Wedding Invitations

When designing burlap wedding invitations, you should give focus on the text that you will use as much as you give importance to the overall design of the wedding invitation. Here are some of the ways on how you can make the content of your burlap wedding invitation more interesting:

1. Use contrasting colors especially when combined with the burlap aesthetic. Since burlap designs are commonly plain, you can use deep set hues to make the text stand out. This will allow you to have the best wedding invitations.

2. If you are not into using dark hues, you can also incorporate glittered texts and neon colors to make the entire design look vibrant. This will also help you make your theme be realized if it is nature inspired like floral wedding invitations.

3. When using a tropical theme, it is best to use green texts or calligraphy with nature-inspired elements like leaves. Use lunch invitation samples as your references if you want that laid back vibe present in your wedding invitation.

Burlap Stripes Chic Wedding Invitation

Rustic Elegance Burlap Wedding Invitation

Design Tips for Burlap Wedding Invitations

The design of your burlap wedding invitation can say a lot about your wedding theme. If you want to present your theme the way you would like your guests to develop their impression about your aesthetic, then it is only imperative for you to develop a design that resonates the feel or vibe that you want to incorporate in your wedding day. Here are some of the design tips that can be useful when you are already designing your burlap wedding invitations:

1. Burlap wedding invitations are known to be inspired by natural elements. Hence, you can use different kinds of natural designs like trees, leaves, flowers and the like. This type of wedding invitation works best as island wedding invitations and resort wedding invitations.

2. If you want to have a subtle and soft looking design, add fairy lights or fur in your burlap wedding invitation. This can soften the rough texture of the weaves present in the burlap background. Try to incorporate the design of garden wedding invitations by adding a garden set-up with fairy lights in your invitation.

3. Have a theme that you can incorporate in the wedding invitation. Burlap aesthetic is mostly texture-reliant which is why you have to add details that can make the design stand out even more.

Country Classy Floral Lace Burlap Wedding Invitation

Stylish Burlap Wedding Invitation

Vintage Burlap Wedding Invitation

How to Make Burlap Wedding Invitations Look More Interesting

There are different design varieties that you can use when making your own burlap wedding invitation. If you want your invitations to look more interesting, you have to be unique when it comes to showcasing your wedding theme in additional to the burlap aesthetic that you have in mind. Here is how you can make a visually pleasing and attention grabbing burlap wedding invitation:

1. You can have a monotone burlap wedding invitation. Focus on using earthen hues to make the entire burlap wedding invitation look simple yet elegant. If you will do this, we suggest for you to be more minimalist when adding design materials in your wedding invitation.

2. Incorporate the design of vintage wedding invitations and other retro elements. Since burlap designs are simple, you can make it look even better through the help of a vintage or retro theme. This can shift the simplicity of the aesthetic into something that is more trendy.

3. Refer to other kinds of wedding invitation designs. Just because you want to have a burlap wedding invitation does not mean that you are restricted from using other elements in the invitation. Take for example, you can develop a nautical wedding invitation by using burlap as a background while having nautical-inspired threads, anchors, and an image of a yacht as your main invitation design.

Rustic Country Burlap Wedding Invitation

Modern Burlap Wedding Invitation

Ready to Create Your Own Burlap Wedding Invitation?

A burlap wedding invitation may not be like your traditional wedding invitations. However, you can still make it look like one by using a simpler approach when designing the wedding card. Moreover, you can also make it look modern and in-trend by adding design elements from various themes like art deco and those that are used in a desert wedding invitation. These instances only showcase the versatility of using a burlap wedding invitation.

Be more creative and use a burlap wedding invitation now. There are a lot of outputs that you can possibly have so it only means that you can be truly creative and artistic within the process. Be prepared when developing your own burlap wedding invitation by reviewing how the specified aesthetic is applied in the wedding card.

Have fun when doing this material so you can easily come up with the best design that fits your wedding aesthetic well. Do not forget to look into the samples, tips, and guidelines that we’ve placed in this article should you already be in the process of making the layout, content, and design of your burlap-inspired wedding invitation.

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